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school bus cdl


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before checking the free play in the slack adjustors you shoud...
1. park on level ground
2. chalk the wheels
3. release parking break

pupils must walk at least how many feet in front of the bus to cross the road?
12 feet
immediatly after stopping at a bus stopping at a bus stop you should?
open enterance door slightly slightly to activate stop arms and overhead red warning lights
what is stab breaking?
pressing break pedal,
release when wheels lock up,
repeat when wheels start turning

what makes up the total stopping distance?

the air pressure should build from 85 to 100 psi within __ seconds.
name some key steering system parts
tie rod
steering wheel
power steering sylinder
gear box

the "fanning" of the breaks is not recomended for long grades because
the short time off the breaks does not allow them to cool
what is the danger zone?
area on all sides of the bus
the use of air breaks on downgrades is only supplement to the...
breaking effect of the engine
whats the most important way to see the sides and rear of your vehicle?
check merriors
bus stalls or trapped on tracks what do you do?
get everyone out and off the tracks
move pupils at an angle which is both away from the tracks and toward the train.
what things should you check for during a trip?

on S cam breaks what happens to the air when you push the break pedal?
air pushes the rod out
moving the slack adjustor
and twisting the cam shaft

what are two ways to know when to shift?
engine speed
road speed
what are three kinds of emergency equipment you must have?
electrical fuses
3 red triangles
fire extinguisher

how should you check your service breaks are working properly?
wait for normal air pressure
release parking break
move foward slowly
firmly step on break

name some suspension system defects
movment in axel-->spring hangers
missing or broken leafs in any leaf spring
leaking shock absorbers

what should be the max. air loss in a fully charged air system. for bus? single vehicle?
bus: 3lbs per sq. in.
single: 2lbs per sq. in.
how much air must the storage tanks hold?
enough air to allow the braks to be used even if the air compressor stops working
when should you downshift automatic trasmission?
when you want greater engine breaking
how far ahead does the manual say to look?
12-15 sec.
what is likely to happen when breaks are not properly adjusted before going down steep grades?
system could become unbalanced with some breaks doing more work then others
-->heat up lose stopping power.
what causes break fade?
heat in the breaks as the drums heat and expand
what is emergency controlled breaking?
firmly apply breaks w/o locking them
ensure that the crossover mirrors are properly adjusted so that you can see;
front tires touching ground
front of bus to the service door
cleared danger zone

when making a very quick stop you should break so that you...
stay in a straight line and can stear
school bus drivers must have a cdl and?
school bus

how far around the bus does the danger zone extend to?
30 ft-->front
10ft--> everywhere else
break shoes and linings are located where?
inside each break drum
when should you use wheel chalks insted of parking breaks to set the vehicle?
when breaks are hot
breaks are wet in freezing weather

what is controlled breaking?
firm on breaks w/o locking wheels or turning steering
release breaks if sliding
true or false?
a school but driver doesnt have to wear a seat belt at all times?
who makes the final decision to determine when weather conditions make the roads unsafe to travel?
the driver
when backign why is it important to use a helper?
there are blind spots you cant see
what are the two types of rail road crossings?

what are the most important hand signal that you and the helper should agree on when backing?
if you do not have automatic tank drains when should you drain the air tanks?
every day
what happens when the break shoes and linings are pushed against the inside of the drum?
causes friction which slows the vehicle and creats heat
what is one of the more dangerous procedures a school bus driver must undertake?
loading and unloading
what are the two types of air tank drains?
automatic and manual
overhead inside rearview mirrior should be able to see?
top of rear window
all the students
what could happen id the break pedal is pressed and released to often?
air can be let out of the system faster then the air compressor can replace it
how should breaks be used when driving down long grades?
shift into a low gear before decent
maintain a light use of breaks
how do you test hydraulic breaks for leaks?
pump breaks three times
why should you back towards the drivers side?
so you can see better
you should know your breaks are fading when...
have to push harder on break pedal to control speed on downgrade
how many red reflective triangles should you carry?
what is passive railroad crossing?
no traffic control divices
do you have to stop at passive rail road crossings?
true or false?
a school bus is every motor vehicle used for the transportation of children to or from school or school activities?
what is active rail road crossing?
has traffic contorl divices
what are two main things to look for shead?
look for vehicles coming into your lane or turning
whenever you double your speed, it will take about __ times as much distance to stop.
what is the most important reason for doing vehicle inspections?
when approching a school bus stop you should activate your overhead amber lights how far from the bus stop?
300 ft.
no pupil shall be allowed to remain in transit to and from school for...
3 hours round trip
when it is carried on a bus, hazardous materials must be...
what kind of air is used to make breaks work?
compressed air
the first thing to do when a low air warning light comes on is...
stop and park safely asap
what is the delay that can take up to a half a second called?
break lag
if the air compressor is belt driven what should you look for in checking the belt?

what is the purpose of the safety release vavel that is installed in the first tank the air compressor pumps air to?
protects the tank from to much pressure
name some things you should check on the front of your vehicle durnig a walk around inspection...
lights intacked
leaning towards one side
general condition
fresh oil spills

the distance that you should look ahead while driving is about___ mile at hwy speed.
where would you find the drian valve for each air tank?
bottom of tank
how often should you check the alcohol evaporator in cold weather?
fill up as needed in cold weather
what is the purpose of an alcohol evaporator?
puts alcohol into the air system and reduces the risk of ice in the air break valves in cold weather
name three different breaking systems

true or false?
each state board of education is charged with the primary responsibility of rules and regulations reguarding pupil transportation.
a truck with air breaks going 44mph would require a stopping distance of:
the safety valve is usually set to reduce air pressure at __psi.
what does the air compressor do?
pumps air into the storage tanks
true or false?
it doesnt matter is school bus drivers know current laws and regulations.
what is the minimum thread depth for front tires? all other tired?
4/32 in. -->front
2/23 in. -->all others
what things shoudl you check for during a trip?

when making a normal stop with a manual transmission vehicle when should you push in the clutch?
when rpms are close to idle
what are the two special conditions where you should downshift?
before downgrade
before entering a curve
what makes up the total stopping distance with air breaks?
break lag

where are foundation breaks found?
near the wheels
to check the air governor cut in and cut out pressure when running the engine at a fast idle when should the air gov. cut out the air compressor?
manufacturer's specified air pressure
what is the first thing you should od if your breaks fail while driving downhill?
get off road asap
what does the air compressor gov. control?
WHEN the air compressor will pump air into the air storage tanks
why does air breaking take more time then hydrolic breaking?
takes time for air to flow through the lines to the breaks
true or false?
inspection of the busses are made one or more times a year in order to determine whether the school bus can be used to safely transport school children.
what is the following distance on hwy's?___ft
on dry pavment at 55mph about how much extra distance is added by break lag?
32 ft.
convex mirrors should be positioned so you can see...
sides of bus
front rear of tires touching ground
1 lane of traffic on either side of the bus

true or false?
always unload on the right outside lane if on mulit-lane roads.
how long can your tail swing be on a school bus?
up to 3ft
the blind spot behind the bus could extend up to ___ft depending on the width of the bus.
if a straight vehicle (no trailer) goes into a front- wheel ski, it will:
travel straight ahead even if you turn the steering wheel
what should you be able to see with properly adjusted outside flat mirrors?
200ft behind the bus
along the sides
rear tires touching the ground

what are other names for the break pedal?
foot valve
tredle valve
if oil and water collect in the air tanks what can happen to the breaks?
can fail.
true or false?
a school bus can transport more students then indicated by the manufacturers rated capacity for the bus?
When the safety valve releases air it means that...

A. The pressure has exceeded 150 psi
B. Too much air is in the air compressor
C. Something is wrong, and you should have it checked by a mechanic

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