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Drug Information Resources


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extensive collection of drug information monographs which include a general statement about an entire class of drugs and individual drug descriptions. Very comprehensive resource but can cause problems searching because of this.
American Drug Index
Easy identification of brand to generic or visa versa, allows for identification of multi-ingredient formulations of only one component is known.
Applied Therapeutics: The Clinical Use of Drugs
Well referenced, provdies very useful information pertaining to the practical clinical use of drugs for the treatment of many different conditions
Drug Facts and Comparisons
various formats, similar drugs are easily compared, contains orphan and investigational drugs
Drug information Handbook
Useful as a quick reference. Monographs alphabetical under generic name. Has a useful appendix including abbreviations and measurements, assessment of liver and renal function, comparative drug charts, cytochrome p450 and drug interactions, etc.
Drug information servies
support for clinical services, education, pharmacy and therapeutics committee, publications, investigational drug control, poison information, quality assurance/risk management, coordination of reporting programs.
drug information
drug information that is printed in a reference or that is verbalized by an individual. Medical and Health information term more relevant to current practice.
Drug Interaction Facts
Evaluates primary literature describing drug-drug interations
Drug Interactions Analysis and Management
Monographs designed to provide reader with information needed to assess the degree of patient risk with the interaction and prevent adverse effects.
Drug topics Red Book
General directory of over 150,000 Rx and OTC drugs, medical devices, and accessories. Clinical reference guide (alcohol and sugar free products, drug food interactions, drug photosensitivity, drugs that should not be crushed etc.) Emergency information, h
Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation
Includes not only drugs, but vaccines, vitamins, drugs of abuse, artificial sweeteners, etc. Information from case studies.
Evaluating Quality of Tertiary Literature
author, content, organizing and index, references, frequency of updates, ease of use, edition number
Evaluations of Drug Interactions
Summary-overall effect of the interaction, mechanism of interaction, recommendations-suggested management of the interaction.
Handbook of Injectable Drugs
Tables divided into four different sections (solution compatibility, additive compatibility, drugs in syringe compatibility, Y-site compatibility.
Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs
Organized by body system and the specific disorders that affect the body system. Aids in the care providers in directing the patients in the appropriate use of OTC meds. Provides case studies and assessment charts to aid in appropriate OTC treatment advic
Is in essence one large chart. Entries organized by numerical or alphabetical order based on imprints found on oral tablets and capsules.
Martindale: The Extra Pharmacopoeia
International in scope, products from all over the world. Excellent source for information about foreign drugs or investigational drugs in the US
Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs
Editorial team is international in scope. Includes adverse reaction pattern, effects on organs and organ systems, risk situations, withdrawal effects, second-generation effects, overdose, interactions, and intereference with diagnostic routines. Comprehen
Modified Systemic Approach

1. Secure Demographics

2. Obtain background info

3. Determine and categorize the ultimate question

4. Develop strategy and conduct research

5. Perform evaluation, analysis, and synthesis

6. Formulate and provide response

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Includes entries for many natural, herbal alternative medicines listed alphabetically.
Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiological Approach
Provides more detailed discussion of pathophysiology than other therapeutic texts. Excellent therapeutics text, quite detailed.
Physician's Desk Reference
Various PDR references. Most widely used drug reference by physicians. Manufacturers pay to have their product listed. Contains verbatim what is on the FDA product label. No unlabeled uses. No investigational drugs. No established mechanism to require per
Primary Literature
Actual studies. Adv: most current info, details of methodology. Dis: access, expensive, difficult to search, narrow scientific view, lag time.
Professional's Guide to Patient Drug Facts
A much simplified lay language version of Facts and Comparisons.
Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
Areas relating to practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Divided into nine main sections.
Secondary Literature
Reviews of actual studies. Adv: indexing and abstracting, requires minimal space, easy to search, less expensive. Dis: controlled vocab, not always full text, expensive, lag time.
Tertiary Literature
Textbooks. Adv: easily accessible, overview of topic, consensus of experts. Dis: incomplete info, lag time, human bias, errors, lack of author expertise.
The Complete German Commission E Monographs: Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicine
Monographs are alphabetically organized into approved herbals and unapproved herbals. Entries are indexed and cross-referenced in the back.
The Harriet Lane Handbook
Care for children. Drug doses section not comprehensive and primary literature sources are generally not used. Check another reference.
The Merck Index
Focuses on physical and chemical properties of organic chemical agents and pharmaceuticals. (molecular wt, molecular formula, chemical structure, etc.)
The Pediatric Dosage Handbook
Excellent source for pediatric dosage information, but does not provide comprehensive information about other areas.
The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
Contains information on physical and chemical properties, pharmacology and mechanism of action (details structure activity relationships), side and adverse effects, toxicology, therapeutic uses.
Trissel's Stability of Compounded Formulations
Information on compounding preparation methods. Each listing contains: drug properties, general stability, stability reports of compounded products, and commercial availability
USAN and USP Dictionary of Drug Names
US adopted and international non-propriety drug names and official USP names.
USP-DI Volume I: Advice for the Health Care Provider
Contains comprehensive drug monographs on prescription and noprescription drugs. Indications divided into accepted and unnaccepted uses. Precautions to consider. Patient consultation info. Lowest and highest doses. Excellent source for most types of drug
USP-DI Volume II: Advice for the patient
lay language version of USP-DI Volume I. Meant to reinforce verbal consultation with the patient. Includes instructions for storage and usual dosage and how to handle missed doses.
USP-DI Volume III: Legal Requirements
Provides information about therapeutic equivalence of prescription drugs.

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