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Jazmin Final Exam Dental


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How many teeth are in the adulth mouth?
What are the numbers of teeth for the top?
What are the numbers for the bottom teeth?
Dental X rays help Dentist to?
Locate cyst, tumors, calculus, decidous teeth, fistula, bone distruction, forieng objects, fracture, pressure sensitivity, sinus condition,
Name three forms of X- rays
periapical x-ray bite wing x-ray panoramic x- ray
Name items in dental unit
dental chair dental light delivery unit cuspidor x-ray unit view box dental amagamator curing light alabama cart sharps container x ray unit
What does P.P.E mean?
personal protective equipment
What are types of P.P.E (personal protective equipment)
gloves, mask, eye mask, uniform
Name basic instrument set up
dental mirror cotton pliers dental explorer
name endodontic steps (root canal)
1.exam 2.anesthisia 3.rubber dam 4.cean out tooth filing material
oral surgery steps
1.exam 2.anesthesia 3.elevator 4.extraction forceps 5. suture 6. post op instruction
To work in a dental office to you need a hep b vaccine?
What does O.S.H.A mean?
Occupational safety health admission
What does M.S.D.S mean?
material safety data sheets
What does O.P.I.M mean?
other potentially infectious material steralization
Types of Cleaning equipment
steralization, disinfecting cleaning sanitized
Name types of dental doctors
endontics oral pathology oral maxilary surgery orthodontics pediatric dentistry periodontics prosthodontics forensic dentistry dental public
What does Dental public dentist do?
prevent dental disease works with the public
What does endodontics do?
Root canals
What does oral pathology do?
deals with diseases and diagnois and treatments
What does Oral maxillofacial surgery do?
performs surgery on wisdon teeth
What does orthodontics do?
puts on braces
What does pediatric dentist do?
works with children
what does Periodontics do?
Diagonis periodontal disease and treats it
What does prosthodontic do?
makes dentures and artificial teeth
Fmx x-ray are
x-ray takin all over the mouth
panoramic x-ray are
full x-rays of the mouth
mental foramen is?
the hole inside the jaw
temporo mandibular joint is?
tmj it joins with and forms temporal and mandible bones
What are the four pairs of mastication muscles
temporal muscles masseter muscles interpterygoid external pterygoid muscles
What is a block?
block is a injection given on the lower gums that numbs 2-3 teeth blocks
How many quadrants are there?
What does M.F.I mean?
Mesial Facial Incisal
When is appropriate to pass tools in front of patient?
In four handed
What is dycal?
Calcium hydroxide used as a cavity liner/barrier
What is local anesthetics?
alter body functions produc loss of sensation
What is flouride?
prevents cavities and strenghthens teeth
curing lights
hardeing bond agents
If patient is gagging what do you do
tell patient to sit up straight and relax and breath
plastic coating applied painted on occlusal surface of the tooth fill deep grooves and prevent decay
scraping of the tooths above
false teeth partial or complete removable or fixed
an infection of pus under pressure it can be caused by decay trauma or gum disease and will swell and cause pain if ruptures relief from pain and foul taste in mouth
a plastic mouth piece used to prevent damage cause from bruxism
night guard
imaginary line running from the tip of your nose between the front teeth to the chin
hardened plaque other wise know as tartar
lower part of the jaw
dental term for dental decay aka cavity
a porcelain or composite covering used to restore discolored or damaged teeth usually facial portion
laminate veneer
a wear resistant material such as quartz or ceramics known as the tooth colored filling usually used on anterior teeth has tendency to stain
composite resin filling
pertains to the chewing surface on posterior teeth
an instrument drill used in dentistry
hand piece
a procedure using trays and alginate to make molds of teeth
the center of the tooth consisting of vessels and nerve tissue
the peeks on the chewing surface of posterior teeth
x-rays of the tip of the root
the portion of the tooth which projects above the tissuea porcelain or gold cover for decayed teeeth
the cementing of the permanent crown
a gold porcelain or composite custom made filling cemented into the tooth
hard tissue under enamel of the tooth
nitris oxide does not put the patient to sleep but does make them relax
surface of the tooth closet to the midline
upper part of the jaw
a hole in the tooths surface due to decacification of the enamel and dentin by acid producing bacteria
a titanium cage screw palced in the bone to replace a lost tooth or teeth a crown or bridge or bar and denture can be fixed to the implant
a tooth that is either partially emerged or submerge red under the tissue and sometime even bone
impacted tooth
decay of the gumline
cervical cavity
the soft tissue surrounding the tooth
the edge of an anterior tooth used for biting
hard filling ususally accompanied by a post used to strenghthing the inside of a tooth after a root canal
Core build up
the removal of tissue only surrounding the tooth typically used in treatment of periodontal disease and cosmetic dentistry
the front teeth canine to canine
removal of a tooth severly decayed broken loose causing crowing
small pus pocket above an infected tooth
small x-ray that only show the chewing portion
bite wing
small shaped cutting and grinding tools used in a handpiece
outside surface of the posterior teeth
root canals removal of the nerve and restoration of the root
the first set of baby teeth
decidous teeth
the removal of hard deposits with metal scalers on the root surface to allow for attachment of the gums to the tooth an ultimately pocket reduction
root planning
an instruments that vibrates ultrasonically and sprays water
edge side of the tooth closet to the tongue
a metal prong on partial supports denture by hooking around the tooth
the habitat of grinding ones teeth
within the mouth
intra oral
between the teeth
inter proximal
inflame and swollen gum tissue most commonly caused by plaque if let untreated may lead to periodnotal
artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth that are attached usually on both sides by crowns adjacent teeth
the covering of a tooths surface to correct staining or damaged teeth b painting on a layer of composite resin filling on the tooth
applying atchant to tooths surface to rough up the tooth surface to mechanically bind the composite resin fillin to the tooth
acid etch
outside the mouth
extra oral
a commonly used silver colored fillingmixed with silver tin copper mercury
metals used to make fillings
the side of the tooth closet to the tip
bacteria that do not need oxygen to survive and grow
anaerobic bacteria
name three ends on dental instrument
point blade nib
What retracts,indirect vision, reflection,trans illumination
Dental mirror
What pushes amalgam down to cavity prep
amalgam condenser
What examines surfaces of the tooth and detects decay?
Dental explorer
What is use as a measuring stick to measure sulcus
periodontal probe
what is used to utilized composite resin filling
plastic instrument
What is used to place or remove itemes from oral cavity
cotton pliers
What is used to smooth out the edges of the fillin
What is used to mix dental material
dental spatula
What is used to mix or place materials
dycal instrument
What carries and pushes the amalgam
amalgam carrier
frontal bone

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