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religious studies questions on the church and its interior features


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Why are Catholic and Anglican churches built in the shape of a cross?
because it is a symbol of christian belief
what is the central part of the cross known as
the nave
why do many churches have spirals and towers
as a symbol of reaching up to God and it makes the building a prominent feature of the community
Quaker style of worship means what/
the meeting room is very plain, with just chairs and tables
most churches have a what where people get baptised?
a font
The pulpit is the most important feature in what church
methodist church, where preaching is believed to be very important
what is illustrated on stain glass windows in catholic churches?
stories from the bible or the lives of the saints. On the walls are fourteen paintings or carvings representing the Stations of the Cross-important events in the last hours leading up to jesus' crucifixion
in an orthodox church the main feature is what?
the iconostasis, or screen, that separates the main part of the church from the altar
Quaker buildings are called what?
Quaker Meeting house
in a roman catholic church there may be several what?
altars, confessional boxes, statues and many candles
what in the anglican church is at the east end or in the very centre of the building?
the altar where the Eucharist is celebrated
the iconostasis is decorated with what?
with icons (paintings of Jesus and the saints and in the centre are the Royal Doors which are opened and closed during the services.
Quakers do not have what?
priests or ministers and do not have special forms of worship
Non-conformists or protestant churches have what at the very front of their churches
a large pulpit where everything happens!
Somewhere in a protestant church there will be what?
a font for baptism
what do quakers do in their meetings?
sit in silence until someone thinks that God has something for them to say.
in an anglican church where is he font usually?
it is placed at the west end of the church by the door
what is the most important part of Anglican and Catholic churches
the altar, the holy table where the Eucharist is celebrated

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