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History 6.3/6.4

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General Cornwallis
Commander of Southern British troops (r)
Place where US could now fish (r)
Region that Britain could not control (This is a tough one)(h)
Mississippi River
Western boundary of US (o)
Admiral Francois de Grasse, Rochambeau, Wayne
Three Commanders of Three Groups that attacked Cornwallis at Yorktown (a)
Armed merchant ship (i)
Charles Town
Worst defeat for Americans (k)
Place where Revolutionary war treaty was signed (i)
Country that NA sided with during Revolution (!)
John Paul Jones
Naval Hero that destroyed Serapis with his ship (v)
France and Spain
Two countries that helped US in war (i)
December 4
Date Washington gave up his command (s)
Guerrilla Warfare
Tactic used to catch British off guard (o)
Frances Marion
"Swamp Fox" Successful guerrilla leader (f)
Henry Hamilton
Commander that recaptured Vincennes for Britain (!)
October 19
Date Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown (s)
Henry Clinton
Attacked Charles Town for Britain (r)
Spanish Florida
Southern boundary of US (t)
Battle of Yorktown
Final battle of Revolutionary War, 14000 American and French troops vs. 7500 British (h)
City captured by US and then recaptured by British (!)
Bonhomme Richard
Name of John Paul Jones' ship (e)
To stop supplies from entering by sea (n)
Nathanial Greene
Met George Cornwallis's army at Guilford Courthouse in Greensboro (d)
George Rogers Clark
Patriot that went west to end British attacks (!)
September 3
Date Treaty of Paris was signed (y)

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