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History Unit 5 Revolutions


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scientific method
use of hypothesis and deduction, experimentations, and observation to prove a theory
a system of mathematics that calculates changing forces or quantities
What was the scientific revolution? How did it change the way Europeans viewed the universe and workings of the human body?
The scientific revolution was the use of reason, math, and technology to understand the physical universe. learned about gravity and relyed on the scientific method more. learned that blood circulates through the body
William Penn
English, 1600's, founder of the Quaker colony of Pennsylvania
Contrast Hobbe's views w/ Locke's views.
Hobbes - absolute control (people couldn't rebel)
Locke - people could rebel
What was the purpose of the new religious philosophy known as deism, and how did deism conflict with traditional religion?
Purpose - religion more reasonable and fit w/ scientifc method
Conflict - organized religion exploited people because of emotions
Describe some of the main ideas of Englightenment thinkers.
natural law
classical themes
Divine right
that monarchs derive their power directly from God and that such power is absolute
Martial law
temporary military rule with limitations on individual rights
Charles II
English, 1600's, King - son of Charles I
England, 1600's, political party that wanted to keep the king
William III
Dutch, 1600's, ruler of netherlands and king of england
Explain why relations between Great Britian and the colonies worsened after the French and Indian war.
British government interfered with colonies and taxed them to pay for the war
Compare and contrast Parliament's struggles for power with the king with the American colonist's later struggle for control of their owen affairs.
Compare - both struggles for control (taxes and rights)
Contrast - england wanted to limit the king's power. america wanted representation in British government - fighting for different things
the violent overthrow of a government
Napoleonic code
French, 1800's, law code based on enlightenment ideas
Duke of Wellington
British, 1800's, commander, helped spanish
French, 1800's, French king

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