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History 8, Chapter 2 Terms


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Encomienda System
this rewarded settlers for moving to the new lands. this game many settlers the right to tax or demand labor from local Americans
a small narrow sea passage
a document stating that you can start a colony
Treaty of Tordesillas
where Spain and Portugal agreed to move the Line of Demarcation further west which gave portugal rights to all of Africa as well as Brazil and S America
sea dogs
people who Queen Elizabeth I of England secretly relied on to raid Spanish treasure ships
Protestant Reformation
started by Martin Luther. Began as an effort to reform the Catholic Church.
Columbian Exchange
in the process of exploration, plants, animals, and diseases were transferred between Europe and the Americas
Line of Demarcation
the boundary of Spain's exploration and monopoly rights
towns that served as trading posts and a center for local government(s)
exclusive control over trade
Spanish soldiers who brought the spirit of the Reconquista to the Americas
Council of the Indies
Spain ruled its American Empire Empire through a system of royal officials. This was at the top.
a large farm that specialized in one crop
military settlements and bases. They protected pueblos and missions.
a tool used by sailors to determine their location by charting the position of the stars
the buying and selling of goods for a profit
settlements established by priests to convert local Native Americans to Christianity.
the people involved in the protestant reformation were called this because they protested some of the practices of the Catholic Church
Spanish Armada
King Philip assembled this to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and the Anglican Church
a small but sturdy ship designed to be fast and maneuverable
Northwest Passage
some European nations explored North America for this. It was a passage that they hoped would lead through or around North America
an increase in prices
to sail completely around

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