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NC Psychology Ethics Review


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What is the purpose of the NC Psychology Practice Act?
protect the public from the practice of psychology by unqualified persons and from unprofessional conduct by perons licensed to practice psychology
What is the definition of Health Services?
practice of psychology-delivery of preventive, assessment, or therapeutic intevention services directly to individuals whose growth adjustment, or functioning is actually impaired or may be at substantial risk of impairment
Who can receive psychological services?
individuals families, groups, and the public
When can person be called psychologist without holding a license?
teaching, research, or consultation that does not involve the delivery or supervision of direct psychological services to individuals or groups
also includes expert testimony
Who is exempt from licensure?
teachers, researchers, expert witnesses, school psychologists, other professional groups offering services, other out of state licensed professionals
What happens when a school psychologist wants to become licensed?
person must comply with all conditions, requirements, and obligations for licensure the same as everyone else
What happens when a school psychologist wants to become a psychological associate?
person is not required to comply with the supervision requirements otherwise applicable to licensed psychological associates but must comply with all other requirements
Is a postdoc exempt from licensure?
yes, but the board may require rules defining qualified supervision, settings to which person is assigned, frequency of supervision, disclosure of supervisory relationships, qualifications of trainee status, nature of responsibility assumed by supervisor, and structure, content, and organization of postdoc experience
Are members of other professional groups from providing services exempt from licensure?
as long as don't call themselves psychologists or state that they are licensed to practice psychology
How long can a psychologist licensed in another state practice in NC?
5 days in a year
comply with supervision requirements
notify the board in writing of intent to practice
How long before practicing psychology does a person have to apply for licensure?
withing 30 days of offering to practice or undertaking practice
What happens if fail to apply for licensure within that time?
cannot practice until become licensed
alos applies to those whose license is revoked
What happens if applicant does not take the exam when scheduled?
applicant is deemed to have failed
How long must applicants be supervised?
until passed the examination
been notified of results
completed supervision requirements
and been informed by board of permanent status
What are the supervision requirements?
2 years of acceptable supervision-if supervision of health services must be qualified psychologist with health services provider certificate
one year of supervision must be postdoctoral
one year may be predoctoral
What are supervision requirements for licensed psychological associate?
must be supervised while providing psychological and assessment services
How can a non-resident psychologist licensed elsewhere get temporary license?
must be licensed by standards that are equivalent or higher in another jurisdiction
for health services-must demonstrate 2 years of supervised health services experience
How long is temporary license valid?
30 days
How many people sit on psychology board and who appoints them?
7 people
appointed by Governor
What people sit on psychology board and for how long?
3 licensed psychologists
3 licensed psychological associates
2 members from public not licensed under the board
term is for 3 years
each member must reside in different congressional districts
How many terms can someone serve on the psychology board
no more than 3 complete consecutive terms
How long must the person appointed to the board be involved in psychology?
5 years engaged in one or more branches of psychology or education and training of psychologists or psychological research
prior 2 years mostly conducted in the state
Can members of the board be compensated for their services?
only compensation for necessary expenses incurred in the performance of duties for the board
How many members of board does it take to make a quorum?
When does board submit annual report to the Governor and what does it contain?
June 30
all names of licensed psychologists and psychological associates and any cases heard and any actions recommended by board and a financial report
What do graduates need to be licensed as a psychologist?
pay application fee
pay examination fees
pass the examinations
and submits evidence-
18 years old
good moral character
received a doctoral degree in psychology from an institution of higher education
2 years of acceptable supervised experience
When can an applicant for a licensed psychologist be granted a license as a psychological associate
meeting all the requirements except passing the examination at the licensed psychologist level and instead passing at the licensed psychological associate level
How can foreign graduates become licensed?
show evidence of training and degrees substantially equivalent to those required of applicants trained in US
How can a person licensed in another jurisdiction become licensed in NC?
make application
pay requisite fee
has license in good standing
graduate of an institution of higher education
passed the examination
How does the board determine the states of reciprocity?
if standards of boards of other juridisctions are substantially equivalent to or greater than those in NC
When can the board waive the requirement of the national written examination?
when person is a diplomate in good standing of the American Board of Professional Psychology and makes application and requisite payment
When can the board deny licensure?
upon documentation of illegal, immoral, dishonerable, unprofessional, or unethical conduct
How often does NC license have to be renewed and in what month?
every 2 years
on or before October 1 each even numbered year
What does person do to renew license?
complete form
send fees
meet continuing education requirements
What are the reasons that the board can deny, suspend, or revoke a license?
1)convicted or plead guilty to a felony
2)convicted or plead guilty to specific misdemeanors (fraud, conduct relevant to practice, or charge affecting ability to practice or health of patients)
3)fraud or deceit in trying to secure or renew a license
4)fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation to the public, board, or any person connected to psychology
5)made fraudulent statements regarding application (education, certification, etc.) to public, etc.
6)has had license revoked in another jurisdiction
7)violated any of these codes
8)aided and abetted unlawful practice of psychology by unlicensed person
9)provided health services without certification
10)guilty of immoral, dishonorable, unprofessional behavior defined in this code or current APA code of ethics
11)practic endangers welfare of patients
12)demonstrated inability to practice because of illness, drugs/alcohol, mental/physical condition
13)practiced psychology or conducted research outside the boundaries of demonstrated competence
14)failed to use, administer, score or interpret assessments in a competent manner or has provided inaccurate findings that cannot be inferred from data
15)failed to provide competent treatment, consultation, or supervision in compliance with state standards
16)failed to take reasonable steps to ensure competence of services
17)failed to maintain clear and accurate case record
18)failed to retain complete case record for at least 7 years
19)failed to cooperate with other psychologists or other professionals to detriment of clients or impedes the abilities of other professionals
20)exercised undue influence as to exploit client, student, supervisee, or trainee for the financial or other advantage of psychologist or third party
21)harassed or abused client etc.
22)failed to cooperate with or respond honestly to Board, ethics committees, IRBs or any other board with jurisdiction
23)refused to appear before board after having been ordered in writing by the Chair
Which code do you follow if there is a conflict between APA and NC?
What must be included in the case record?
presenting problems, diagnosis or purpose
fees, dates of services, and charges
summary content of each session
test results including basic test data
copies of all reports prepared
How long must psychologist keep complete record?
7 years from date of last provision of services or
3 years from the date of the attainment of majority age or 7 years from last provision of services-whichever is longer
When would psychologist be required to keep the complete record indefinately?
when there are legal or ethical matters pending or any other compelling circumstances
What other options does the board have other than denial or suspension of licensure?
formally reprimand or censure person
place on probation with conditions
require examination, remediation, or treatment by professional
require supervision for services provided
limit or circumscribe practice of psychology
discipline and impose any appropriate combination above
What can the board do if suspect person is physically or mentally incapable of practicing?
petition a court to order person in question to submit to evaluation to determine physcial or psychological status
Who pays for expense of the evaluate brought by Board and ordered by court?
When is the person responsible for paying for court ordered evaluation?
if person raises the issue or appeals a decision regarding mental/physical competence
What are the procedures for denial, suspension, revocation, etc of license?
Board provide opportunity for hearing
Is applicant able to request a hearing for failure to pass an examination?
What is the responsibility of the Board concering confidentiality?
Board may withold from public the identity of client not consented to disclosure
board may close the hearing to the public and receive evidence in an executive session involving the treatment and delivery of services
all records and other documents collected on behalf of the Board in connection with investigations etc will not be considered public record
and if documents collected are made public records any identifying information not consented by client will be deleted
How long before license and health services certification are suspended if past renewal date?
60 days
What happens if licensee misses the renewal date?
must pay a fee
Board may require applicant to file new application, furnish new reports etc
After license is denied or revoked, how long must applicant wait to reapply?
one year from date of denial
If person voluntarily relinquishes license, is the Board allowed to investigate alledged violations or pending complaints or allegations?
Can a person who is not licensed represent themselves as a psychologist or offer to practice psychology?
What is a person guilty of is falsely claims a psychologist or to be practicing psychology?
class 2 misdemeanor
What are the application fees for licensed psychologists?
not exceed $100.00
NC state-$100.00
What are the fees for national examination?
cost of examination plus additional fee not to exceed $50.00
NC state-$25.00
What is the fee for renewal of license?
not to exceed $250.00 every 2 years
NC state-$200.00
What is the late fee for renewal of license?
What is the fee for reinstatement of license?
not to exceed $100.00
NC state-$100.00
What is the fee for a temporary license?
What is the fee for health services provider certificate?
What are the requirements for health services provider psychologists?
2 years of acceptable supervised health services experience with at least one year as postdoctoral
Who can licensed psychologist employ to help with services?
may employ or supervise unlicensed individual who assist in the provision of psychological services
Who is bound by privileged communication?
licensed psychologist, psychological associates, and his/her employees and associates
Can privilege be broken? and if so by whom?
judge can compel disclosure in disclosure is necessary to a proper administration of justice
What is the exception to privilege?
reporting child or adult abuse or neglect
Can a psychologist testify in divorce or alimony if both parties have gotten marital counseling?
not competent to testify
What is the fee for the state examination?
What is the cost of disciplinary action for a consent order?
What is the fee for failure to appear on noticed hearing date?
failure to give 72 hour notice to continue hearing
What is the fee for a hearing which results in disciplinary action?
$300.00 per hour
What is a senior psychologist?
someone who has achieved longevity in the practice of psychology and has demonstrated exemplary professional behavior over the course of his/her career
What are the requirements for a senior psychlogist?
1)licensed for 15 continuous years at doctoral level in one or more jurisdictions and practiced at least half time that time
2)has had no disciplinary sanction during time licensed
3)has not unresolved complaint in any jurisdiction at time of application
4)passess NC written exam
What is the purpose of continuing education?
provide for the continuing professional education of all psychologists licensed by NC Psychology Board
compliance is a condition of license renewal
What is the definition of a continuing education hour?
one hour of instructional or contact time
How many continuing education hours are needed every 2 years?
minimum of 18
at least 9 from Category A with 3 minimum hours in the area of ethical and legal issues in the practice of psychology
What is included in Category A continuing education hours?
courses, seminars, workshops, symposiums, and postdoctoral institutes or completion of on-line or correspondence courses
ethics and legal in psychology
maintenance and upgrading of professional skills and competencies (e.g. training in empirically supported treatments)
What is included in Category B continuing education hours?
colloquia, presentation of invited speakers, grand rounds, in-house seminars, programs at meetings of professional organizations not approved of as category A
participation in formally organized study groups and self study as part of publishing, teaching, or making a presentation is also included
What activities are not included as continuing education hours?
business meetings or presentations concerned with management
membership, office, or participation on boards, committees of professional organizations
teaching, presentations, and publications except as allowed as self-study
personal psychotherapy
How long must you keep documentation of continuing education hours?
documentation/certificate for a minimum of 7 years
1)date of program
2)number of contact hours
3)name of sponsor of program
4)title of program
5)location of program
For category B-all above plus
4)name of presenter, facilitator
7)full citation of article
8)summary of content
How soon must you provide documentation of continuing education after receiving written notification from the Board that proof of completion is required?
30 days
When do you provide the Board with documentation of continuing education?
only after directed to do so by the Board
What is required of education program for psychological associate?
1)identified as psychology program
2)maintain primary responsibility for core and specialty areas
3)identifiable body of students in residence
4)identifiable full-time psychology faculty in residence sufficient in size
5)psychologist responsible for applicant's program as head of program or major professor
6)should have an identifiable curriculum track wherein course sequences are identified
7)minimum of 1 year full-time graduate study (30 semester hours)
8)include internship
9)minimum of 45 semester hours of graduate study in standard psychology courses with not more than 6 hours for internship/practicum and no more than 6 hours for thesis/dissertation
What are requirements for internship for psychological associate?
1)planned and directed program of training in practice of psychology, planned by program's faculty
2)training site has designated licensed psychologist responsible for quality of training
3)minimum of 12 weeks of at least 500 hours of supervised training with at least 50% in training of psychology
4)written program description of training program detailing its functionng and approved by educational program prior
5)minimum of 1 hour a week of supervision at the training site individual face to face
6)supervision can be provided in part by psychiatrists, social workers, or other related professionals, but at least 50% of supervision provided by licensed psychologist or psychological associate
7)persons in program hold title of intern, extern, or practicum student that identifies their role
What is minimum time of graduate study required for an institution for a licensed psychologist level?
three academic years of full-time graduate study
2 years from the institution granting the degree
1 year in residence (30 semester hours)
How many semester hours are required at the licensed psychologist level?
minimum of 60 semester hours
What are the 4 required areas of competency and how many semester hours are required for each?
minimum of 3 semester hours each
1)biological bases of behavior
2)cognitive-affective bases of behavior
3)social bases of behavior
4)individual differences
What is the passing point for the EPPP computer version?
licensed psychologist-scaled score of 500
licensed psychological associated-scaled score of 440
What is the passing point for the state examination?
When is an oral examination required?
when proof that person has engaged in any prohibited actions
What happens if don't pass state examination?
licensure is denied
How frequently may an applicant retake an exam?
no more than 4 times in a 12 month period and no more frequently than every 60 days upon letter of notification
after failing the 4th time or after 12 months an applicant must reapply for licensure
Who is an approved supervisor?
licensed psychologist
licensed psychologist licensed in another jurisdiction where the supervisee is praciticing
What are the reasons that the board would disapprove of a supervisor?
1)not competent
2)failed to adhere to legal or ethical standards
3)lack of congruence between supervisor's training and supervisee's practice needs
4)license that has had disciplinary action
What are the supervisor's responsibilities?
1)assess own ability to meet needs of supervisees
2)offer supervision only in own expertise and experience
3)enter into a written agreement with supervisee on a Board approved supervision contract
4)direct the supervisee to practice only within areas he/she is qualified
5)maintain professional level of contact and be accessible to supervisee
6)direct supervisee to keep informed of direct services
7)advise Board if supervisee is practicing in a unethical and illegal manner
8)maintain a clear record of supervision
9)report on required form to Board that agreed upon supervision has occurred
10)file a final supervision report within 2 weeks of termination of supervision
What is required of documentation by the supervisor?
1)dates and appointment times of each supervision session
2)summary contact of each session
3)fees charged
How long must supervisor keep records of supervision?
at least 7 years from date of last session of supervision or
if legal or ethical matters pending keep the records indefinately
When is it okay to have a familial/very personal relationship with supervisor?
require documentation to the Board that no other supervision is available and reference letters from colleagues commenting on the appropriateness of proposed supervisory relationship
What is the nature of supervision?
process to assure that an appropriate professional standard is being applied to the solution of a client's problem and the laws that govern the practice and ethics are understood and followed
not for introductory training in additional skills, methods or interventions
What should be included in nature of supervision?
1)ethical, legal, and professional standards
2)technical skills and competency
3)supervisee's utilization of supervision
4)supervisee's ability to function independently or with reduced supervision
What is required of supervisee in supervision?
1)attend scheduled sessions
2)provide supervisor with disclosure of psychological services being offered by supervisee
3)cooperate with the supervisor to determine nature and extent of which cases discussed and revealed supervisory relationship
4)provide supervisor with information necessary to advise supervisee on cases
5)notify Board if supervisor has behaved in unethical or illegal manner
6)file revised supervision contract form within 30 days of chang in the conditions specified in contract on file with Board
How many people is supervisee required to report on during supervision?
not required of all clients that supervisee is seeing, only those determined by supervisor and supervisee
Are supervisors required to sign treatment plans, letter, or other clinical documents?
but agencies are not precluded from requiring supervisor signatures
Can a psychological associate be supervised by another licensed psychological associate?
with approval from the Board with following provisions:
1)documentation that plan shall provide superior supervision
2)plan must be reviewed, approved, and monitored by licensed psychologist who assumes responsibility for plan throughout duration
3)supervising psychological associate may not engage in reciprocal supervisory arrangements with other licensed psychological associates
4)documentation that supervising psychological associate shall have practiced psychology on at least a half-time basis for a minimum of 10 years and no disciplinary action
What activities require supervision of a psychological associate?
1)overall personality appraisal or classification
any assessment or evaluative technique which leads to conclusions, inferences, etc. regarding personality functioning
include-observation, open-ended and structured interviewing, word association tests, diagnostic play therapy, autobiographical techniques, mental status, projective and objective tests
2)neuropsychological examinations
3)personality counseling or personality readjustment techniques
4)if one of following conditions is met-nature of techniques being used, target behavior, attitude, affect, habit or other attribute to be modified, population to be treated
When is supervision not required for psychological associate?
neuropsychological screening and interviewing and observation leading to simple behavioral descriptions
initial screening interviews
adjective checklists
behavior rating scales
and other rating devices easily scored by other professions
when associate uses nonclinical, non-therapy, non-punitive, non-intrusive, non-experimental techniques-to teach or facilitate new behaviors in the absence of maladaptive behaviors
employee of dept of public instruction whose professional activities are limited only to those employed by agency
What kinds of activities require supervision for a psychological associate in techniques?
psychotherapy, group therapy, hypnotherapy, behavioral management and modification, extended time out
What target behaviors or symptoms need to be supervised for a psychological associate?
adjustment difficulties, adhd, sexual difficulties, aggression, somatizatio, anxiety, self-injurious behavior, substance use, antisocial behavior, conduct disturbances, etc.-supervision is required regardless of whether the behavior or symptoms meet the criteria for formal diagnosis
What are the clinical populations that require supervision for a psychological associate?
all interventions with clinical populations require supervision
What clinical populations do not require supervision for psychological associates?
1)mental retardation or specific developmental disabilities when the psychological associate's interventions are in the domain of cognition rather than personality disorder
2)techniques designed to reduce or stop cigarette smoking in otherwise non-clinical populations
What is the minimum requirement for supervision time?
1 hour per week face-to-face supervision for every week applicant practices psychology
How long does an applicant have to notify the Board of changes in supervision contract?
30 days of a change in conditions
What is required upon termination of supervision or when there is a change in the conditions specified in the supervision contract?
submit a supervision report
How soon must applicant file supervision report after termination or changes occur?
report submitted within 30 of receiving written notification from the Board
and within 2 weeks of change/termination of supervision
How long and how often psychological associates need supervision?
no longer than 2 hours or less than 30 minutes
minimum of 1 hour per month for any month that associate engages in psychological activity
What is level 1 supervision for a psychological associate?
less than 3 years/ 4500 hours of post licensed supervised hours
more intense supervision
1 hour of supervision for every 10 hours of practice up to 4 hours a month
What is level 2 supervision for a psychological associate?
minimum of 3 years and at least 4500 hours of post-lic practice, less intense supervision-1 hour for every 20 hours practice up to 2 hours a month
must be approved by board
document all performance ratings for past 3 years and hours
have at least one calendar year of supervision from most recent supervisor
have recommendation from recent supervisor for level of supervision
What is level 3 supervision for a psychological associate?
minimum of 1 hour per month of supervision
after minimum of 5 years and 7500 hours post-lic practice
must make application to board
document all performance ratings for past 5 years and 7500 hours
have received one year of supervision from recent supervisor
recommendation from most recent supervisor
What are the practice hours required for psychologist licensure?
2 years of at least 3000 hours and at least 1500 hours must be accrued postdoctoral
What is the minimum amount of supervision for a psychologist?
one hour per week of face-to-face supervision
How long before applicant psychologist has to file a change in supervision contract?
30 days from change and within 30 after receiving written notification from the Board
Do APA approved internships meet the criteria for the 1 year of supervised experience?
What are the requirements for one year of supervised experience in a training program for psychologists?
1)planned and directed program in practice of psychology
2)training site shall have a written statement which describes trianing program
3)trainees designated as interns, fellows or residents or other name to designate training status
4)training shall be completed within a consective period of 24 months
5)consist of at least 1500 hours of practice in psychology
6)minimum of 2 doctorally trained licensed or license eligible psychologists at training site as supervisors with ongoing contact
7)under direction of a licensed or license eligible psychologist who approve and monitor trianing and have ongoing contact with trainee and assume responsibility for the quality
8)minimum of 2 hours per week of individual face-to-face discussion of trainees practic, at least 50% of supervision shall be provided by licensed or license eligible doctorally trained psychologists
9)minimum of 2 hours per week of instruction including group supervision, assigned reading, seminars, etc.
What are the requirements for the 2nd year of supervised experience?
1)minimum of 1 hour per week of face-to-face supervision
2)one year /1500 hours of practice and shall be completed within a 4 year consecutive period
3)supervision provided under guidelines
4)supervision provided by a supervisor recognized as appropriate
Who can perform involuntary commitments for psychiatric hospitalization?
only permanently licensed psychologists with health services provider certification
What is the purpose of health services provider certification?
public protection measure to restrain potential abuses of generic licensure, in which untrained psychologists in applied psychology provide services for which they are not certified
also provides optional certification for licensed psychologists and psychological associates with provisional licenses
What activities are included in health services?
diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, remediation, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorder, disability, and illness, etc
including counseling, psychoeducation, and neuropsychological services related to above
collateral contacts with families etc. to benefit patient as well as direct services
What activities are not included as health services?
vocational and educational guidance
teaching of psychology
conduct of psychological research, or provision of psychological services or consultations to organizations except when such activities involve the delivery of direct psychological services to individuals/groups who are intended beneficiaries of services
Where must the health services provider certificate be displayed?
close proximity to a licensee's licensure certificate in prinicipal place of employment visible to clientele
What are the requirements for a HSP-P?
permanent licensure in NC
qualified education
2 years of supervised experience of which at least 1 postdoc year
submite a completed notarized form and provide documentation
How can applicant demonstrate qualified education for HSP-P?
1)listed in the National Register of Health Services Providers
2)diplomate of American Board of Professional Psychology in health services specialty area
3)graduate from doctoral program accredited by APA in clinical, counseling, school or combined professional-scientific psychology
4)academic foundation in provision of health services
When is person not eligible for HSP-P certification?
(1)applicant with doctoral degree in psychology that does not provide training in the provision of health services-has to be a planned and directed program in health services in psychology and not only coursework in the areas or applied training experience
(2)applicant who completed doctoral program with intent to train in administration, research, teaching, academia, etc. not involving training in provision of health services of psychology
What coursework is eligible for applicant to meet academic foundation requirements in provision of health services?
only course work taken at an institution of higher education
What are the areas of coursework required for the provision of health services?
assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and psychopathology
and training in diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, remediation, or prevention of
1)mental,emotional disability or illness
2)substance abuse
3)habit or conduct disorder
4)psychological aspects of physical illness
What amount of time on the one year of supervised experience must be in the provision of direct health services?
at least 25% must be direct services of patients seeking assessment or treatment
up to 25% may be comprised of research activities
How many license or license eligible psychologists are required to be on training site for year of supervised health services experience?
2 as supervisors with ongoing contact
Who is responsible for the quality of the services rendered by employed unlicensed individuals?
psychologist who employs them
no different than if psychologist provided the services in person
What are requirements for ancillary services for psychologist supervision?
psychologist must have had face-to-face contact during course of services with all patients
What are considered ancillary services?
only activities for the purpose of providing assistance to a psychologist in providing psychological services
not including clerical and administrative services
What is the consequence of not providng ancillary personnel with adequate training and supervision?
psychologist is subject to disciplinary action
What titles are people providing ancillary services not allowed to use?
no title incorporating words assessment, associate, clinical, counseling, diagnostic, evaluation, examiner, psychologic, psychological, psychologist, psychology
What title may persons who provide ancillary services use?
aide, assistant, behavioral, testing, technician, psychometrist,
What is required of employment and supervision of unlicensed individuals?
1)maintain documentation of relationship and date when relationship initiated
2) responsibilities of both parities
3)maintain documentation for 7 years after termination of relationship
If unlicensed person is being supervised by more than 1 psychologist, who is responsible?
a primary psychologist is appointed and is in charge of documentation
When does a psychologist submit records to the board about ancillary services personnel?
only when the Board orders it
Can other psychologists other than the primary psychologist supervise the unlicensed persons responsible for ancillary services?
supervision may be delegated to other psychologists affiliated with the employment setting
What are the requirements of supervision of employees of ancillary services?
1)psychologist must be accessible
2)meet with all unlicensed individuals whom they supervise to the extent necessary to provide supervision
3)must document supervisory sessions including dates, appointment times, and length of time of each supervisory session and keep for a period of 7 years after termination of ancillary services
What training is necessary for providing ancillary services?
psychologist provide training in and establish that individual has knowledge and understanding of legal and ethical requirements for maintaining confidentiality including reporting of suspected abuse or neglect, and professional ethics
What is required of psychologist to document when training for providing ancillary services?
dates on which training occurred
purpose of training
identity of individuls providing the training
total number of hours training for each date
Who is not allowed to be hired to provide ancillary services?
individuals who have been previously licensed or certified to practice psychology and have reliquished their licenses
or those who have have their licenses or certifications restricted, suspended, or revoked by the Board or any other jurisdiction
What are the appropriate services/activities for ancillary services personnel?
(1)clerical functions requiring a minimum of judgement (responding to elephone inquiries, scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims, typing psychological reports, and completing data entry of test results after a patient has responded)
2)tasks requiring technical skills, trianing, and judgement (obtaining demographic histories, implementing biofeedback, administering and scoring spcific parts of spychological and neuropsychological tests, administering intelligence tests, and implementing specific behavioral interventions that are part of a detailed treatment plan)
When is a psychologist not required to supervise ancillary services personnel?
when only performing clerical functions
What documentation is required in client's chart when ancillary services are provided?
dated entry in client's records any time ancillary service is provided including all services provided and billed to a third party and the unlicensed individual must sign the record
What services are not appropriate for ancillary personnel?
tasks involving judgement during the execution of those services when training in the foundation of psychology (projective techniques, psychological evaluation, report writing, and all forms of diagnostic interviewing, counseling, and psychotherapy)
also cannot interpret psychological test results
Does NC have any reciprocity agreements with any other jurisdictions?
What are the supervision equirements for neuropsychological assessment?
1)psychological associations if properly trained may use screening instruments and offer statement regarding presence, absence, and nature of perceptual disorder without supervision
2)with qualified supervision psychological associates can conduct comprehensive neuropsychological assessment leading to diagnosis, classification, and other definitive statementes regarding neurological function
3)many doctoral level practitioners may require additional trianing and supervision to practice clinical neuropsychology-under heading generic licensure, specialization and re-specialization
Does the board offer a license in any specialty areas?
no only generic license and health services certification
What is required when a psychologist re-specializes?
undertake relevant education, training, supervised experience, consultation or study-if not can revoke license
What evidence may the Board require for re-specialization?
professional workshops and inservice training, specialized supervision, additional practice and internship experience, and formal graduate level re-training
Does licensure automatically guarantee reimbursement eligibility with all insurance companies?
What does the statute on right to choose say?
insurance plans covering services within the scope of practice of a duly licensed psychologist shall permit the insured to choose the provider and shall provide payment of or reimbursement for such care or service
What is a statewide psychologist privilege license?
a license to pay for such a license a tax of $50.0 annually for practicing in the art of healing
How are complaints filed with the Board?
received rom the complaint/inquiry form and the board has the authority to initiate an investigation on its own without an outside complaint (when complaint may be in public domain)
What are the criteria used to determine whether to investigate a complaint?
1)does the Board have the authority with regar to the matter presented in complaint (subject is a psychologist licensed by Board and complaint relates to practice of psychology)
2)does the complaint have merit on its face
Who investigates complaints filed with the Board?
preliminary review by Executive Direction
then assigned to a Staff Psychologist/Investigator
How is a complaint investigated?
the investigator assigned is responsible for determing the specific manner in which to proceed with general direction from the Board
How long is respondent of complaint given to respond?
30 days
Who reviews the investigators' summary report?
report is presented to a Probable Cause Committee of the Board which determines whether there is probable cause to believe that a legal and/dor ethical violation has occurred
What happens if there is no probable cause of a violation?
Board concurs with Committee and case is closed or may be sent educative materials/letter if concerns and case is closed
What happens if there is probable cause of a violation?
staff issues a statement of charges where the allegations are clearly set forth
respondent is offered the opportunity to have a hearing
What happens if there is probable cause of a violation?
staff issues a statement of charges where the allegations are clearly set forth
respondent is offered the opportunity to have a hearing
What is the purpose of the NC Psychology Practice Act?
protect the public from the practice of psychology by unqualified persons and from unprofessional conduct by perons licensed to practice psychology

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