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Biology Exam


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Members of which kingdom are multicellular produces?
Which is not the name of a kingdom?
The ability to acquire, store, transfer, or utilize energy is called..
To eliminate the the influence of uncontrolled variables during experimentation, one should..
establish a control group identical to the experimental group except for the variable being tested.
The control group in an experiment..
allows a standard of comparison for the experimental group.
Which is not an aspect of the scientific method?
Which domains are made up of organisms without nuclei?
Archaea, and eubacteria.
Which word is not associated with the scientific method?
When a hypothesis has been repeatedly and rigorously tested and supported it\'s called a..
scientific theory.
About 12 to 24 hours after the last meal, a person's blood sugar level normally varies from 60 to 90 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood, although it may rise to 130 mg/100 ml after meals high in carbohydrates. That the blood sugar level is maintaine
What is not a necessary characteristic to the life of an individual?
The ability to maintain a constant internal environment is..
The choice of whether a particular organism belongs to the experimental group or the control group should be based on..
An experimenter doesn\'t..
manipulate dependent variables.
In an experiment, the experimental group..
is treated exactly the same as the control group except for one independent variable.
In order to reduce bias, scientists usually prefer experiments that lead to which kind of data..
What was not a deduction made my Charles Darwin?
Mutations produce changes in inheritance.
The instructions in DNA are used to make..
What is not a characteristic of life?
In order to arrive at a solution to a problem, a scientist usually proposes and tests..
The principal point of the Darwinian theory of evolution by natural selection was that..
survival of characteristics in a population depends on competition between organisms, especially between members of the same species.
Which is the smallest unit of life which can survive and reproduce on it\'s own?
A cell.
Each cell is able to maintain a constant internal environment. This is called..
The chemical processes in the living cell are collectively called..
Which premise used by Darwin in his theory is incorrectly stated?
Organisms that possess advantageous traits have a decreased chance of producing offspring.
The instructions for growth and development are in..
Members of which kingdom are usually single-celled and of considerable internal complexity?
Organisms designated producers usually obtain their energy from..
the sun.
The plural for genus is..
Sometimes called an \"educated guess\"..
Homeostasis provides which kind of environment..
Science is based on.
Which statement could be considered a scientific theory?
Radioactive isotopes can be used as tracers because radioactive isotopes behave the same as other isotopes.
Who first stated that the Earth circled the sun?
Nikolaus Copernicus
A mutation is a change in..
hereditary instructions.
The genus portion of a scientific name when written by hand is..
always underlined; always capitalized.
How many variable events is it best to test in one experiment?
The validity of scientific discoveries should be based on
not morality, aesthetics, philosophy , or economics [none of these]
Which of the following is defined as \"all of the various species living in the same area?\"
Hypotheses are..
often in the form of a statement, often expressed negatively, sometimes crude attempts, and testable predictions. [all of these]
A scientific name consists of which of the following?
Genus name and species designation.
The number of cells in a human body are measured in..
the ability to maintain a constant internal enviroment is
Organsisms designated producers usually obtain energy from the
The Sun
That the blood sugar level is maintained within a fairly narrow range despite uneven intake of sugar is due to the body's ability to carry out

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