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BUS 100 - CH 16


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an effort by marketers to inform people in the target market about products
promotion mix
the combination of promotional tools an organization uses
integrated marketing communication (IMC)
a technique that combines all the promotional tools into one unified strategy
paid, nonpersonal communication, through various media
product placement
putting products into TV shows where they will be seen
a full-length TV program devoted exclusively to promoting goods or services
interactive promotion
promotion process in which buyers and sellers work together
personal selling
face-to-face presentation and promotion of goods
trial close
a step in the selling process that consists of a question or statement that moves the process to the actual close
public relations
management function that evaluates public attitudes and changes policies in response to the public's requests
info that is distributed to the public through the media that is not paid for by the seller
sales promotion
the promotional tool that stimulates consumer purchasing by means of short-term activities
promotional tool in which a company lets consumers have a small sample of a product for no charge
word-of-mouth promotion
promotional tool that involves people telling others about products they've purchased
viral marketing
a term used to describe everything form paying people to say positive things about a product on the internet to setting up multilevel schemes where consumers get commission for directing friends to specific websites
an online diary that looks like a web page but is easier to create and edit
a means of distributing audio and video programs via the internet that lets user subscribe
push strategy
strategy in which the producer uses advertising, personal selling, etc. to convince retailers to sell their product
pull strategy
strategy in which heavy advertising and sales promotion efforts are directed toward consumers to that they'll request the products from retailers

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