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Mod G Unit 2 Review (by Jennifer)


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Organizing the administrative duties by categories to organize the office is the _____ approach to _____ _____.
Systems, Office Management
Why are staff meetings important?
Overall, maintaining communication between staff and management.
To provide positive motivation, encouragement, and areas to improve are the primary purposes of the _____ _____
Performance Evaluation
3 physical characteristics of professional appearance
1) Careful Grooming 2) Good Hygiene 3) Correct Dress
5 community resources a receptionist may provide patient with information
1) Social Services Agencies 2) Home care and visiting health care organizations 3) Associations that provide support for specific diseases 4) Computer, CD-ROM, Internet resources 5) Books, literature, articles, journals, brochures.
If the office manager is ____, the office is usually organized and employees are less stressed.
This manual includes information on how tasks are performed in a particular practice
Office Procedure Manual
This manual includes information for the employee about the employer-employee relationship, the work environment, and the expectations of a particular medical facility
Personnel (Employee) Policy Manual
Will a medical assistant ever be asked to assist the physician with research when he or she is writing a paper or speech?
The parts of the computer that you can see or touch
Set or sets of instructions that allow the computer to perform its functions
Software or program
5 security techniques when working with a computer system
1) Monitor should be positioned so that it cannot be easily seen by patients 2) Restrict access to patient records to authorized people only 3) Use a firewall, antivirus, defragmentation, clearing cookies & internet history 4) Have each employee have their own strong, secure password. 5) Backing up data regularly.
Name 5 disasters that you may deal with in a medical office
1) Fires 2) Floods 3) Tornadoes 4) Earthquakes 5) Explosions
During an emergency, _____, never run.
In the medical office hallways, you should always walk on the _____
Right side
In the medical office floors need to be kept _____ and _____
Clean, Clear
The medical assistant should always wear shoes that cover the _____ _____
Entire Foot
What does RACE stand for?
R - Remove (Get people out) A - Activate Alarm (Pull the nearest alarm) C - Contain (Close off the area with the fire by closing a door) E - Extinguish (If the fire is not too large, use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire)
Keeping equipment _____ is an important part of electrical safety
4 kinds of medical waste
1) Chemical 2) Solid 3) Infectious 4) Radioactive
Because the medical assistant moves, lifts, and carries many things, correct _____ _____ must be performed to prevent injury.
Body Mechanics
3 things that should be included in an efficient office design
1) Examination Rooms (Only furnished with what is needed for examinations) 2) Room Temperature (74 degrees F) 3) Bathrooms (Clearly marked, wheelchair and handicapped accessible)
What is the purpose of the ADA?
To provide clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
_____ is the science that deals with people’s performance and good health while carrying out job tasks.

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