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Chapter 13


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Guadalupe Hidalgo
The war ended with this treaty. Mexico recognized that Texas was part of the United States and the Rio Grande was the border between the nations. Mexico also gave up the Mexican Cession. The United States payed Mexico 15 million dollars and 3.25 million dollars of claims United States citizens had against Mexico.
Lone Star State
In September 1836, Texans raised a flag with one single star. The nickname of Texas was what?
Bear Flag Revolt
In California, Americans led by John C. Fremont rebelled against Mexican Rule. They arrested the commander and raised a flag with a star and a bear made from blackberry juice.
San Jacinto
Santa Anna caught up to Houston and on April 21, 1836, the Texans advanced on the Mexican Army. When they reached Santa Anna's camp, they raced forward with their guns ready. More than half of the Mexican army was killed. Santa Anna was forced to sign the treaty to make Texas a free state.
Someone who went to California to find gold in 1849.
Louisiana Purchase
Was made by President Jefferson with Napoleon in 1803. The land sold for three cents and acre and a total of 15 million dollars.
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter - Day Saints. This group migrated to spread their religion with the Native Americans. They lived in close communities, worked hard, shared their goods, and prospered.
A fortress that became under siege in 1836. Defenders held it for 12 violent days. 183 Alamo defenders died. Santa Anna hoped that this story would stop more rebellion from happening.
Rio Grande River
Texas claimed this as their southern boundary.
Oregon Territory
Bought from Great Britain in 1846.
Mexico gained its independence from Spain. Spain also owned Florida. The United States obtained Florida from Spain in 1819.
Mormon Trail
In 1847, about 1,600 Mormons followed part of the Oregon Trail to Utah. They built a settlement by the Great Salt Lake.
Independence, Missouri
A stop on the Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trail.
Manifest Destiny
In 1844 it became government policy. It suggested that expansion was not only good, but was bound to happen - even if it meant pushing Mexicans and Native Americans out of the way.
People of Spanish heritage who consider Texas their home.
Belonged to Spain. It had forests and rich soil. It was home to Pueblo and Plains Native Americans.
Oregon Trail
Ran from Independence, Missouri, to the Oregon Territory.
Willamette Valley
The area where the Oregon Territory ended up. The missionaries in Oregon sent word back to where they started. The missionaries landed there.
Gadsden Purchase
It was between the United States and Mexico. The United States bought this land from Mexico to expand the Railroad.

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