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this tissue is flatt dissusion is easily happening and it line capillaries, lung body cavities and covers organs 
simple squamous ET
4 shapes of ET

squamous cuboidal columnar transitional

this protects the skin
stratified squamous ET
Rounded cube with central nucleu, it SECRETS and absorbs lines the kidney tubules ducts glands and covers overies 
Cuboidal ET
nucleus near B, goblet cells secrete mucu. micrivilli increase surface area ProtAbsoSecret. Lines Digestive track
COlumnar ET
has many layers and cell shape changes, it stretches lines urinary bladder
transitional ET
nuclei at various levels and it is in respiratory passageways and reproductive tubes
pseudostratified cilitated columnar ET
this CT has many FIBROBLASTS, collagen and elastic flibers are loose and irregular , good blood supply
Areolar Or loose CT
loose CT that stores fat in fibroblast, energy storage, insulation protects the eyes, heart and kidney, poor blood supply 
Adipose CT
three types of muscle tissue are SKeletal, smooth and cardiac 
chondrocytes located in lacuna
this tissue regulates bodily functions crain spinal cord there are 2 types neuron and neuroglia
nervous tissue
skeletal smooth and cardiac , in walls of hollow organs like stomch blood vessels and uterus
muscle tissue
this tissue is loose, irregular, 55%plasma fluid there are erythocytes and leukocytes and originate in bone marrow
Blood Vascular CT

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