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what are the four major cities?
NYC, Boston, Charleston, Philly
what is the south's main economy
cash crops and plantations
what are the middle colonies main economy?
bread colonies
What is New England's main economy?
Fishing and Ship Building
when was the first english colony settled, and what was it?
Jamestown COlony of Virginia- 1607
Roanoke Colony
a lost colony that mysteriously vanished. attemped colony by the english
Virginia Dare
First english baby born in the "new World"
a written agreement guaranteeing the rights and privleges of subjects in a state or country
making money for the mother country
What are the four freedom documets?
Mayflower Compact (mass), fundamental order of CT (CT), Toleration Act of 1649 (maryland), and Exetor COmpact (New Hampshire)
Fundamental Order of Ct
1st elaborate documentt of freddom guaranteeing certain rights to the CT colonists
Mayflower Compact
a freeedom document written by the pilgrims atating lawas and rules to live by
102 english people who came to the New World, on the mayflower
plymouth colony
1st new england colony settled in 1620 by pilgrims
massachusetts bay colony
settlement by puritans in BOston, and all of mass. and maine
english reforming protestants (mostly strict calvonists) who began mass, bay colony
Plantation system
large farm growing one crop, worked by slaves
cash crops
$ maling crop grown in large quanities
native american who taught pilgrims how to plant, associated with 1st thanksgiving
naval stores
goods produced to build ships : timber, pitch, and turpentine
plant that produces purple dye used in making clothing
indentured servant
servants who worked for 7 years on a plantation to earn passage to america
mason dixon line
borderline between PA< MD< AND DE to settle boundary dispute- line separating N and S in civil war
toleration act of 1649
maryland, allowing protestants and RC's to both have rights
pacifists, simple in dress, no formal creed, no church, no formal bible, mett in metting houses, abolitionists, accept all people, humanitarians, reject organized churches, no clergy

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