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Ashley's history vocab that is just amazing because ashley made it. :]

history voacb. same as ms. vaughans but different. i dont think i spelled anything wrong... :]


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The Lost Colony
Roanoke, the first English Colony in the Americas
Stamp Act
the tax on legal documents
Boston Tea Party
a protest against taxation without representation by the Sons of Liberty
Articles of Confederation
the first attempt by America at a constitution
colony in Virginia
Townshend Acts
taxes on glass, paper, paint, tea
the tribe who allied with the British in the French and Indian War
Patrick Henry
"If this be treason make the most of it"; "Give me liberty of give me death"; antifederalist
General Cornwallis
the British general who defied an order and was trapped at Yorktown forcing his surrender; he called Washington an old fox
a sect of Puritans who totally separated and sailed to American; Pilgrims
Treaty of Paris
the treaty that ended the revolution
Columbian Exchange
the global exchange of goods and ideas between the Eastern & Western hemispheres that sparked exploration
Thomas Paine
wrote "Common Sense"; "These are the times that try men's souls"
John Locke
an Enlightenment thinker who influenced our founding fathers
period when business activity slows, prices and wages fall, and unemployment rises
Executive Branch
president, vice president, cabinet
Battle of Yorktown
the last battle of the revolution
the Enlightenment writer who believed in separation of powers
merchants from New England who sailed up and down the Atlantic coast
July 4, 1776
the day the Declaration was signed in Philadelphia
James Madison
father of the constitution; leading federalist; author of the Bill of Rights
one of the 3 branches of government; house of representatives and senate
the first colony established for Catholics
supporters of our Constitution without a bill of rights
Judicial Branch
the supreme court branch of the government
House of Representatives
lower house of congress based on state population
the first shot of the revolution
colonists who favored change
Thomas Jefferson
Virginia delegate who wrote the Declaration of Independence
German soldiers who fought for the British
Battle of Saratoga
this battle was a turning point in the war for the patriots; allies joined our cause after this victory
First Continental Congress
group of delegates who met in Philadelphia to debate the issue of independence
Paul Revere
silversmith whose sketch of the Boston Massacre was propaganda for the patriots; "The British are coming"
British redcoat soldiers
an economic theory that believe the colonies should benefit the mother country
natural rights that belong to everyone and cannot be taken away
Mayflower Compact
first document in the America for self-government
Valley Forge
Washington retreated to this place in Pennsylvania for the winter after the Battle of Trenton
Benjamin Franklin
considered our American Enlightened spirit
a group of Anglicans in England who wanted to purify their church of Catholic ways
John Paul Jones
"I have not begun to fight"; fought at sea for the patriots
upper house of the legislature, each state elects two
Benedict Arnold
traitor who offered to surrender West Point to the British
habeas corpus
innocent until proven guilty
George Rogers Clark
the patriot who seized British forts on the southwestern frontier
volunteer soldiers who were ready to fight in a moments notice
Louis XVI
the French king who gave money and troops to help the patriots
the tribe who allied with the French in the French and Indian War
Shays' Rebellion
a protest by farmers against the Articles of Confederation
John Jay
one of three who wrote "The Federalist Papers"
powerful chief in the area of Jamestown who agreed to supply corn to the Jamestown colony
government led by elected representatives
Noah Webster
proposed a national language to unify the country
John Smith
he helped save Jamestown from starvation
Intolerable Acts
four laws imposed by the British to punish Massachusetts after the Boston Tea Party
George Washington
"The volley fired by this young Virginian in the forests of America, has set the world in flames"; an old fox
John Hancock
President of the Continental Congress; first to sign the declaration
Ethan Allen
led the Green Mt. boys who took the cannons from Fort Ticonderoga
Colonial Governor
the person who directed the colony's affairs, enforced the laws
to carry out
Bunker Hill
"Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes"
Sam Adams
one of the leaders of the Boston Tea Party who dressed as a Mohawk Indian
Marquis de Lafayette
friend of Washington; one of our French allies
Quartering Acts
acts that forced colonists to house soldiers against their will
Georgia delegates
Lyman Hall, George Walton, Button Gwinnett-the signers of the Declaration
Daniel Boone
explore west of the Appalachians; Kentucky
Northwest Ordinance
document that set up government in NW Territory and added 5 new states
native American said to have saved John Smith from death by her father
a colonist who supported the king
the river crossed by Washington to attack Trenton
to change
Mason-Dixon Line
the imaginary boundary line between the southern and middle colonies
Francis Marion
the swamp fox who used guerilla tactics against the British
Founding Fathers
patriots who laid the groundwork for the US
New York
first capital of the US
the supporters of adding a bill of rights
George III
king on the throne of England during the revolution
Nathan Hale
hung as a spy; "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country:
General de Grasse
the Frenchman whose ship trapped Cornwallis at Yorktown
James Oglethorpe
the founder of the colony of Georgia
John Adams
attorney who helped the Patriot cause; first vice president

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