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US History Final Exam 1

junior us history semester 1 final exam questions


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1864 Abe Lincoln, why does he win?
Sherman's Victory in Atlanta
Rockefeller's trust
standard oil
1864 Lincoln reelection bc of...
2 minute speech.. Gettysberg Address
Harper's Ferry raid
1 yr later 7 states leave the union.. starts slave rebellion
northwest ordinance
Articles of Confederations, no slavery north of Ohio River
biggest difference w/ dem&repub in Gilded Age
blue laws
laws 2 regulate personal behavior & VICE
Kansas-Nebraska Act
worsened situation, they became slave states; caused tension
followers of people's party - to advoate larger $ supply & other economic reforms
N&S: north war strategy
Anaconda plan (blockade, split, capture Richmond)
Dewys fleet destroys Spanish fleet here
William Jennings Bryan
silver standard, dem president candidate 1896, 1900 & 1908
Monroe Doctrine
warning not 2 colonize the northern hemisphere (to Great Britain/Europe)
boomers & sooners
took part in the Oklahoma land rush
Alexander Graham Bell
deveolped long distance telephone wires
battleship that explodes in Savannah Harbor
Open Door Policy
free trade in China
Initiative, Refferendum & Recall Procedures
give right 2 put forth law, get rid of bad politicians & vote on issues
Pulitzer & Hurst
2 yellow journalist editors; help start Civil War
tenant farmers
rent land from planter
Antietam significance
bloodiest day, Emancipation Proclamation
policy of favoring native-born Americans over immigrants
Missouri Compromise
1820; missouri=slave & maine=free; no slavery in future north of 30*60'N
northern Republican who moves South after Civil War (for $$)
1912 election - socialist
18th Amendment
prohibition (alcohol)
social welfare programs
program made to ensure a basic living standard for all citizens
all citizens can propose new law direction on ballot by collecting signature on a petition
Herbert Hoover
head of food administration WWI
journalist who uncovers wrongdoing in politics or business; exposed through journalism
social gospel movement
social reform movement that developed w/in religious institutions & sought to apply the teachings of Jesus directly 2 society
Schnek vs. US
"clear and present" - climinates freedom of speech
Franz Ferdinand
arch duke who's death sparked WW1
Frederick Douglas
african american abolitionist who wrote the North Star
1912 election - progressive (bull moose)
13th Amendment
ends slavery
"Make lots, give 2 charity" - gospel of wealth
wanted 2 expand navy "Great White Fleet"
N&S: cause of tension
slavery, states rights, economics
abolitionsist movement
movement to end slavery
succex pledge
warn ships before sinking them
Puerto Rico, Philippeanes, Guam
3 territories US still control from end of Spanish American war
social darwinism
"survival of the fittest"
Espionage Act & Sedition Act
2 laws, WWI to protect from spies & sabotage
Radical Republicans
want civil rights for African Americans
states rights
powers that the constitution neither gives to the fed. gov nor deines to the states
where most immigrants stayed on the ships
N&S: south war strategy
defend south
Coxeys Army
1st group to march on Washington Avenue & protest
post civil war; repair the South's damage & restory southern states to Union
John Brown
his act/raid deepened the north/south crisis before civil war
Gettysberg & Vicksberg
turning point in Civil war (2 battles)
1912 eleciton - democrat
settlers who ran in land races to claim land in Inidan Territory
direct primary
election in which all citizens vote 2 select nominees for election
Monroe Doctrine
US would oppose effects by & outside power to control a nation in Western Hemisphere
Interstate Commerce Commission
agency created to regulate the railroad
manifest destiny
US must expand across North America
civil rights
citizens personal liberties guarenteed by laws (voting rights & equal treatment)
Lincoln Douglas debates: Douglas
(wins) supports popular sovereignty on issues (+slavery)
horizontal consolidation (buy out competition)
George Armstrong Custer
general who attacks Native Americans in 1870; Custars' Last Stand & Little Bighorn
Plessy vs. Fergison
segregation is legal if its "seperate but equal"
Emancipation Proclamation
freed all slaves
Lincoln-Douglas debates: Lincoln
opposed expanding slavery
Chinese Exclusion
no new chinese laborers allowed in US
Chief Joseph
leader of Nez Perce; forced to give up home by US army
Laissez faire
doctrine stating that gov. shouldn't interfere in private business
trail of tears
forced Cherokee migration to land west of Mississippi River
19th Amendment
women's suffrage
The Jungle
by Upton Sinclair; meat packing industry, big impact
League of Nations
US never joins; rejected some of the Treaty of Versai
16th Amendment
income tax
confederate capital
1912 election - republican
white southern Republican (traitor) after Civil War
North's reaction to Lee's victories
compromise peace with south
Vladmir Lenin
responsible 4 creating the Soviet Union
tends portion of planter's land & pays with a share of the crop
Wounded Knee
ghost dance led to...
15th Amendment
voting rights to all males
Andrew Carnigae
vertical consolidation
Gilded Age
post-Reconstruction era
busted northern security trust
expanding slavery
1858 debates, Lincoln-Douglas
bessemer process
steel manufacturing, makes skyscrapers
official forgiveness of crime
to charge a public official w/ wrong doing in office
Ft Sumpter
1st civil war shots
united mine workers strike
1st to side with labor, what strike?
14th Amendment
protection & due process
monopolies & trust dominate, steel & oil big big, harsh working conditions
US negotiates w/ _______ 2 make easier 2 go from Atlantic 2 Pacific
Scott vs Sanford over slavery
slaves have no rights; opens west to slavery
Fugitive Slave Act
1850 Compromise, most controversial
Jefferson Davis
only elected confederate president
court ordering prohibiting certain activity
yellow journalism
wrote 2 start civil war
James Madison
"father of constitution"
right to vote

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