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History, Section 8


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name the children of Henry VIII
1. Mary I
2. Elizabeth I
3. Edward VI
Supposedly said "I am the state"
Louis XIV
I am France
Built a palace at Versailles
Louis XIV
Located outside paris
Louis required important nobles to live in or near the _____ to prevent ____ _____ _______
palace to prevent attacks against himself
Called the Sun King because he believed that the well being of France depended on him just as the well being of the earth dependd on the sun
Louis XIV
Made protestantism illegal
Louis XIV
MOST french protesttands were calvinists
thousands of ____ fled Frane
This departure severely damaged the French economy because many thousands were ____ _______
business leaders
France was involved with many wars during _________rule
Louis XIV's
Louis XIV's _________ _______ and _____ left France i terrible financial condition
building programs and wars
two powerful German states emerged in HRE
Frederick the Great, one of its rulers, made it a strong, military power
Taj Mahal: built about 1650 be one of te ________ __ ___ as a tomb for his wife
leaders of India
Was backward compared to other European nations-continued to have ___ until the mid 1800's
RUSSIA, serfs
Brutal and cruel tsar/czar
Ivan the Terrible
Traveled through Europe for months to obtain ideas abut how to modernize Russia
Peter the Great
Only about ______ of the Spanish ships survived to return to ___
half, spain
Spain's power ________ after this defeat
By the time Phillip I died in 1598, Spain's treasury had been drained by _________ _____
numerous wars
When Henry VIII died, _______ ___ became king
Edward VI
Married Phillip II of Spain
Mary I
wanted to make england a roman catholic country again
Mary I
called "______ ______" because she had hundreds of Protestants executed (many _________)
Bloody Mary, burned at the stake
Elizabeth I was _______, queenwhen the Spanish Armada was defeated
was protestant
Monarch alone controls the country: what country had this type?
absolute monarchy, France
Until 1469, Spain was divided into seeral kingdoms
The cuntry was ____ for the first time under the rule of
King Ferdianandand his wife Wueen Isabella wholater finanaced the vayages of christopher columbus
____was the leading nation in exploring the ___ _____, much ___ and ______ were gained thereq
Spain, new world, much gold and silver wre gained there
During hisrule, Spain was almost constantly at war
Phillip II
He was a devout Roman Catholic and refused to allow Protestantism in Spain
Phillip II
he used inquisitions
Phillip II
Even today, Spain is primarily
roman catholic
Pillip II married ______ ___ of _____
Mary I of England
Mary I of england was whose _____? and who?
Phillips II's and the Queen of England
After Mary died, _____ wanted to marry her sister, ____________ _
Phillip II wanted to marry her sister, Elizabeth I
____ was the new queen of England and refused to marry _____
Elizabeth I, Philip II
In 1588 Philip sent a fleet to conquer _____
The fleet Phillip sent to conquer england was called the _________ or__________
Spanish Armaa or Invincible Armada
Strongly believed in "the divine right of kings"
Louis XIV
Belief that monarchs recenved authority from and answered only to God
absolute monarchy
Why did Spain send this fleet?
1. Phillip wanted to wipe out Protestantism
2. English sea captains (called sea dogs) were robbing Spanish ships carrying gold and silver from the New World
Most famous sea dog was ___ _______ _____
sir francis drake
WHo supported the sea dogs?
Elizabeth 1
English sea captains ___ ____, were ______ __________ _______ carrying ___ and _____ form the
SEA dogs, were robbing spanish ships carrying gold and silver from the New World
England _____ the spanish armada
English ships were ___ and therefore more manueverable
Many Spanish ships were wrecked in a ____
_________ ____'s building programs and wars left _____ in
Louis's XIV'S building programs and wars left france in terrible financial condition
Two powerful German states emerged there
Name the two powerful German states that emerged there
Prussia and Austria
Frederick the great, one of its rulers, made it a strong military power
Upon returning to russia, he made improvements to the
army, Peter the Great
Upon returning to Russia, he _________ ___
modernized it
forced russians to adopt many ________ _____ _______ _____, many Russians ______ these changes
European styles and changes, many Russians opposed these changes
Built a new city called ST. Petersburg
Peter the Great
Replaved Moscow as the capital
ST Petersburg
The city wsa known as Leningrad for most of the 20th century
St. Petersburg
During this person's rule the country of England was divided and taken over by Rissia Prussia and Austria
Catherine the Great
During Catherine the Great's rule, the country of _________ was taken over by what three states?
England, Russia prussia and Austria
_________ did not becme a country again until after ___ ___ ____
Poland did not become a country again until after WW3
England did not become a country again intil after
Became king upon the death of his cousin Elizabeth 1
James I
Strongly believed in the divine "right of kings"
James I
As a reult of this belief, he lostened little to Parliament
James I
Made it illegal to attend any chuirch exvept the Anglican Church
James I
Catholics opposed what idea?
of it being illegal to go to any church but the anglican church
______________ ___ _____ _____ also opposed the idea of making it illegal to go to any church but the anglican church
protestants were not Anglicans
Oone Protestant group (the _____) wanted to "purify" the anglican chirch by
removing some of its ceremmonies
Another Prtestant groups wanted to separate from the Anglican church, called
called separatists
the Separatists included a group that settled in america, who were these called?
Some of the Separtist, Puritans and Catholics settled in _____ to obtan
religious freedom
One of the accomplishments of his rule was the ____ ___ __ __ ___ ___ ___ __ __
translation of the King James version of the Bible
The King James version of the Bible was done by a ___ ____ _____ King______ apointed
group of people
Like his father ______ _, he dislike _______ and believed in the ____ ____ ____ ___
Jamese I, CHARLES I, disliked parliament and believed in the divine right of Kigns
He CONTINUED to make it illegal to attned any chirch other han the Anglican Church
Charles I
Dislike of Parliament and the forbadence to attend any other church besides the Anglican church led to a ___ ____
civil war
the civil war in England as bwtween
Parliament's supporters and the king's supporters
Parliament's supporters wer eled by ______ ____
Oliver Cromwell
Who won the civil war in England (p vs. k) and beheaded whom?
Parliament, beheaded Charles I
There was no monarch during the
commonwealth period
Oliver Cromwell _________ ___ ___________ for much of this period
headed the government
Oliver Cromwell was a
Engforved strict moral standards (such as no _________, _________ and no ________)
drinking, gambling, no dancing
A few years after Cromwell's death, Parliament asked _________ __ to become king (he was th eson of _____ _
Charles II, son of CHarles I
When Parliament asked Charles II to rule, this event was called the ___ and why?
Event is called the Restoration because monarchy was restored
Henry VIII (name royal family)
Edward VI (name royal family)
Mary I (name royal family)
Married to King Philip II of Spain
Mary I
Elizabeth I (name royal family)
James I (name royal family)
Cousin of Elizabeth I
James i
Charles I (name royal family)
Was beheaded
Charles , stuart
period where there was no monarch
Commonwealth period
The event of his crowning was called the Restoratino
Charles II
Charles II (name royal family)

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