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Biology Final Exam


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A woman who belongs to blood group A and is Rh positive has a daughter who is O positive and a son who is B negative. Genotype for mom?
I A iRr
A woman who belongs to blood group A and is Rh positive has a daughter who is O positive and a son who is B negative. Phenotype for father?
B positive
Would be used to produce exact duplicates of a rare organism...
Asexual Reproduction
A woman who belongs to blood group A and is Rh positive has a daughter who is O positive and a son who is B negative. Genotype for son?
I B irr
In most cells, chromosomes are visible with a light microscope only during...
At the begining of mitosis, a chromosome consists of two...
sister chromatids.
The rate at which a cell uses its food and oxygen and produces wastes depends on the cell\'s...
The rate at which materials enter and leave theough the cell membrane is dependent upon the cell\'s...
Surface Area
As a cell grows, its volume increases___than its surface area.
What proportion of offspring of the cross BbTtxBBtt will have black fur and long tails? (B) is black (T) is short tail
If an organism\'s genotype is HhTt, what is one of its gametes?
Results in cells or organisms that are gentically different...
Sexual Reproduction
Uses the process of mitosis...
Asexual Reproduction
About 60% of genetic disorders in dogs are similar to human genetic dieases. True or False
One person in a couple has a disorder, what is the chance they have a child with it?
A monohybrid cross?
Breeding experiment in which the parental varieties differ in only one trait.
It is more difficult to trace patterns of inheritance in purebred dogs. True or False?
Genotype of apparently normal female, condition only diagnosed by genetic testing...
Genotype of Kleinefelter\'s Syndrome male...
Genotype of Turner\'s Syndrome female...
The extra chromosome in Down Syndrome is usually caused by...
Nondisjunction (non-separation)
Meiosis takes longer in the ovary, increasing the likelihood of error resulting in which disorder?
Down Syndrome
For a species with a haploid number of 23 chromosomes, how many different combinations of materal and parental chromosomes are possible for the gametes?
More than 8 million
A Doo has a diploid number of 10. A Dad has a diploid number of 12. If the two species interbreed, how many chromosomes will the Doo-Dad have?
What theory represents teh idea that particles called pangenes originating in each part of an organism\'s body collect the sperm or eggs and are passed to the next generation...
Pangenesis (developed by Hippocrates)
Varieties of plants in which self-fertilization produces offspring that are identical to the parents are referred to as
Sexual reproduction increses genetics variation by allowing___combinations of___on a chromosome.
new, chromosomes
A human cell that contains 22 pairs of autosomes and two X chromosomes could be...
A unfertilized egg cell.
Homologous chromosomes?
Have genes for the same traits at the same loci
Which carries identical genetic info?
Sister chromatids
If an animal\'s skin cells have 36 chromosomes, its sperm cells would have...
18 chromosomes
What is a karyotype?
Pictorial display of an individual\'s chromosomes.
Sexual reproduction increses genetics variation by producing___with different___of parental chromosomes.
gametes, combinations
Sexual reproduction increses genetics variation by allowing the___of chromosomes from__different individuals.
If a parent cell has 24 chromosomes in an animal cell in G1, what is the diploid number of chromosomes for this organism?
If a parent cell has 16 chromosomes, mitosis will produce ___daughter cells with ___chromosomes in each nucleus.
2, 16
If a parent cell has 16 chromosomes, meiosis will produce___daughter cells with ___chromosomes in each nucleus.
4, 8
Synapsis and crossing over occur during which phase of meiosis?
Prophase I
A human cell that contains 22 autosomes and one Y chromosome could be...
A sperm cell
Most human cells contain ___chromosomes
In humans, the chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes are called...
Sisterchromatids are pulled apart in...
Meiosis II
Tetrads align at the metaphase plate in...
Meiosis I
DNA is duplicated in...
Meiosis I
Homologous chromosomes synapse in...
Meiosis I
Phases of meiosis that cause the most variation in the resulting daughter cells are...
Prophase I and Metaphase I
True or False? Animals that extract food particles suspended in the surrounding water are called fluid feeders.
What is the main function of the gizzard?
Grind food
Crop is to some animal digestive systems as the ___ is to the human digestive system?
Humans and most other animals are A. Bulk feeders B. Substrate feeders C. Suspension feeders D. Fluid feeders
A. Bulk feeders
Digestion is the A.absoption of nutrients B. conversion of glycogen to glucose. C. chemical and mechanical breakdown of food. D. churning of food in the stomach and intestine.
C. chemical and mechanical breakdown of food.
Which of the following is the stage of food processing that removes undigested material from the body?
Which of the following has a gastrovascular cavity? A. jellyfish B. earthworm C. human D. grasshopper E. bird
A. jellyfish
A tube-shaped digestive compartment that has two openings and through which food moves in one direction?
Alimentary canal
Put the following in order: Large intestine, small intestine, oral cavity, esopagus, pharynx, stomach.
Oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine.
Human saliva does not digest...
Proteins, but it does starch
A flap of cartilage that flips down to cover the entry to the trachea during swallowing?
The Heimlich maneuver does not...
Keep blood flowing to the brain.
Reflux of acid chyme from the stomach into the lower esophagus?
Heart burn
The stomach produces all except... A. mucus B. pesinogen C. pepsin D. hydrochloric acid E. lactic acid
E. lactic acid
When the wall of the stomach fails to protect itself from digestion, what occurs?
A gastric ulcer
What four things prevent gastric juice from digesting the stomach lining?
Mucus lining, Mitosis generating new cells to produce new lining, gastric juice is not continuously secreted and gastrin converts pepsin into pepsinogen by chain reaction.
Function of the pyloric sphincter?
Release acid chyme into the duodenum in periodic squirts.
Gastric ulcers ae caused by?
The bacterium H. pylori
Nutrient absorption occurs most in which part of the digestive system?
Small intestine
Lining in the intestine has surface projections that increase surface area for absorption. These projections are called?
Bile from the liver is stored in the___before entering the intestine.
Which digestive organ produces digestive enzymes and a solution rich in bicarbonate?
The pancreas
Fat begins digestion in...
The small intestine
Which absorbd water as a major function?
Large intestine
What percentage of water is reabsorbed by the alimentary canal?
True or false? A tadpole\'s intestines are shorter, relative to its body size, than an adult frog\'s intestines?
All animals must obtain what 3 things?
Essential nutrients, fuel to power activity and organic raw materials to make the animal\'s own molecules
Lacking one or more of the essential nutrients
Why are certain amino acids called \"essential\"?
They cannot be made from other amino acids by the animal in question.
True or false? Vitamins are major sources of dietary calories?
Which vitamins can be stored in fatty tissues for future use?
Vitamins A, D, E and K
Hormone that controls one\'s appetite?
Reduced risk of cardivascular disease?
High levels of HDL
Energy needed to fuel essntial body processes is called?
Basal metabolic rate
Carbs are broken down into what when digested?
When digested, nucleic acids are broken down into?
What is the name given to the starch-digesting enzyme secreted by the salivary glands?
Bile helps break down digestion of fats by?
Breaking large droplets of fat, increasing surface area for enzyme action.
Different forms of a gene are called?
Example of a homozygous genotype?
How did Medel\'s studies differ from his contemporaries?
Kept carful records and analyzed the data statistically
LL and Ll have the same...
Phenotype (they will look alike)
Segrgation of genes occurs during...
Anaphase I
In a Punnett square, each square represents...
Possible offspring genotypes
If a each person in a couple carries a disorder and have two children with it, what is the possibility the next one will have it?
A genetic cross between an individual of unknown genotype and a homozygous recessive in known as...
A test cross
When plants with white flowers are crossed with plants with pink flowers, what percent of the offspring will have pink flowers?
What was the most significant conclusion Mendel drew from his research?
Traits are inherited in discrete units, one from each parent.
the law of independent assortment does not apply to genes that are...
on the same chromosome.

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