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Apologia General Science Module #1


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Roger Bacon
Student of Grossetestes. He believed the more man knew about science, the more man knew about God
Considered the father of scientific method
James Clerk Maxwell
Founder of modern physics
Believed air was the most basic substance in nature
Johannes Kepler
Compiled more evidence for Heliocentric system
"Invented" telescope. Recanted Heliocentric belief to Roman Catholic Church
Proposed all matter of atoms
Nicholas Copernicus
Heliocentric System
All things are made of atoms which are in constant motion
John Dalton
Founder of modern theory
Gregor Mendel
Studied modern genetics but fave up scientific study because of political struggles between govt' and church
Tried to explain origin of human life
Sir Isaac Newton
Greatest scientist in the history of the world. He formulated a universal law of gravitation and developed the mathematical law of calculus. Newton says,"Science = Math!"
Father of life science. First to make a large scale attempt at the classification of animals and plants
Carolus Linnaeus
Created modern system of classification
Lewis Pasteur
Developed process called pasteurization. Destroyed idea of Spontaneous Generation
Robert Boyle
Founder of modern chemistry
Explained movement of stars and planets
Antoine Laurent Laviosier
First to analyze chemical reactions in a systematic way. Law of mass conservation
Ancient Egyptians
Trial and error
A primitive form of paper made from a long leafed plant of the same name
He believed the earth was at the center of the universe
Antoni Leeuwenhoek
Built the first microscope of life forms such as bacteria
A branch of study dedicated to the accumulation and classification of observable facts in order to formulate general laws about the natural world
Charles Darwin
Wrote "The origin of the species" Proposed theory of evolution

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