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Jack Ruby
Convicted of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald
Developed by Karl Marx. Leading to a society where everything is publicly owned and people are paid according to their work.
Branch Rickey
Manager who helped Jackie Robinson make the Major Leagues
Toni Morrison
Incredible African-American woman writer.
James Earl Ray
Convicted of assassinating Martin Luther King Jr.
A suburb of NYC. (Someone edit this, is it right?)
Red Scare
The Red Scare was when fear of communism broke free sending chaos throughout America.
Truman Doctrine
Plan of aid to other countries falling under control of communism.
Jackie Robinson
The first African-American man to be on the Major Leagues.
Ho Chi Minh
Became prime minister of Vietnam and led independence movement.
You know these guys, just thought I'd put them in order for you.
Bay of Pigs
Failed invasion to overthrow Castro.
Berlin Wall
Barrier that physically separated West Berlin from East Berlin.
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were convicted of selling secrets the USSR and were electrocuted for their execution.
a system of government where it is controlled and dictated.
General MacArthur
War hero, led UNC forces defending North Korea against South Korea.
A word that describes the values and behavior of a cultural group.
Premier of Russia, came close to war with US over Cuban Missile Crisis
Gulf of Tonkin
Prompted first large scale involvement with armed forces in Vietnam
Fidel Castro
Dictator of Cuba, was part of Cuban Missile Crisis.
Vietnam War
War fought between Communist Vietnam and US supported Vietnam. We failed and had to withdraw troops.
Joseph McCarthy was a liar who convicted innocent people of being communist.
Lee Harvey Oswald
Accused of assassinating John F. Kennedy, but he was never convicted.
Emmett Till
A young 14 year old black boy brutally murdered after whistling at a white women.
Known as Tiananmen Square Massacre in China. Where students and intellects fought out against Chinese Communism and were brutally killed.
Korean War
War between North, South Korea and America. North tried to make South communist.
Rosa Parks
A bold, black woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus.
An incredible, major, spiritual and nonviolent leader of India.
Marilyn Monroe
Was a comedic actress, singer, model and Hollywood icon
Iron Curtain
"Iron Curtain" blocking truth and freedom, anyone behind it was under USSR control.
Phyllis Schaffly
A women who opposed feminism and the Equal Rights Amendment.
38th Parallel
Pre-Korean War boundary.
Malcolm X
A amazing black leader who was once angry but became an incredible leader and hero.
Mao Zendong
Led Communist Party in China. One of the most important figures of his time.
Langston Hughes
African-American poet.
French Indochina
Part of french colonial system in southeast Asia.Fighting there led to Vietnam War.
Betty Friedan
Wrote the book Feminine Mystique and was a women activist.
Saddam Hussein
Leader of Iraq. Played a key role in the 1968 coup that brought the party to long-term power.
Cuban Missile Crisis
Crisis that involved Castro, Kennedy and Khruschev where nuclear weapons were placed to close for comfort.
Bull Connor
Police official of Birmingham, AL. Was a member of the KKK and supported racial segregation.
Earl Warren
He was Chief Justice and he was marked with dealing mostly with civil rights and racial segregation.
Freedom Riders
Civil rights activists that rode interstate buses in the segregated south.
Selma to Montgomery
Three marches that hit the emotional peak of the American Civil Rights movement.
Jim Crow
Was propaganda and represented an era of racial segregation.
Scandal of all Richard Nixon's wrongdoings and lies.
Little Rock Nine
Little Rock Nine were a group of nine African-American kids who were enrolled in Little Rock High School
Feminine Mystique
The book by Betty Friedan that encourage equal rights among women.
Plessy vs. Fergusun
Case upholding the constitutionally of racial discrimination.
Edge Cities
New concentration of business and economics outside of the traditional urban area.
Point 4 Plan
Plan of aid to help developing countries.
A system where trade and industry is privately owned.
Russian Premier his policies helped bring end to Cold War.
Linda Brown
Black girl who was refused enrollment in the closest school to her house because of segregation.
William Levitt
Created suburbs.
Residential areas on the outside of a city.
Marshall Plan
Plan of aid to help former enemies.
System of government where the whole population is members of state and are eligible.
Elvis was a rock and roll hero to everyone during his time. He's sold the most records in the world. Enough said.
Chaing Kai Shek
Wanted to unify China and led troops to stop communism.
An action where you non-violently protest in an area.
Iranian Hostage Situation
A crisis where 53 US people were held hostage in Iran for 444 days.
Cezar Chavez
American farm worker of Mexican descent, a labor and civil rights leader who co-founded the NWA.
Thurgood Marshall
First African-American judge in the U.S Supreme Court and is best remembered for his victory in Brown vs. Board of Education
An incredible leader and speaker who believed in peace, love and brotherhood for everyone.
Persian Gulf War
Conflict between Iran and a the countries that were opposed to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

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