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OB Gyn A&L questions


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Gynecoid pelvis
Normal shape
Anthropoid pelvis
AP elongated
Android pelvis
Heart shaped
Platypelloid pelvis
ML elongated
Inguinal ligament course, formed by
From ASIS to pubic tubercle. Formed by fusion of int/ext obliques
False pelvis vs true pelvis
False pelvis above true pelvis. False supports pregnant uterus, true for passage of fetus
Hormone that softens joints in pregnancy
Clitoral innervation
Terminal branch of pudendal
Nabothian cysts
Retention cysts from blocked cypts in uterine cervix
Pelvic diaphragm muscles
Lev Ani (pubococcugeus, ileococcygeus, puborectalis) & coccygeus muscle (innerv = S234)
Spinal cord/dural space end at
Spinal cord - L2.
Dural space- S2
Lymph drainage of vagina
Ant2/3 - Sup inguinal
Post2/3 - deep inguinal, ext iliac, femoral
Obturator nerve function
Supply adductors & medial sensation of thigh
Sacrospinous Lig course
Sacrum to ischial spine
Sacrotuberous lig course
Post crest of ilium/potst iliac spines/sacrum to ischial tuberosity
Ilioinguinal course
ASIS to pubic tubercle
Arcuate lig course
Fills space below pubic arch
What divides lesser/greater sciatics
Contents of greater sciatic foramen -
Piriformis, gluteal vessels, sciatic nerve, post femoral cutaneous
Course of internal pudendal
Out greater sciatic, in lesser
Func of ant hypogastric nerve
mons, ant labia majora
Funct of post iliac nerve
Funct of ilioinguinal nerve
Ant/medial labia majora
Funct of genitofemoral nerve
Deep labial
Funct of pudendal nerve
Clitoris, middle/post labia
Circumvallate placenta -
Small placenta constricted by amniotic ring
Battledore Placenta
Placenta w/ marginal insertion of cord
Femoral nerve funct
Supply quads, sens to ant/med thigh
Hyperplasia of keratinocytes in stratum spinosis (in syphilis, lichen planus, venereal warts, cancer)
Gartner duct cyst histo
Small cuboidal cysts
HSV histo
Small intranuclear inclusion bodies, irreg nucleoli, multiple nuclei
Arias Stella rxn
Atypism, mitoses, proliferation of endometrium in pregnancy (25% of women)
Ovarian layers in order
Germinal epithel, cortex, medulla
Ovarian follicle layers in order
Ova, zona pellucida, granulosa, theca interna
When is organogenesis complete?
8wks (except brain)
What does testosterone do in the fetus
Causes differentiation of gonadal ridge (to testis)
Where do germ cells come from?
endoderm of primitive gut
Paramesonephric duct -->
Oviducts, uterus, upper vagina
Dopamine vs GnRH
Dopamine inhib GnRH
Which NT increases GnRH
#of carbons in sex steroids
Progestins - 21
Androgens - 19
Estrogens - 18
Potency of estrogens
Etradiol>estrone>estriol (each by 10x)
How is insulin involved in PCOS
Insulin --> Dec SHBG --> inc free T
Ovulation releases:
Secondary oocyte, First polar body
Hormones from Corpus Luteum
estrogen, progesterone, inhibin
Ashermans damages which part of endometrium?
Principle adrenal androgen
Substrate for aromatase
When is serum progest. hCG positive?
at first missed menses
When is max CO in pregn
Immediately after deliv
Smallest diameter of fetal head
suboccipitobregmatic diameter
Oxyg blood from placenta goes where?
portal sinus, ductus venosis
Surfactant from which pneumocytes?
Type II
Fetal breathing movements how often?
30-60 min
Podophyllin resin & preg
Captopril and preg
Reduced plac circ, oligo, pulm hypoplas
Valproic acid and preg
Spina bifida
Isoretinoin and preg
CNS/craniofacial abn
Methamizole & preg
scalp defects
Misoprostol & preg
Glomerular diseasse in preecclampsia
Glomerular capillary endotheliosis
Ocular lesions in preecclampsia
artierolar spasm
Most common cong heart defect
Prevalance of sickle cells disease in AA's
Risk of abnormality w/ rubella exposure
Congenital rubella symptoms
HSmegaly, hearing loss, others
Uric Acid and preecclampsia
Uric Acid increases in preecclampsia
Normal delivery descent
First posterior then inferior
Interspinous diameter should be:
at least 10cm
Ave blood loss in delivery
describes orientation of fetal parts
Cardinal movements of labor
Engagement, flexion, extension, external rotation
Def of engagement
When greatest biparietal diameter passes inlet
Posteriosr asynclitism
Sagittal suture closer to sacrum
Conglutinate cervix
Effaced and engaged but no cervical dilation
coverlaire uterus
Intramyometrial bleeding
w/ position assoc w/ prolapsed cord
Footling breach
APGAR qualities
HR, REs effort, Muscle tone, Reflex irritation, Color
Cooling neonate causes
metabolic acidosis (w/ compens resp alk)
Most common cause of lack of resp effort:
Upper airway obst

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