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world history II


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sir isaac newton
british scholar. develops and practices teh scientific method. created calculus.
henry VIII
leaves the catholic church because he cant get a divorce causes england to seperate with the catholic church. creates anglican which is a replica of the catholic faith but there is divorces
associated with the expansion of european powers and their conquest and colonization of african and asian societies
martin luther
german.95 theses that went aganist the catholic church. begins the protestant faith
prince henry the navigator
spanish. puts together a crew that discovers the canary islands.
peace of augsberg (germany)
says the religion of the king is the religion of its people.
john locke
came up with the blank slate idea. develops the ideas of the role of govt & the people.
elizabeth I
mary's half sister. wants to passifies england. with the support of her ppl bringing catholics and anglicans together they defeat spain. considered to be a great ruler
henry of navare IV
brings peace to france. passs the edict of nantes which says hugenots can worship freely. hugnots can hold political offic &positions in court. they can fortify their city.
st. bartholomews day massacre
orders issued by catherine to exterminate all hugenots
ana baptists
believed in the bible but believed in adult baptism. argued that you have a choice to join the church or not. left over ana baptists were mennonites
conquers the aztecs and destroys their entire empire
ivan IV
tries to eliminate the power of the boyers. he gets the ppl and gets their views to use against the nobles. his deat puts russia in civil war.
cardinal richelieu
responsible for consolodation france
divine right of kings
belief in england that the kings get their power from god. if god put them there no one has the right to question them
adam smith
wrote about economics. book called the wealth of nations. believed the economy would self regulate itself by supply & demand.
mary (bloody mary)
henry's daughter takes throne after brother edward dies. brings england back to catholicism. marries the king of spain the control everywhere.goes crazy because she cant have kids and burns ppl alive
pope alexander 7th
had children! and would marry his daughter off for alliances
peter the great
beings to restore russia and the army.he brings ppl in to edcuate the russians. builds the capital st.petersburg
rounded the cape of good hope.
catherine de medici
causes civil war to erupt in france by wanting to keep her family on the throne.
english bill of rights
states parliament passes the laws. the king cant persecute members of parliament. its the only body in england that can issue taxes. they control the money. there will be no standing army.freedom of religion.
idea that a colony should sell more goods than it buys.
travel west following the spanish. wealthy merchants establish trading companies. discover tobacco in jamestown and makes britain rich
conquered central and south america in the sixteenth century
john calvin
calvinism. does away with the church all together. believes the state and church should be seperate. believes in predestination.
vasco de gama
creates a good way to trade and make more money.
counter reformation
an attempt to bring everyone back to catholicism.creation of the jesuits whos job is to re-educate everyone on the catholic faith

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