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Rad Onc 4


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Describe the conventional dose fractionation for paranasal carcinoma.
50 Gy with GTV boost of 60-65 Gy depending on surgical margins. Up to 70 Gy with radiation alone.
Describe the parotid gland.
Largest salivary gland, drains to ipsilateral jugular node
Describe the conventional dose fractionation for treatment of the parotid gland.
55-60 Gy for complete resection, otherwise boost to 65 Gy
What are the primary lypmhatics at risk for spread in breast cancer?
axillary, internal mammary, transpectoral
What 7 nodal groups are included in the mantle field?
Cerival, mandib., axial, supra and infra clav,medistinal, hilar
What is the prognosis for brain stem glioma?
5 yr survival 15-20%
What is the std dose fx for brain stem gliomas?
50-55 Gy
What is the most common malignant brain tumor of childhood and age on onset?
medulloblastomas, 5-7 years
What is the most common type of benign brain tumor?
Beginning Vertebral Level of rectum
Conventional radiation technique and dose fx for bladder cancer
Four field box technique. 30 Gy pre op to 68.4 Gy radiation alone
Nodes commonly involved in testicular cancer
ipsilateral and contralateral
Most common site bloodborne mets from rectal, pancreatic, esophogeal malignancies.

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