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Murakami's speech
can rebuild buildings and roads but not morality and ethics. hiroshima and nagasaki "we will not repeat this mistake" yet we built nuclear power plants that caused suffering. we permitted this to happen. mujo = instability.
we live in instability
Anthony Wallace
sleeper anthropologist. seneca indians - colonization and genocide. maze way - web of meaning people receive and create and have an active agency in maintaining.
maze way
web of meaning people receive and create, have an active agency in maintaining. empowered to be part of society. e.g. body image, gender, family. deteriorates after a disaster.
people's understanding of why shit happens. e.g. gov messed up.
Yayoi Period
a lot of what we knew was suppressed. period of stabilization of kingdoms in Japan. contact with Korea was enormous. don't want to acknowledge debt to Korean people.
evacuation site
great myth #1 - great queen with oracles. no origin? myth sold with excavation that japanese are indigenous people with no contact with korea/china.
great myth #2 - yayoi period of peace
found headless skeletons, arrows. period of great warfare
Hojoki impermanence
from attachment you feel a sense of loss from the impermanence of material things. in the earthquake people lost their homes and they were attached to them
yasukuni shrine
controversy - enshrined war criminals as 'kami' divine spirits can't be separated, amorphous blob
polluted - death, decomposing flesh
izanami and izanagi
deities from kojiki creation myth. gave birth to all deities. first coupling failed because izanami spoke first. gender hierarchy. izanami dies, izanagi tries to find her in the afterworld, they chase him out
sun goddes. her brother is susano. agriculture. silk production. wet land rice cultivation
ritual purity
symbolic methods of imposing society on yourself. e.g. kosher not eating pork. use body to define society. method of social cohesion control
ritual purification on a great level. o-harae. clean house, throw out old underwear
a lot of pollution. group by heredity is permanently polluted, social outcasts. burakumin - polluted people
census of people. record where they live and parents. employers would check to see if they're part of burakumin settlement.
kawabala yasunari
tea connossieur, nobel prize literature. zen aesthetics when he gave his speech. this is the current that inspires my work. Japan the Beautiful. power war single naraative - want to lvoe Japan.
oe kenzaburo
won nobel prize and gave the speech Japan the AMbiguous. let's not be clear on what is Japan
actor in No theatre. masks. acquired taste. patron wealthy, lover
3 things of theater
1. all actors are fundamentally impostors. monomane - mimicry, imitation.

2. hana - flower. when actor gets it to work, fully becomes what he's imitating. pinnacle goal.

3. yugen - interiority. mystery, profundity, original, primary, behind this nothing else.

beautiful povery. shabby certain quality of things. undergone time, reveal vulnerability to time
skandha theory
composite of aggregates. matter, sensation, mental formation, consciousness, perception
unesco world heritage site. center of tocha - tea tasting competitions
grass hut, drink tea in the forest. fetishized. attached to tea huts.
reject porcelain, paint, glitter, gold. something that revels in its physical appearance
lonely, longoing for your real deep self
eric hobsbown
the invention of tradition
bushido questions. to what extent is the concept of bushido a late 19th early 20th century invention from hands of quaker english guy? is there room in bu shido for expansionist aggression fascism
nitobe inago
born right before meiji. met abolitionists and was very interested in race relations. became a quaker. japanese person living in international landscape. established international law. league of nations. anti-fascist.
sankin kotai
tokugawa government keeps control by moving household to capital for a year. parade procession. conspicuous consumption. spend so much money to look good that they have no money to overthrow tehe government
virtues of bushido
1. rectitude - socially expected to have self respect and moral fortitude

2. benevolence - according to confucius all people are fundamentally good.

3. courage - politeness
sincerity/honesty, honor, loyalty, self control..?

puppet theater. not for children. heads are priceless. takes lifetime to learn. expensive to travel. human body substitutes
adult version of leech child from kojiki. origin of pouppetry myth.
3 art forms. Gidayu, Shanisen, Ningyo
Gidayu - person who chants narration, voices

Shanisen - cat gut strings, lute, very deep sound. underscore performance and add drama. music

Ningyo - dolls

didai geki
historical piece of puppet theater, exploits of men
domestic issues, suicide, family drama, tragic female character
delight, anger suffering pleasure. human feelings
important tension of the day. giri - social obligation, duty. ninjo- human feeling cultivates you as a person. duty over human feeling - conflict
july 15/16 1945
first abomb tested
july 26, 1945
potsdam declaration. demand for surrender by us, britain, soviet union, china. reason japan didn't surrender. called for surrender plus handing over emperor. separate japaense people from military leadership. we will occupy you. us redefines japan to their military advantage. unconditional surrender or utter destruction
aug 6 and aug 9
hiroshima and nagasaki. aug 14/15 surrender
nov 4- oct
april 29, 1946
tokyo trials. emperor didn't resign
sept 4,5 - sept 8, 1951 occupation
filmmaker after bombs. footage confiscated

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