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Chapters 3&4 Test


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goods sent to market outside a country
Roger Williams
setteled the colony fo Rhode Island
name of the Separatists that sailed on the Mayflower looking for religious freedom
helped the Pilgrims survive that first winter
the "Lost Colony"
William Penn
founded Pennsylvania
Thanksgiving Day
holiday we celebrate honoring the Pilgrims surviving the harsh winter
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
five Southern Colonies
plant used to make valuable blue dye
Atlantic Ocean
ocean located next to the 13 Colonies
established church
the chosen religion of the state
James Oglethorpe
founded Georgia
used by farmers to help their plantations grow and become prosperous
John Smith
helped Jamestown become successful
indentured servants, middle class, and gentry
three social classes found in the 13 colonies
became John smith's friend and helped Jamestown become friends with her dad Chief Powhatan
Benjamin Franklin
inventor who invented practical devices to improve the world around him
name of the Wampanoag Indian who helped the Pilgrims
holy day of rest
Navigation Act
Parliament passed this Act to regulate trade betweem England and its colonies
House of Burgesses
first form of government
despised religious group in England that believed all men were equal in God's sight
representative government
name of political system where peoople elect representatives
white, Christian men over 21 could do this
goods brought into a country
bill of rights
list of freedoms the government promises to protect
Mason-Dixon line
boundary that separated the Middle from the Southern colonies
name of crop that helped Jamestown survive
religious tolerance
willingness to let others practice their religious beliefs
Mayflower Compact
the Pilgrims signed this on the Mayflower that set the framework for governing the colony
year Jamestown was founded
nickname given to New England merchants
wheat, barley,and rye
cash crops sold at markets in the Middle Colonies
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
four New England colonies
town meetings
this is the place in the New England colonies where settlers discussed and voted on many issues
theory that a nation remains strong by controlling trade
mistreatment or punishment of people for their beliefs
belief that one race is superior than another one
Toleration Act
law provided relgious freedoms for all Christians except Jews
New Jersey, New York, Delaware,and Pennsylvania
four Middle Colonies

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