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Mod G Review


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What was Joseph Lister known for?
Laid foundation for medical asepsis by using carbolic acid to disinfect.
Who was Elizabeth Blackwell?
First female doctor in the US.
Who was Florence Nightingale?
Founder of modern nursing.
Who was Clara Barton?
Founder of the Red Cross.
Who was Marie Curie?
She discovered Radium, which led to cancer treatment.
What is an RN (Registered Nurse)?
Completed course of study at a state approved school of Nursing and passed National Licensure Examination. Licensed to practice in each individual state.
What is a PA (Physician's Assistant)?
Under direct supervision of a physician, trained in certain aspects of the practice of medicine/osteopathy. May treat minor injuries, sutures, wounds, apply splints & casts, examine patients, order/interpret x-rays and make preliminary diagnoses.
What is a Psychologist?
Specializes in the study of the brain and mental processes. May not prescribe medication.
Define discreet.
Using prudence and caution about what you say.
Define tactful.
Delicate skill in saying and doing the right thing.
What is self-control?
The ability to control your own behavior, especially in terms of reactions and impulses.
What is the definition of DACUM?
An acronym for developing a curriculum.
Who can be referred to as 'doctor'?
Anyone earning a doctorate degree.
What are some of the responsibilities of a Medical Assistant? (Front Office/Administrative)?
Scheduling patients, greeting and receiving patients.
What are some of the responsibilities of a Medical Assistant (Back Office/Clinical)?
Assisting patients, assisting in physical examinations, procedures, obtaining patient medical history.
What is and where is Caduceus recognized?
Became the recognized symbol for medicine, but is only recognized in the military branches.
What is and where is the Staff of Asclepius recognized?
The CORRECT and traditional symbol of medicine, and is recognized by professional and patient centered organizations.
Who discovered insulin?
Fredrick Banning.
Who was the 'savior of mothers'?
Ingaz Semmelweiss
Which two people discovered anesthesia?
William Morton and Crawford Long.
Who introduced Homeopathy?
Samuel Hahnemann.
Who was known as the "Father of Medicine"?
Who helped to conquer yellow fever?
Walter Reed.
What did Alexander Fleming discover?
What did Gerhard Domagh discover?
Sulfa drugs (antibiotics)
Nitroglycerin is used to treat conditions in ___________ ___________.
Heart Patients
Sulfur and Cayenne Pepper were used to stop ______________.
Digitalis was used to strengthen and regulate ______________.
Chamomile and Licorice were used to aid in ___________.
Define integrity.
The ability to do what is expected, when it is expected, for the simple reason that it is expected.

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