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SPANISH FINAL- Cultura Viva:)


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Hallacas are cooked in what kind of leaf? (say in spanish)
San Juan
What is the capitol of Puerto Rico?
buddy, pal
What is a popular dance in the Dominican Republic?
what is the capital of venezuela?
english and spanish
What languages are required in school in Puero Rico?
roads communication
What two things does Nicaragua lack?
What is a popular dance in Puerto Rico?
Rich coast gold and silver
What does Costa Rica mean? What two items did CC think it had?
lake nicaragua
Which lake has sharks?
el chunch
thing (what yuh muh call it)
Angel falls
what is the highest waterfall in the world?
How many last names do people have in Spanish-speaking countries?
ticos ticas
Costa Ricans refer to themselves as:
little venice
what does venezuela mean?
Jennifer Lopez Bob de Marco
If Jennifer Lopez Bob married John Marco, what would her name be?
macho macha
refers to anyone with blonde hair
Puerto Rico
The Caribbean islands are located in:
pura vida
pure life
national parks and reserves
25% of Costa Rica's land is dedicated to:
What is Christopher Colombus' brother's name?
Which food is served in Venezuela during Xmas time?
What is Nicaragua's capital?
what is the most common food in venezuela?
Dominican Republic
Where do most foreign pro baseball players come from?
oil pearls chocolate
What three items does Venezuela carry in abundance?
el Yunque
What is the name of the only tropical rainforest found along Puerto Rico's surf?
Buena nota
Santo Domingo
What is the capital of the Dominican Republic?
San José
What is the capital of Costa Rica?
Costa Rica has had no army for __ years

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