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African American History: Test 1


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11th century leader of Ghana; taxes and trade
Mansa Musa
leader of Mali in 1312; brought prosperity; pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324-1325, which showed Mali's wealth to outside world; people went to Mali to invest which stimulated its economy
Askia Muhammad
leader of Songhay in 1493; stimulated education; strengthened empire
empire; known as Mossi states; emperor absolute; effective political and military system
1076- invaded Ghana and brought Islam there
Sisse Dynasty
11th century; tribute and taxes; Ghana
Keita Dynasty
Sundiata Keita
1240- overran Soso people of Mali; strengthened Mali; leveled capital of Ghana
implementation of taxes; other countries give to country
Master of the Grounds (Mansa)
sultan; grand priest of local religion and administrator of the soil
Shaka Senzakakhona
a.k.a. Shaka Zulu; leader of Zulu people in 19th century; militaristic kingdom
replaced Wagadu empire
war chief; leader
War Chief
ghana; leader
Tuareg Raiders
experts of Sahara Desert; from Taghaza region
gold area; Ghana; Soninke people
people from Bure
salt region; have Tuareg people
Sosso People
southern Soninke branch of Mali; leader is Sumaguru; raiders; overruled by Sundiata
Kumbi Saleh
capital of Ghana; captured in 1224 by Sosso people; commercial center
Soni Sulayman Dandi
ruled Songhay from 1464-1492; 1469- conquered Timbuktu; succeeded by Askia Muhammad
region of Taghaza with Tuareg people; salt traded with gold from Bure region; important b/c it is a preservative and a biological requirement
from Bure region with Soninke people; traded with Taghaza region for salt
Soni Ali
ruled Songhay from 1464-1492; 1469- conquered Timbuktu; succeeded by Askia Muhammad
expression used about chaos and disturbances; events leading up to power of Shaka; wars with clans
Family State
political organization; same tribe members live together with members of same last name
Clan State
political organization; group of families related through a common ancestor or marriage
Village State
political organization; different families living together
Royal Family
power to govern a state
Electing Family
exercise choice within royal family; choose ruler from any male members of family; not just eldest son needs to succeed
Enthroning Family
eldest male of royal family can become head of kingdom; could exercise no authority until he had properly invested in office by those in enthroning family
Communal Landownership
land important to entire community, so it belonged to collective community
African Polygamy
more children, more people to cultivate land; husbands had many wives
African Religion
many gods with Supreme God (polytheistic); magic; funerals; ancestors important
African Art
carvings; sculptures; pottery; music; dance; oral tradition; linguistic diversity
Fluidity of African Social Status
low levels necessary in society and they were respected; can move up social ladder
another name for Soninke people

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