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Civil War


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Stephen A Douglass
Supports popular sovereignty, wants to be president, also wants transcontinential railroad
Fugitive Slave Law
personal liberty laws, vigilance committees, underground railroad
Maryland events
Riots, Martial law, Lincoln arrest pro-south governor, Suspends habeus corpus, stays in union
George McClellan
afraid to fight, pro-south democrat, Humiliated in battle of 7 days
Bloodiest battle in Am. History. War could have been over, Abe fires McClellan
Appomattox Court House
Lee trapped and surrenders to Grant, war over
Peninsula Campaign
McClellan finally moves, the "7 days battle" continuous, McClellan retreats
Lecompton Constitution
recognizes Kansas as a slave state, Pierce supports this and Douglass opposes, kills his presidential chances
4 states that did not secede
1. Kentucky, 2. Maryland, 3. Misssouri, 4. Delaware
radical southern nationalists who want out of the union
Calhoun and Clay's role in 1850
South's spokesperson
300mi/60mi burns atlanta total destruction. William T Sherman
Civil war casualties
633, 000 die
Ellen and William Craft
ellen dresses as a man, pretends husband is a slave, became free
Election of 1856
Fremont vs Buchanan. GOP discovers that if Illinois, Penn, Indiana vote republican they will win whitehouse w/o getting one vote in the south
Lewis Cass
came up with idea of popular sovereignty
New Orleans Captured
Glasgow is the first naval hero
Frederick Douglass
black abolitionist, former slave, escaped
Lee decides to take war north, biggest battle of war. Chamberlain charges and saves the war for the Union. Meade doesnt destroy rest of army. War goes on 2 more years!
Dred Scott Decision
slaves not citizens, no rights, free state does NOT equal a free slave, declared missouri compromise unconstitutional
Lee pushed out and is forced to surrender to Grant
Grant vs. Johnston. Worst casualties in Am History to date, huge victory for North
Election of 1860
Issues: stop spreading of slavery, Lincoln becomes president. Republican platform: stop spread of slavery, North platform: popular sovereignth, South platform: national slave code, expansion of slavery
Who is responsible for K-N issue?
Stephen A Douglass
South Carolinas response
cecede in december of 1860
Southern advantages
King Cotton, values, union out of south, home ground, better military
14 assults by union. Disaster, Burnside is incompetent. "Stonewall" gets his name here
The Compromise of 1850
Key Players: Clay, Douglass, Calhoun, Webster. Omnimbus Bill by Clay, Douglass breaks it down into seperate bills. Impact: California admitted as a free state, NM & Utah open to slavery and abolished in DC
Lee splits army, Union routed and huge victory for Lee. Jackson shot by own men and dies
Confederate victory, splits his army. Jackson sneaks around Union and smashes them. Jackson is shot and killed here.
Shadrach Minkins
bold, masterful escape to Canada
The Wilmont Proviso
Prohibits slavery in Mexican cessesion. US Senate votes for this. Wilmont wanted everything for whites
Northern advantages
people, capital, manufacturing, railroads, navy, argiculture, established government, large scale army
Bloody Kansas
John Brown and son go around murdering pro-slave men, known as Pottawatomi Massacre
Appomattox Court House Surrender
Where Lee is forced to surrender to Grant
Emancipation Proclimation
Frees slaves only liberated 11 CONFEDERATE STATES. Lincoln wants union and liberty/freedom. 13th Amendment
Vigilance Committees in the North
threats, only way north could counteract fugitive slave law
Sojourner Truth
women in underground railroad
Grant and Tecumseh Sherman take key rebel fort. Confederates starving and finally surrender. Entire Miss River belongs to Union
Anthony Burns
escaped slave, goes back to plantation and gets people to pay $800 for his freedom
1st Manassas
Bull Run, 1st big battle of the war
Monitor vs Virgina
first time steel battleships have been used in combat
Confederate Generals
Robert E Lee, Longstreet, Pickett, Johnston, Forrest
Uncle Toms Cabin
exposure of the worst kinds of slavery, promotes slaves to run away
Stowe Family, Harriet Beecher Stowe
most famous preaching family, wrote uncle toms cabin
Union Wants Kentucky For:
Horses, highway to the lower south and rivers
McClellan as Union General
no fighter, slow, slow, never follows up. Doesn't like blood
Re-supply and re-enforce Ft Sumter
1st battle of civil war, confederates fire on ft sumter
William H Seward
"Higher law" and natural rights, Opposed slavery expansion, Whig senator. "Irrepressible conflict" expansion of slavery between north and south
Underground railroad
popular way for slaves to escape to free states
Confederate POW camp-- horrible
Root cause of war
Souths reaction to election
Announces it will cecede from Union
The Liberator
prominent abolitionist newspaper
Gettysburg Address
Lincoln speaks for less than 2 minutes, never mentions union but "nation"
Lincolns Assasination
Shot by John Wilkes Booth
Fall of New Orleans
Huge loss for Confederacy, Lose #1 port city
54th Massacusetts
proves blacks were courages, honored with medals. 38,000 die
Fugitive Slave Law
compromise of 1850, no legal rights, community must help slave catchers, bounty system/hunters
William Lloyd Garrison
first and most prominent white abolitionist
South Carolina
first state to secede from union, lower south in february, upper south after ft. sumter
John Brown raid at Harpers Ferry
Attacks US army over a slave rebellion, Robert E Lee captures him. He is tried and convicted.
Overland Campaign
The Wilderness, It wasn't war, it was murder. 7,000 killed in 20 minutes. "Butcher Grant"
Theodore Dwight Weld
abolitionist in the north. Blacks are equal to whites. End slavery now, its morally wrong
1864 Overland Campaign
Grant vs. Lee dance. Attacks at The wilderness, Spotsylvania
Sumner-Brooks Affair
scathing 3-day speech "crime in kansas" Brooks talks bad about south. north gets outrages at south for brooks beating.
Margaret Garner
escaped with child to Kentucky, gets caught and slashes her own childs throat so they will not become slaves again
Douglass role from 1850-56
Famous debates with Lincoln, puts Lincoln on the map for republican nominee
Union takes control of Mississippi River here***, 20,000 confederate troops have to surrender
Scotts Anaconda Plan
Blockade the south, control of Mississippi River, slice confederacy in two
Kansas-Nebraska territory
create territories, missouri wants to go vote Kansas as a pro-slave state. Crossing state lines to vote. Issue of popular sovereignty
USS Monitor vs Virginia
1st battle of ironclads, changed naval warfare forever
Burnside: poor stupid union general. 14 frontal assults, all failures. Massive casualties. Humiliation of north
THE battle of the civil war. Chamberlin and men run out of ammo, and decide to charge at the south and pushes them back
Last hurrah for South, Lee tries to break away and Grant chases him
Harriet Tubman
Underground railroad, women are majority of abolitionists in the north
Sherman's March to the Sea
Sherman make civilians pay for supporting Confederacy. Destroy everything and destroy southern morale, a success
Bloodiest day in American history: 25,000 killed. Costly victory, but just what Lincoln needed. Burnside bridge
What took the Whigs place
Republican party--northern only, anti-slavery, sectional party
bloody 2 day battle, huge victory for north
Union Generals
McClellan, Grant, Tecumseh, Sherman, Hooker, Burnside
11 Confederate States
Southern border states did NOT secede
1st Manassas
1st major ground battle, Stonewall Jackson makes heroic stand, Union army humiliated
Elijah Lovejoy
black newspaper publisher, printing press thrown in river and eventually murdered

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