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what is the icdp and what does it do
integrated conservation & development programs that is to pretect biodiversity, provides incentives for management. a couple differnet programs have their different ideas of what it should do.
why are icdp's different in africa than elsewhere
-legacy of colonialism
-displacement of the natives
-hunting blocks
-conserve wildlife
-marginalization of the population
-poverty and education
what are the reasons that icdps are solutions to conflicts btw parks and locals
conservation is linked to development, poverty & markets encourage poaching in pa's, pa's have adversely affected many indigenous people, alternative to fences and fines approach
what are the reasons the icdps are not a solution
assessment problems, internal constraints, external forces
what did the lecturer find from his research
livestock movements are complicated, grazing is highly variable, dependent on seasonality, human rights abuses are conducted under the guise of conservation, pa managers are seen as an extension of the state
in theoretical therapies what happened to colonies after independence
economic relations remained the same, governments become dependent upon revenue from exported materials, needed to expand to meet the demands of the citizens so they borrowed large amounts of money
what was the logic of the structural adjustment programs
believed that production of export policies would lead to economic and comparative advantage and that it would restore the health of the heavily indebted african countries
what did countries have to do to get aid from saps
downsize the state, health care and education was privitized, devaluation of currency, removal of price controls, removal of subsidies on crop production
what were the affects fo the saps
debt levels increased more, food riots began, few multinational comapanies invested in africa, more capital flowed out than into the country
what were the impacts of the structural violence of aids
declines in agriculture production and education, promoted mass migration, urban underemployment, worsened health, high infant mortality rates, and family planning services were not available nor drugs
what were the main points of the senegalese murid trade diaspora
nonwestern modes of accumulation of wealth, and how the local appropriates the global
what is a marabout
personal spirtual leader of the koran, organized in elaborate hierarchies
what did each generation of the murid do
1st - concerned with theological aspects of the group and with gauging the differences btw murid pracitices and muslim orthodoxy
2nd - attempted to develop an analysis of the brotherhood
3rd - invented specific circuits of accumulation
what were the reasons of success of the murid development
structures and ideologies of the brotherhood, establishment of connections between the distribution points, participation in complex circuits of buying and selling
what was the importance of the pentacostal churches
characterized by personal success, individualism, business ventures and an international network of contacts; served as a therapy for those overwhelmed by their new surroundings
what are the purposes of the prayer camps that are rum by the pentacostal churches
meant to exorcise demonic or evils forces, solve any problems, sending discourse, retrieve visas, treatment of illnesses
what was the main point in the film globalisation and africa
companies relocate people into smaller parts of land, land was given to whites under the aparthied, water and land was privatized making it expensive to acquire, conflicts with human rights
what is meant by antopolics machine in the ferguson article
development industry does not want to deal with politics just technicratic solutions

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