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Geography 100 Review 1


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What are the languages of Sardinia?
Sardinian (Sardu), Italian.
Polders are lands that have been?
Reclaimed from the sea adjacent to the Netherlands by using dikes and pumps.
What bodies of water collectively make up the Mediterranean?
Atlantic, Aegean, Adriatic.
In what city is Belgium's light industry concentrated?
Yerevan is the captial of?
The Walloons speak?
What countries border on the Black Sea?
Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia.
What bodies of water are associated with Turkey?
Black Sea, Aegean Sea.
The rivers that flow through France are?
Seine, Loire, Rhone.
The language spoken in ANdorra is?
Which are the Baltic Republics?
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
What European country has coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea?
England's major river is the?
Balkanization refers to?
Southern part of Eastern Europe that got divided into small political units (enthic cleansing)
The Flemish speak?
Devolution refers to?
The process where regions within a state demand and gain political strength at the expense of the central government.
The major linguistic branches of the Indo-European languages are?
Anatolian, Celtic, Romance, Germanic, Baltic, Slavonic, Iranian, Indic, Greek.
The capital of Malta is?
The Walloons live in?
South Belgium.
Riga is the capital of?
The Danube River runs from?
West to East.
Which river runs through Paris?
The Rhine flows from?
South to North.
The capital of Andorra is?
Andorra La Vella.
Liege is a _____ in the country of _______?
City, Belgium.
A macroscale vegetation region is known as a?
The transformation of raw materials into finished products is associated with the _______ sector of a nation's economy?
Manufacturing Industry.
A narrow strip of land connecting two large land bodies is known as a?
Land Bridge.
As a group, the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico are known as?
Greater Antilles.
A Malquiladora is?
Factory that assembles imported duty free/raw materials into finished products.
The Central American country where English is spoken is?
Belize's colonial name was?
British Honduras.
Tierra Templada is?
The intermediate altitudinal zone in Middle/South America. (Temperate zone - crops of coffee, tobacco, corn, wheat.
The two language groups in Canada are?
French, English.
The three leading fossil fuels are petroleum, natural gas, and?
Coal supplies.
The Yucatan Peninsula is part of the country of?
Which is the biggest state?
Which is the smallest state?
Rhode Island.
Which state reaches farthest north?
Which state reaches farthest south?
Which state reaches farthest west?
Which state is split into two by a lake?
Which two states are perfect rectangles in shape?
Wyoming, Colorado.
Which state is shaped like a saucepan?
In which state would you be if you visited Lake Huron?
In which state would you be if you visited Lake Ontario?
New York.
In which state would you be if you visited the Great Salt Lake?
Which state in northern USA is called south?
South Dakota.
Which state in southern USA is called north?
North Carolina.
Where do the four corners meet?
Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona.
How many states have a border with Mexico?
How many states have a coastline on the Pacific?
How many states have a coastline on the Gulf of Mexico?
The term _____ is used to describe an inland climate that is remote from moderating influences of large water bodies?
In the earth's greatest ocean basin, water circulates in giant cells called?
The mountain chains in west central Russia that is often regarded as the boundary between Europe and Asia is called?
Ural Mountains.
The term _____ refers to huge state farm and literally means "a grain and meat factory" in which agricultural efficiency through mechanization and minimum labor requirements should be at its peak?
Russian imperialism in the 19th century was aimed chiefly at?
Central Asia.
Who was responsible for consolidating Russia's gains in the early 1700s and in making a European style state out of locally knit country?
Peter the Great.
Fortified trading towns in Central Asian were known as?
Seward's Legacy refers to?
The US buying Alaska from Russia.
Two Russian words that entered the international vocabulary introduced by Gorbachev are?
Glasnost - open society

Penestroika - change economy
Czarina Catherine the Great's territorial acquisition thrust was aimed at?
North America and the Black Sea regions.
The low countries of Western Europe are referred to collectively as?
The Spanish Low Lands.
The major mountain chain in the eastern United States is the?
Appalachian Mountains.
The megalopolis is?
A synonym of conurbation, one of the large coelescing supercities forming in diverse parts of the world.
The conurbation produced by the coalescence of the Boston-Washington urban corridor along the northeastern seaboard of the US is known as?
Montreal and the lower course of the St. Laurence Seaway are locaterd in the Canadian province of?
What geographic feature isolates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe?
Pyrenees and Straight of Gibraltar.
What alphabet do the Russians use?
What body of waters has connections with the Baltic sea?
North Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland.
The Great Lakes' main outlet to the sea is?
St. Lawrence River
The Panama Canal was opened in?
The core area of the Aztec state was located in?
Valley of Mexico / Tenochtitlan.
The funnel-shaped connection between North and South America extending from Mexico through Panama to Columbia is an example of?
Land bridge.
The chielf and political architect of the 1917 Russian Revolution that created the Soviet Union was?
The modern Russian state, which began as forest-based empire launched by Czar Ivan the Terrible, was centered in the city of?
How many republics are located in the Transcaucasian region?
Which countries are in conflict in the Nagorno Karabakh region?
Armenia, Azerbaijan.
Most of the population of Russia is found in the?
Core area (Moscow, St. Petersburg).
What is the name of the republic that was separated from the Ingush Republic and which is a major oil refining state?
About _____ percent of the earth's crust is under water?
The disintegration of the nation-state is referred to, in a word, as?
_____ are located in humid coastal tropical lowlands and produce a single crop, using imported captial and seasonal labor supply?
Guatemala today claims the country of?
Name the Russian republic whose population has affinities with an ethnic group in Georgia?
Amerindians in Canada are having their rights recognized by the federal government as evidenced by the formation of?
We associate the term "first nation" with?
Canada's indiginous people of American decent.
Land in Mexico which is communally owned is called?
Which state is split into two at the inlet of the sea?
In which state would you be if you visited Mississippi Delta?

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