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Massage Therapy 1


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encompasses a wide variety of manuel therapies including systems of soft tissue manipulation, movement integration, engergy work, etc.
Toward the center of the body (heart). Distal to Proxmial
from the body surface
Define "endangerment sites"
delicate boney structures less protected and can be easily damaged during massage.
Define Classic Western Massage
manual manipulation of the soft tissues which may include sliding & gliding, compression, precusion, friction, and vibration techniques to normalize body functions. Developed in Europe in the late 19th centry by Ling and Mezger. Popularized in the state
Effects of massage therapy (emotional)
emotoional releases, reduces anxiety, body awareness
Effects of massage therapy (physical)
relaxed, pain relief, increased cirulation
Explain self-responsibility in relation to touching and being touched
The therapist should have a professional image, beaware of their state of mind, set good boundaries, be willing to learn. The client should respect boundries, give contstuctive criticism.
Explain the importance of good hygiene in massage therapy
Good hygiene reflects self image and can make the client feel at ease and relaxed in your presence.
Explain the importantance of establishing SAFETY when receiving massage
Secure draping Act Respectfully, Assure confidentialty Feel safe & confortable Evidence of insurance Trush in the Therapist
structures that lie away from the head
John Mezger
advocated massage
connect bones to bones
List factors when chosing lubricants
costs allergies area to be worked on body type (hairy, dry skin) purity of ingredients client's / therapist's preference ease of handling
List five factor to consider in your own personal hygiene
short nails no scents clean clothes - professional look covered wounds healthy
List five factors that could influence the amount of pressure to use during a massage
work area body type client's request/preference therapist's strength client's age
List five factors to consider in terms of the hygiene of your massage environment
clean sheets clean table & bolsters clean floor good ventilation free of strong scents
List five principles of good body mechanics
get grounded, stretch & relax tension work in "the zone" breathe be present, especialy to body signals Relax shoulders, arms and feet as stroke is performed
List five reasons for draping
modesty promotes security / safety establishes boundries warmth non-sexual massage
List four possible causes of discomfort after masage
release of toxins boundries crossed too much pressure not properly supported
List three condratindications of Tapotement
previous experience, muscle memory, abuse hypo- or hyper- sensitivety
List three effects of Deep Effleurage
Promotes metabolic waste Improve circulation Promotes general relaxation
List three effects of Light Effleurage
Apply lubricant Introduction of Theripist & Client Assessment of tissues
List three effects of Petrissage
Helps stretch and loosen adhesions Brings oxygen to the blood Imporves the funtional activity of the skin.
List three effects of Tapotement
sedates when done for a long period of time stimulates when done for a short period of time tones muscle
List three general effects of Therapeutic massage
Relaxation Improve circulation Release endorphins
List three objectives of Palpation for the MT1 student
detect how tissue changes from bone to muscle identify bony structures identify appropriate pressure adjustments over muscle and bony structures
List three possible causes of ticklishness during massage
too light of touch trust issues with therapist muscle memory/previous experience/past association
List three purposes of documentation
safety education communication
List three ways to deal with a client with offensive hygiene
wipe/clean offensive area written documenation offer shower facilities
the intentional and systematic manipulations of the soft tissues of the body to enhance healing and health
imaginary line down the center of the body
Name the five categories of Classic Western message movements and define each movement
Effleurage - slide & glide, light to heavey pressure Petrissage - compression, kneading, wringing, etc. Tapotement - precision, brisk blows in a rhythmatic movement Friction - across the fibers of the tissue Vibration - loosely shake the tissue
Nerve Strokes
light effleurage movement gently brushing the skin. mostly done on top of the drape
an act of touching used to asses muscles tension PACE-PRESSURE-PRESSENCE
Pehr Ling
father of Swedish massage
endangerment site associated with the posterior legs
toward the back of the entire body
attach muscle to bones
What are the categories of general precautions for message therapy
Bleeding Swelling Sensitive areas Circulatory issues Skin issues Compromised Immune system Loss of structual integrity of an area

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