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Health Test


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Why teens use anabolic steroids
Improve appearance Look more muscular/toned Improve performance To be good at sports Kids look up to pro leaguers
What is the fine hair that develops on body (especially for anorexics)?
Symptoms of Bulimia
Abdominal pain Bloody knuckles Hemorrhoids Rotting Teeth Going to the bathroom after every meal Over exercising
Body image is _____ not ____ def?
Learned not inborn. the perception that a person has of their body appearance.
3 influences for body image
Family, Peers, Culture
Negative BI leads to
Depression, low self esteem, eating disorder, substance abuse
Eating Disorder
A person changes eating habits in a way that is harmful to the mind or body
Average age an eating disorder develops?
ages 14-17
Number of females in us with ed? Number or males?
10 million 1 million
__% of female teens are dissatisfied with their body image ___% are on diets
75 50
__% of people on cover of popular magazines
___ die each year from an ED
% below weight declares someone anorexic
How teens diet:
vomit skip meals smoking
Def of Obesity
Extremely high amount of body fat in relation to lean body mass
Percent of overweight in us?
Percent of obese in us?
Percent of morbidly obese in us?
Factors in obesity
Fast food technology large portion sizes sedentary lifestyle (40% of americans)
# of hours average american spend watch tv in a week
Obesity is linked to
heart disease type II diabetes high blood pressure depression
Number of people that die each year in the US for being obese
$ spent each year on weight control products
33 million
Anabolic Steroids
A synthetic form of testosterone to build muscle mass

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