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Age of Absolutism

Age of Absolutism: England, France, and Russia


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Cardinal Richelieu
France - advisor or regent for Louis XIII, he was political but not religious, he told Louis XIII about Divine Right and makes Louis think so
William and Mary
England - they are asked by British patriots to sail to Holland to get them, they were offered power if they signed the Bill of Rights and overthrew James II, all English rulers must be Protestant
Culture of Mongols
uncivilized, often ate meat rare, called tartars hence steak tartar, most could not read or right, conquered expansive amounts of land
Ivan IV
Russia - Ivan the Terrible, mother killed by the Boyars therefore he was suspicious of and hated the Boyars or nobles, assumed power and defeated the Tartars at Kazan (as a compliment - the Terrible), mercurial temper, lessened power of nobles (Boyars), created oprichniki or oprichnini, killed his son, left Russia an autocratic, expanded state
St. Petersburg
Russia - the capital Peter the Great has built on the Baltic Sea
Magna Carta
England - made in 1215 and limited monarch power
The Name John In Russian
Henry IV
France - Henry of Navar he was Protestant but he had to be Catholic to be king and he agreed, "Paris is worth going to mass"
Virgin Queen
England - Queen Elizabeth (a Tutor) because she never married
England vs. Spanish Armada
In 1588 the Spanish Armada attacked England but failed because they could not fit
Charles I
England - clashed with Parliament, dismissed/shut down Parliament for 11 years and only starts it again to ask for money and Parliament says no, Civil War in England during his rule
a economic theory composed of a collection of policies that was used by Colbert in France including getting raw materials from colonies
The Reason People Married People From Other Countries
Money and Power
Ivan the Great
common name for Ivan III
Russian secret society basically a religious hit squad who tortured and killed opponents and who was created by Ivan the Terrible
Christian Byzantines
heavily influenced by the ____________________ because of pork and alcohol
France - a palace that Louis XIV had built for nobles to stay in so they would not protest him
Someone who hated Nobles in France
Louis XIV because of "Fronde" when the nobles attacked
James II
England - James I did not learn the lesson from his father Charles I and fought with Parliament, he was the last Catholic King, he ran when Mary and William came to overthrow him
Kate of Aragon
the first wife of Henry VIII (England) from Spain, the richest country
Ivan the Terrible
common name for Ivan IV
Tributary State
when a society has to pay money to someone who has conquered them
Henry VIII
England - probably the most famous Tutor, broke from the Catholic Church of Rome so he could divorce to produce an heir, he created the Church of England, he had no healthy male heir
Edict of Nantes
France - made by Henry IV and gave religious rights to Non-Catholics
Restoration of Absolutism in England
because most people did not like Cromwell because he was a Puritan
Allowed Henry VIII to Break from Church of Rome
the Protestant Reformation
the Russian word meaning Mongol
Bloody Mary
England - a Tutor who ruled because her father, Henry VIII had no healthy male heir, she persecuted the Protestants and joined the Church of Rome giving her the name BLOODY Mary
Irony About Early Russia
it is ironic because early Russia did not start in Russia it started in modern day Ukraine, specifically Kiev around 1000 AD
the first born son is the heir
Glorious Revolution
England - when Mary and William came to overthrow James II, Mary's father, they had troops but did not need them because no one got hurt because James II fled
Russians are mostly __________ in ethnicity
Oliver Cromwell
England - the first commoner to rule, the Commonwealth of England, he was a Puritan which upset the people of England because he did not allow them to sing or dance or drink, he made women more equal, Expanded the English empire and made its military feared, he was basically a monarch with a different title (Lord Protector)
influenced Russian culture, sailed in long skinny boats so they could go in large bodies of water as well as rivers
Civil War of England
between Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, Charles I loses war and head
the ruling family in England from 1400 to 1603
Estates General
basically France's Parliament
Sun King
nickname of Louis XIV of France, it basically said I sustain all of you and I am the state
nobles in Russia
James I
England - James I of England was an English ruler because Elizabeth I of England had no male heir, he was from Scotland and was also James VI of Scotland, believed in the Divine Right, first English kind of the Stewarts or Stuarts, he clashed with Parliament
Bill of Rights
England - drawn up by a convention of Parliament, limited the sovereign's (or monarch's), Parliament reaffirmed their control, taxation, and legislation, it prevented the abuse of power, from 1688-1689 it settled the uprising between the king and Parliament
Cardinal Mazarin
France - the regent of Louis XIV, went from priest to cardinal, born in Italy Giulio Mazarini, political not religious
Charles II
England - he cooperated with Parliament because his father's head got chopped off, restoration, son of Charles I, after Cromwell died he was asked to take the thrown, he was weak but popular, he had illegitimate children but no heir, the Great Plague of 1665 and the Great Fire of London of 1666 were during his rule
A Dynasty in France that included Louis XIII and Louis XIV
Russian word for Ceaser
Louis XIII
France - his father was Henry IV, he got the throne when he was 9 years old, Anne was his regent and then Cardinal Richelieu was his regent, Cardinal Richelieu told this person about the Divine Right and makes him think it
Rock-a-bye Baby
nursery rhyme based on James II of England
early Russia
one ruler
Batu/Mongols in Russia
Russia - grandson of Ghenghis Khan, conquered Rus (Kiev) in 1254 with "Golden Horde," Mongols turned Rus into a tributary state, tolerance for diversity
Russia - where Ivan III or Ivan the Great has capital moved to
Ivan III
Russia - Ivan the Great, united many Russian groups, stood up to Mongols = no longer paying tribute (there was a battle but no one won meaning that no one lost meaning that Russia is strong enough), moved capital to Moscow and creates Fort (Kremlin)
Peter the Great
spent time around European diplomats, Russia missed the "rebirth" or Renaissance, travelled to western Europe to learn to build boats, brought backed skilled technicians, had a tax on beards, builds an navy, tried and failed to take Instanbul for a warm water port, about 7 feet tall, an alcoholic, has new capital built on Baltic Sea (St. Petersburg)
Louis XIV
France - handed power at the age of 5, his regent was Cardinal Mazarin, the epitome of a wealthy absolutist, nobles attack "Fronde," stressed central power like his father, constructed the lavish palace "Versailles," started many wars of expansion, left France bankrupt, no reliance on "Estates General" which was basically France's Parliament, had foreign colonies for benefits, mercantalism by Colbert
Irony About James I
England - Elizabeth I, the ruler before him, had his mother, Mary Queen of Scots killed
France - finance minister for Louis XIV, he improved French manufacturing and brought France back from bankruptcy although Louis XIV spent so much that it didn't really change anything
Humpty Dumpty
nursery rhyme based on Charles I of England, got his head chopped off, "The punishment, me thinks, exceeds the crime"
Preceded Absolutism in France

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