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Geography Unit 10


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approx how many people live in SE Asia
520 million
Why are SE Asians moving to cities
political conflicts, government policies
In Bangkok, approx how many people live in areas characterized by poor housing and poverty
1 million
European merchants exported which commodities from the region
nutmeg, pearls, cloves
why did the Indonesian government relocate 3 million of its people over the last 40 years
reduce urban overcrowding
between 1975 and 1990 why did thousands of people flee vietnam
escape widespread economic distress, political opression that gripped the country
what is growing more quickly in se asia than in the rest of the world
what leads others in attracting people resources and commerce
primate city
many southeast asians began to convert to which religion during 1200
who adopted systems of writing, religion and government from the chinese
who were early settlers on the malay peninsula
which island is one of the most densley populated in the world
jakarta is the capital of which country
what was the khmer rouge
a communist government
which country has slowed its birthrate
which country were people bronze 1000 years b4 the chinese began doing so
during the early 1900s what countries were among the dominant powers in se asia
netherland, united kingdom, france, us
describe in detail how the srivijaya empire affected se asia
built railroads, roads, improved harbors to speed movement of people through region
what is angkor wat
khmer temple more than 800 years old, designed to resemble the home of hindu gods and goddesses
how did the early civilizations in se asia develop
on waterways or around strategic ports
which empire covered most of the indochina peninsula
khmer empire
what country once served as a buffer state between french and british colonies
during wwii, which country drove western countries out of se asia
today, both laos and vietnam have what type of government
during what period of time was vietnam ruled by invading chinese
early AD 900
what was srivijaya
an empire
what country is a roman catholic region that recently broke from indonesia
east timor
in what ways were the khmer rouge advanced
technologically and agriculturally
what was a hindu maritime power ad 200
what religions are practiced in se asia
buddhism, islam, roman catholic
what does the indonesian art form called batik produce
beautiful designs on cloth
how did se asian literature begin
folktales, legends, love stories passed down orally
how long does a piece of lacquerwave take to produce
up to a year
what is an indonesian adaptation of the mahabharata
in vietnam, people speak which major languages
vietnames, chinese, french, english
why are most phillipinos roman catholic
because the phillipines came under the control of spain during the 1500s
what are the greatest influences that helped to shape se asian culture
culture, arts, lifestyle - need more!
in indonesia and malaysia, what are elevated houses for up to 100 people called
describe what happens during the thai festival of songkran
people bathe buddha statues and bless one another with a sprinkling of water
what is a traditional dramatic form in many parts of se asia
puppet plays
what is a site along the irawaddy river where more than 2000 pagodas sit
what is leng trot
a rain dance
what city is the capital of malaysia
kuala lumpur
what is brodobudur
a buddhist shrine
humid subtropical climate is found in parts of only which four countries
laos, thailand, vietnam, myanmar
rainfall in a rainforest averages how many inches annually
79 & 88 inches
which country has more than 14500 species of plant
the coolest climates in this region exist in the mountains of which 3 countries
mayanmar, bornea, new guinea
which climate supports rhododendrons, evergreen forests and deciduous trees
highland climate
which country has one of the highest population densities in the world
what % of singapore's vegetation is not endimic
which country has what is possibly the worlds oldes rain forest
which season do monsoons bring rain to rainforest
what is the 2nd most common climate zone in this region
tropical savana
which area of myanmar is sometimes called tropical scotland
shan plateau
which city is one of only 2 cities with tropical rainforests in their boundaries
which climate dominates the region of se asia
tropical rainforest
deciduous forest is found in highlands of which 3 countries
mayanmar, bornea, new guinea
which climate alternated wet and dry seasons
tropical savana
what are some of the important natural resources in se asia
tin, petroleum, rubber, tea, spices, valuable woods
what has made the sultan of brunei one of the worlds wealthiest people
oil and natural gas deposits of northern coast
in se asia what includes a spectacular 3 ft wide flower
what is the only landlocked country in this region
what country includes more than 13000 islands
how are the cordilleras of the region formed
upheaval of tectonic plates that collided millions of yrs ago
name 3 geographic descriptions concerning se asia
cordilleras, rivers, volcanoes
how many islands exist in the malay archipelago
cordilleras run mainly in which direction
north to south
which river forms the border between thailand and laos
brunei is a tiny country on the north coast of what other country
what is the ring of fire
area of volcanic and earthquake activity surrounding the pacific ocean
the malay peninsula includes parts of what two countries
malaysia and thailand
what archiplego includes east timor, brunei, singapore, indonesia, part of malaysia
malay archipelago
the indochina peninsula includes what four countries
vietnam, laos, cambodia, myanmar

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