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Rad Onc 1


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Describe multiple myeloma
Nonosseous malignant tumor arising in marrow
Most common anatomical sites osteosarcoma
Distal femur or proximal tibia
What is the most common prognosis factor in Ewing's sarcoma?
Extent of disease at time of diagnosis
Why does sacral involvement in Ewing's sarcoma carry a negative prognosis?
Ease of treatment and local recurrence.
Skip mets occur in osteosarcomas via what route?
From lesion into bone marrow cavity
Most common anatomical sites chondrosarcoma
Shoulder, proximal femur or tibia
Sarcomas tend to metastasize to lung, but osteosarcomas also spread via this mechanism to opposing joint spaces.
Skip mets
List some suspected causes of STS.
Prior radiation, exposure to chemicals
Lobes of the lung almost all drain to this node.
What is the tradition dose schema for STS?
Up to 6ooo cGy with reduction fields
Infiltrating chondrosarcomas in marrow are indicated by...
necrosis or hemorrhage
When is the lymphatic spread of bone tumors of concern?
For tumors in the trunk of the body
MFH is another name for this type of connective tissue disease.
fibrosarcomas and malignant histiocytoma
Suggested maximum dose to heart in treatment planning for lung carcinoma.
40 Gy
What three variables affect patient prognosis for lung carcinoma?
stage, weight loss, Karnofsky performance status < 70
What is the definitive dose range for localized bronchogenic carcinoma?
6000-7500 cGy
Name the two groups of lymphatics responsible for regional spread of bronchogenic carcinoma
mediastinal and intrapulmonic
Name the nodes affected by regional disease for lung carcinoma
mediastinal, paratracheal, parahilar,subcarinal
In what part of lung is squamous cell carcinoma frequently found?
In which type of bone cancer does radiation play a definitive role?
Ewing's sarcoma, very radiosensitive
Name two of the most common primary malignant joint and bone tumors in children
osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma
How many new cases of primary malignant bone tumors in the United States each year among children and adults?

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