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Biology Final: Test 3


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Which of the following is produced in (a product of) photosynthesis?
How do organisms undergoing photosynthesis counteract the greenhouse effect?
they consume carbon dioxide.
Where do the light independent reactions take place?
in the chloroplast
The light dependent reactions directly use ____ as an energy source.
The spindle apparatus in meiosis _____.
moves chromosomes within the cell
Meiosis is used in the ____ organs.
In what stage of meiosis do sister chromatids separate?
Anaphase II
In interphase, duplication of ______ occurs.
Photorespiration occurs when rubisco binds to ____ and no glucose is produced.
When chromosomes form homologous pairs, the DNA in one homologous chromosome is exactly the same as the DNA in another homologous chromosome.
When your skin cells die, you use ___ to produce cells to replace the dead cells.
In humans in mitosis, we start with 1 cell that has 46 chromosomes and end up with ___ cells that have __ chromosomes.
2, 46
Where in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide used?
the light independent reactions(calvin cycle)
The stomata primarily allow ___ and ____ to enter the leaf
water, NADPH
Which of the following wavelengths of light can be absorbed by most plants?
red, orange, blue...etc
NADPH is produced in the ______.
light dependent reactions
Cancer is caused by _____.
excessive cell division
____ is the term used to refer to cancer in the skin (external lining.)
If someone went to the doctor and were told their cancer metastasized, this would mean, ______.
the cancer had spread beyond the original site.
___is the type of cell division utilized by cancer cells
Radiation works by destroying cells that are __.
Which of the following is a new method we discussed in class for detecting cancer?
using cancer sniffing dogs
Most of the cells in your body undergo meiosis
How many chromosomes does an egg cell have in humans?
Chromosomes are duplicated when?
prior to mitosis I
When does crossing over take place?
Prophase I
When do homologous chromosomes separate?
in Anaphase II
If an organism has 4 chromosomes in its gametes, how many different combinations of chromosomes could appear in that gamete?
If an organism has a diploid number of 10 chromosomes, then how many chromosomes would it have in its gametes?
Meiosis begins with _____ cell and after meiosis I and II the end product is ______ cell.
1 diploid, 4 haploid
If a mouse had certain genes and then through crossing over the same chromosome contained genes that now coded for different traits. This would be an example of _____.
genetic recombination
Independent Orientation of chromosomes occurs in which stage of meiosis?
Metaphase I

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