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Lesson 2 Science Obejective 2


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What is a tornado
result of rising air and the horizontal winds
What is convectional uplift
When pockets of moist air develope near the ground and rise
What is an Occluded Front
warm air mass between two cold air masses
What is a squall line
A line of thunderstorms along a front
The most smallest most violent and shortest severe storm is
A tornado
What is a thunderstorm
A powerful local storm with a lot of rain, wind, and lightning
Describe a wave cyclone
an occasional buldge that developes between the Polar air mass and mid latitude air mass during a cold front
How is a Hurricane created
heat energy transferes with evaporating water then is released in rain and wind after air cools and condenses
How do we determine if a storm is a hurricane
If the winds are greater than 74 mph
What is an anti-cyclone
High pressure cyclone creating clear weather
What is a storm surge
The hurricane on land (heavy wind and flooding)
Describe the eye of the hurricane
the calm region
How are thunderstorms created
cold Front moving into a warm moist air mass
What is a water spout
A tornado over water
What is the difference between a Typhoon and a Hurricane
A Typhoon occurs in the Pacific and a Hurricane occurs in the Atlanic
How does a tornado form
water vapor rapidly condensing with swirling air
What is a polar front
boundary between cold air and warm air in mid-latitudes
Why do most thunderstorms take place in the late afternoon
Convectional uplift: Hot air rises throughout the day then cools and condenses
What is a Front
the boundry between two different air masses
What creates lightning
static charge being built between the cloud and the ground
Describe how a warm Front is formed
warm air mass is pushed into a cold mass ahead of it
What creates thunder
air heating next to a lightning bolt producing rapid expansion of the air molecules
Describe how a cold Front forms
cold air mass is pushed into a warm mass ahead of it
What are cumulonimbus clouds
Clouds formed during a storm
What is the most dangerous aspect of a hurricane as it reaches land
A storm surge

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