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APUSH: Midterm


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What did the population expansions in the 1400s lead to?
poverty, starvation, political disorder
What strengthened the monarchy in the 1400s?
Organized warfare
What was the result of Columbus' exploration?
opened up the New World for further exploration; provided new opportunities for European countries
Who destroyed Aztec civilization?
What were the reasons for joint-stock companies?
commercial motivation (gold, glory, religion)
What cash crops did VA attempt to grow in the New World?
grapes, silk, indigo, cotton, oranges, olives, sugar, etc
What cash crop was VA successful at growing?
What cash crops were early SC successful at growing?
rice, indigo
What was the first example of representative government in the colonies?
Jamestown- house of burgesses
In the Massachusetts Bay colony, what government did they have?
General Court (not purely democratic)
Which colonies were French?
Quebec, Martinique, St. Christopher, Guadeloupe
Where did the English settle?
present-day eastern America and part of Canada
Where were the Spanish colonies?
Mexico, Florida, and Texas
Where were the Dutch?
Canada, West Indies
North, South, or Middle: William Bradford.
North, South, or Middle: John Winthrop.
Who founded Mass. Bay colony?
John Winthrop
Who founded Rhode Island?
Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson
Who founded Hartford?
Thomas Hooker
What did New Amsterdam become?
New York
Who founded New York?
James, Duke of york
What was the "Holy Experiment?"
William Penn's PA
What kind of colony was Maryland?
What kind of colony was Carolina?
Who founded GA?
james oglethorpe
Why was GA established?
haven for criminals; boundary
What was passed in MD to ease religious tensions?
Toleration Act
What did the Toleration Act say?
guaranteed freedom of religion to anyone who believed in Jesus
What is mercantilism?
exploitation of the colonies
What would mercantilism do for Europe?
ensure a favorable balance of trade
Why did Parliament enact the Navigation Acts?
commercial competition by the Dutch
What did the Nav. Acts do?
reserved the entire trade of the colonies to English ships and required that the captain and 3/4 of its crew be English; declared enumerated items

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