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Chapter 17 World Geography: Building a global perspective iolani Mrs. Williams


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A hot dry wind from northern Africa that blows over the Meseta region in Spain. THis gives the region a semiarid ecosystem.
the region in northeastern Spain and southwestern
France (straddling the border) that is the traditional homeland of the Basque people; the language-isolate language spoken in the Basque country.
dry farming
a farmind technique that leaves the soil unplanted for a few years in order to gather moisture. Farmers in the Meseta use dry farming to grow wheat and barley in the Meseta
deep and wide enoguht to allow the passage of ships. Th only navigable river in the Iberian Peninsula is the Gualdalquivir.
seismically active
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The young Italian region is SEISMICALLY ACTIVE and experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Vatican City
a small country enclaved by Italy (more specifically, Rome). The Vatican, the home of the pope, is in the VATICAN CITY.
the southern region of Italy. The MEZZOGIORNO is home to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The name means “midday” because its most recognized trait is its intense noontime sun.
a geological phenomenon in which the ground in an area sinks. Some of Venice’s problems have been attributed to SUBSIDENCE.
a huge wave caused primarily by a disturbance beneath the ocean, such as an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. Marinatos theorized that the ancient Minoan culture was destroyed by a TSUNAMI, volcanic eruption, and an earthquake.
able to support permanent residents. Fewer than two hundred of the many Greek islands are INHABITABLE.
a long narrow area that has dropped between two faults. The Aegean Sea is a flooded GRABEN formed by the fault between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates.
Greece’s capital and the capital of the Attica region of Greece. ATHENS was once one of the most important centers of education and economic activities, before the fall of the Greek Empire.
The largest of the Greek Islands. It is located closest to North Africa and was home to the ancient Minoan civilization.
the great plateau in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. It raises the elevation in the center of Spain and Portugal to a couple of thousand of feet above sea level.
Roman Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic Church is the largest religious denomination of Christianity, and the main religion in Poland. Almost 95 out of 100 Poles are Roman Catholic. The Leader of the Roman Catholic Church is the pope. The current pope is Pope Benedict XVI.
Olympic Games
An international sporting event that started in Ancient Greece. The winter olympics and summer olympics each have different games, and they each happen every four years

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