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Civics Ch. 2


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the authority and power to control, to direct, and to rule the actions and affairs of others
supreme authority; God is sovereign over all nations, rulers, and individuals
Capital Punishment
the death penalty; the firts foundational civil ordinance
Rules people follow in living together
Code of Hammurabi
The codification of Sumerian laws; the law code of the Babylonian king Hammurabi
Another name for the Ten Commandments
Revealed Law
Law given by God explicitly in the Scriptures
Natural Law
the law which "nature has taught all living beings" and which is written on our hearts, e.g., living honestly, harming no one, and giving to each his own
A system of government in which God Himself rules personally or through chosen representatives
Rule by one whose will is supreme
Rule by the people, either directly by popular vote or indirectly through elected representatives
Totalitarian Dictatorship
A system of government in which one ruler controls all aspects of society
A system of government control over the economy of a nation
A form of socialism in which all power is vested in a dictator and a single political party
A totalitarian dictatorship by one or more persons that advocates the violent, revolutionary overthrow of the existing economic, political, and social order and sets up a tyrannical state that dominates the person, property, and thought of all the citizens by means of physical and psychological force and terror ---In other words.....BAD! BAD! BAD!
A misconception of reality which asserts that matter is eternal and uncreated and is in a never-ending process of self-transformation
Separation of church and state
The idea that the church and the government are to remain institutionally separate

Who Wrote Das Kapital?
Karl Marx

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