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Horse will secrete about _____ gallons of saliva for every five gallons of dry feed.
_____________ is secreted with the actual presence of food in the mouth or stomach.
Gastric Juices
The _________ ___________ is the major site of digestion.
Small Intestine
The _________ contains small populations of bacteria and protozoa.
Water is primarily absorbed in the ___________ ___________.
Large intestine.
The _________ of the horse can be used to sort out distasteful or unpalatable feeds.
Over feeding should be avoided as it may often cause ______.
Over feeding may also cause the __________ to rupture.
Small amounts of feed may stay in the stomach up to _____ hours.
The bacterial population can synthesize may of the ____ vitamins.
Digestive organ with limited storage capacity.
Very mobile and agile
Digests fiber and cellulose.
Large intestine
Is a buffer with high mucous content.
Moves feed at approximately 1 foot/minute
Small intestine
Primary absorption takes place in the small intestine.
Ca, Zn, CU, Mn, Fe, Mg
Slow movement of feed takes place here.
Large intestine
Substance is continually secreted as the fed progresses.
Grind and crush feed.
Food is retained in this organ for approximately 20 min.
No digestive enzymes are secreted here.
Is approximately 70' in length.
Small intestine
What are symptoms of fescue toxicosis?
Abortion, extended gestation, thickened placenta, decreased milk supply.
Fastest gains in bone growth take place in _______ of life.
First year
What is correct about a diet that is too high in protein?
Expensive, affect horse's ability to perform, sweat more rapidly, increase horse's water intake.
An idle adult horse should drink approximately ____ gallons of water/100 pounds of body weight per day.
Concentrates or complete feeds will NOT
Increase the cost of feed transportation.
Overly fat mares are at increased risk for
Milking poorly, dystocia, foals with deformities, high body condition score.
Minerals should be fed at _____ percent of the total diet.
Seventy percent of a horse's total mineral content is:
Ca, and P
Physically good roughage should be..
cut in the early stages of maturity, bright green in color, cured properly.
Legumes are high in...
DE and Carbohydratesc. protein
Which of these cereal grains should be limited to 20% of the concentrate intake?
Horses should be fed by their ________ __________ not by the __________ of the feed.
Body weight, volume.
Gestating mares will require little change in their diet through the _______ month of pregnancy.
Foal should weigh approximately ______ % of the dam's BW at birth.
A young horses' bones will only grow at the _______ after its born.
Hormones and steroids are commonly given to young horses to enhance growth. True or false? is done, just not COMMONLY
Prior to weaning a colt should be eating a minimum of ____ pounds of concentrate per 100# of body weight per day.
The amount of water a horse may consume is dependent on many things, name four.
Exercise, weight, weather, health.
Describe elcampsia in a mare.
Lack of calcium in the body/milk (hypocalcimia). Ususally occurs after 10th day of foaling. Shivering/shaking, weakness, lack of appetite. Intravenous shot of Ca, Mg, and P. Almost immediately successful but will need another shot again most likely.
Knock kneed

What are some of the indications that your horse may need his sheath cleaned?
Hard to urinate, swollen sheath, visual smegma.
The lowest calcium and phosphorus ratio in all horses, regardless of age should be:
An idle 1100# horse should drink approximately _____ gallons of water/day
A good source of protein for horses is:
Legumes or seeds
You cannot over dose your horse on vitamins, true or false?
Idle horses need ________ % of their body weight in roughage daily.
List the three structures that form the triangle indicating where to properly give an IM injection to a horse in the neck.
Nuche ligament, cervical vertebrae, cranial edge of scapula.
Horses carry the genotype for either _____ and/or ________.
Black and chestnut
Chestnut colored horses should not:
Have black points.
A doubly diluted chestnut will be ___________ in color.
A roan horse does not get progressively lighter with age.
Which are grouped as blacks?
Seal brown, black, grulla, bay. NOT GREY
This paint colored horse will only have a color across the midline.
An endurance horse running a 15 mile race will use:
Slow twitch, low glycolosis, aerobic energy.
Quarter horse running a quarter mile race will use:
Fast twitch, high glycolosis, anaerobic energy.
The normal respiration rate for an adult, resting horse is:
The normal hear rate for an adult resting horse is
35 bpm
Normal expiration is usually a ___________ action.
Normal inspiration is usually an _____________ action.
___________- is the tough covering over the surface of the bone.
The two main components of blood are.
Plasma and cells.
Normal blood volume for the adult resting horse is _____ of body weight.
What are the function of kidneys.
Control Water balance, control pH, control electrolyte levels, cleanse the blood.
The vomeronasal organ is:
Used an additional olfactory sensory gland.
The six parts of the respiratory system are?
Pharynx, trachea, lungs, bronchial tubes, epiglottis and mouth.
List three major functions of the skeletal system.
Movement, protection, structure.
The connection between the PNS and the CNS
Spinal cord
The nervous system is responsible for the body's __________ response to stimuli, the endocrine system is responsible for ___________ response.
Immediate and long-term.
List the four areas of hair on the horse's body that do not shed.
Lip, eye lashes, tail, mane.
List one of the two types of cells found in the trachea.
Mucus, cilliated.
The horse used the specialized panniculus muscle to do what?
Twitch at flies.
List one symptom you may see in a horse with a lacrimal duct that is plugged.
Teary eyes.
There are no sweat glands in the _________ of a horse.
Inspiration occurs primarily upon the contraction of the _________.
Affects arabian foals.
Foal has a problem with the large intestine.
Lethal white.
Destroys the RBC's of the foal when nursing.
Neo-natal Isoerythrolysis
Found in the Impressive line of QH
Result of mating two overo horses
Lethal white
Most horses die before six months of age from respiratory complications.

Most foals die before six days of age
Lethal white
OFten caused by a high carbohydrate diet in a normally calm horse.
How did the barb mustang get its name?
Arabs from the Barbary coast migration from south america.
Thoroughbreds are foudnation stock for at least four breeds of horses, name two.
Quarter horse, saddlebred, morgan, standardbred.
List two of the foundation horses of the QH association.
Steeldust, old sorrel, Peter McQ
AKA for the standardbred is the _________
American trotting horse
Just Morgan, the horse, is believed to be of what descent?
The main function of the respiratory system is to provide ________ to the tissues and remove __________ products.
Oxygen ; waste.
The tendon sheath is called the _________.
List the three accessory glands of the male horse.
Prostate, bulbourethral, seminal vessicles.
List the three types of breeding practices.
Pasture, hand and artificial insemination.
Average length of gestation for a mare is _____ days.
340 days

Estrous cycle of the mare is approximately _____ to ____ days

A typical mare will ovulate ______ hours before the end of estrus period.
Foal heat will usually occur ____ days post foaling.
__________ is the hormone to maintain pregnancy.
What is the time frame that the foal needs to have colostrum.
Typically within 12 hours.

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