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connects the cervix to the outer body and lies between the bladder and the rectum.
portion of the uterus that protrudes into the vaginal cavity. Dialates to accomidate passage of fetus
inner lining of cells, blood-enriched tissue that sloughs off each month.
female gonads which expel an ovum (egg) each month.
Mons Pubis
triangular mounding area of fatty tissue that covers pubic bone
external genitalia, outwardly visible
self esteem enhancement
is the process of reducing the distance btw perceived and ideal self distance
highly sensitive organ composed of nerves, key to sexual pleasure
vaginal opening
covered with thin sheath called the hymen
part of the muscle and tissue located btw the vaginal opening and the anal canal
surgical procedure to lengthen vaginal opening during birth
4 phases of menstrual cycle
follicular phase- egg matures ovulatory phase - mature egg released luteal phase - causes secretion of progesterone menstrual phase - endometrium is sloughed off due to unfertilized egg
sex hormones
FSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone
painful menstrual cramps
chronic growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus
absence of a monthly menstrual flow
uterine fibroids
non-malignant tumors of the uterus
Human sexual response cycle: 4 phases
excitement, plateau, orgasm, resultion
self-esteem is based on..
the distance btw the perceived self and the ideal self.
the 5 A's
attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, allowing
surrounds embryo before it start to eveolve, keeps the fetus at an even temp and provides nourishment.
stress amenorrhea
menstruation stops bc of physical or mental stress
depression thought to be result of...
imbalance of serotonin
core conditions to a healthy relationship:
empathy (dont judge, see their side of it), genuineness (realness, being yourself), unconditional positive regard (acceptance, respecting otehrs)
ectopic pregnancy
implantation of the embryo in the fallopian tube or somewhere else unwanted
the initial breast milk produced by the mother
abnormal development of cells, maybe be harmless or cancerous
4 categories of cancer
carcinoma, sarcoma, lymphomas, leukemia
most common, begin in cells that line organs of the body
begin in connective tissues (rare)
cancers of the lyphatic system (Hadgkin's disease)
cancer of the blood forming tissues
a system for staging canerous tumor disease
genes that may possibly cause a cell to be changed to cancer
adjuvant therapy
treatment with substances that enhance the action of drugs to help the body produce antibodies (radiation)
bone marrow is removed before chemo and later restored.
lung cancer
leading cause of cancer death in women
breast cancer
leading cause of death in african american women, second in all women
ongoing mindfulness
the process of exploring the impact that sociocultural influences have on you and your life
polycystic ovarian syndrome
occurs when the ovaries produce excessive amountsof male hormones and small cysts develope
skin cancer
most prevolent and curable type of cancer in women
creation of an abdominal opening for elimination of waste
severe form of PMS
coronary angioplasty
balloon to help a blocked artery.
systemic lupus erthematosus (SLE)
chronic, rheumatic disease of the connective tissue
Coronary heart disease
leading cause of death among women.
optimal stress
initially, as stress increases, so to does health...
General adaptation syndrome
a specific pattern of responses: 1) slarm reaction (fight or flight) 2) stress resistance 3) exhaustion (illness)
myocardial infarction
a heart attack
defect in which lining of the heart valves become inflammed
diabetes mellitus
insulin dependent- type 1, pancreas either stops producing insulin or makes too little non-insulin-dependent = type 2, the body produces too little insulin or cannot use it porperly
gestitional diabetes
pregnent women with high blood glucose levels during pregnancy who had nno previous signs of diabetes
a group of nervous system disorders caused by uncontrolled electrical disharge from the nerve cells of the surface of the brain marked by seizures
occurs when the tissue that allows joints to move smoothly breaks down from overuse
rheumatoid arthritis
autoimmune, chronic inflammatory disease
commmo and chronic musuloskeletal syndrome characterized by fatigue, sensitive to touch.
multtiple sclerosis
progessive, debilitating disease of the CNS
distress vs. eustress
- diminishes the quality of life - stress that adds a positive dimension to life.
locked in a pattern of expecting the other person to fullfil needs/blame them.
IVF vs. Artificial insemination
IVF= embryo transfered from lab to woman AI= sperm placed in woman
body dysmorphic disorder
preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance that results in distress.
5 stages of grief
denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance
grief vs. mourning
grief= emotional experience of loss mourning= actual expression of loss (mourning is an action, greif is not)
cognitive appraisal
process of categorizing an encounter with respect to its significance for well-being
filter blood
disorder of arteries in which plaque, caused by fats, penetrates inner walls of arteries
angina pectoris
cluster of symptoms associated with oxygen deprivation
lack or absence of oxygen

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