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1776 x-mas
Washingtons victory at Trenton
Patrick Henery
who said give me liberty or give me death
what piece of land did GR B give back to spain
George Washington
He was chosen to be the Am. Gen. of the Continental Congress
John Jay
one of the americans that went to work out the final treaty
U.S. and France sign a treaty of Friendship
collected money
4 things women did to help in the War effort-c
Atlantic O
East boundary
Turning point battle of the war NY
who did americans want help from
July 4th
what day is the Dec. of Ind. celebrated/ was adopted
Valley Forge
Where did the Americans army spend there winter of 1777-1778
Reason to fight - Liberty
2 Advantages of the Americans during the War-r
prusuite of happiness
list the 3 Unalianable rights-p
Strong Army
2 Advantages of the British during the War-s
Battle of Yorktown
Ben Franklin
Who said we must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang seperate
who also helped the americans
john paul jones
father of American Army
British Capture Charleston
Charles Cornwallis
British Gen. who surrendered during the final battle of the war
where were the green Mt boys from
thomas jeferson
Who wrote most of the dec. of Ind.
what city were the cannons looking over
Sewed Uniforms
4 things women did to help in the War effort-s
Nathan Hale
who said i only regret that i have but one life to lose for my country
Last Major Battle of the war VA
home land
2 Advantages of the Americans during the War-h
Nathanael Greene
Am. Gen. who led British on a wild goose chase through the South
Fort ticonderoga
what fort was located on lake champlain& had cannnons
Bonhomme Richard
John Paul jones's ship was called this
where did the 2nd continental congress meet
Long Island
1st Big Battle Across From Connecticut
31degrees N Lat
South boundary
Treaty that ended the war signed
On American Turf
1 Disadvantage of the British during the War-o
New York
what city was captured by the british in 1776 and was ised as a port throughout the war
Missippi River
West boundary
Grand banks
in what area did the Us have the right to fish
william prescott
who said don fire till you see the whites of their eyes
No Money
1 Disadvantage of the Americans during the War-n
where was thomas jefferson from
younge Frenchman became Washingtons most trusted aide
Robert Morris
Philadelphia Buisnessman who raised money for war effort
1780 British took it as a port
Bunker Hill
actually fought on Breeds hill
gerorge washington said to capture this city
British navy tried to capture what us city
where washington captured Hesian troops on Xmas day in New Jersey
Canada && Great Lakes
North boundary
1775 june
BAttle fo Bunker Hill
German soldiers
Count Degrasse
French Admril who blocked Cesapeake Bay
common sense
a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that claimed the colonies had a right to be an independent nation
what fraction of the pop stayed loyal to GR. Britian
thomas paine
who wrote common sense
Benedict Arnold
traitor joined British forces against the US
Richard Henery Lee
who said these united colonies are and of right ought to be free and independant states
list the 3 Unalianable rights-lib
1 place looyalist went to after the war
Where is Breeds hill
Battle of Satoga
Big Navy
2 Advantages of the British during the War-b
Winter of 1777-1778
Americans camp at Valley Forge
how many colonies showed up to the 2nd cont. congress
Francis Marion
Swamp Fox Commanded the undependant militia in the South
John Hancock
who was the first to sign the Dec. of Ind.
Took over jobs
4 things women did to help in the War effort-t
horation Gates
American General who was given credit for winning saratoga
John Andre
spy worked with Benidict Arnold
1775 May
2nd Cont. Congress first meets
where was the treaty of paris signed
$1 mill
how much money did france give to the US seceratly
Ben Franklin
sent to France to get help for the Americans
THomas Paine
who said these are the time that try men's souls
George Rogers Clark
Hero of the WEst fought Br. in Ohio R Valley
Boston was across from what river
Americans stole cannonsfrom who
June 14th
New flag appeared on the scene 13 stars and 13 stripes was adopted by congress on this day in 1777
Breeds Hill
what was the actual hill that the battle of bunker fought on
list the 3 Unalianable rights-l
John Paul jones
who ssaid i have not yet begun to fight
4 things women did to help in the War effort-sp
1776 july
Declaration of Independence adopted
2nd Big BAttle of the war in New Jersey

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