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Clinical Radiation


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What are non-ionizing and ionizing electromagnetic?
Non-ionizing: visible light,microwaves,radiowaves Ionizing:x-rays and gamma rays
What are some patient care skills?
Communication,assess patient status,physically assist patient,medical emergencies, special patient groups
What are the characteristics of electromagnetic(x-ray)energy?
1.Travel in straight lines 2.Wave formation with frequency and wavelength 3.Diverge from a focal point
What are the long term effects of radiation exposure?
Somatic effects(cataract,cancer development,etc.) and genetic effects(alternation in DNA affects future generations)
What are the man-made sources of radiation?
nuclear industry, consumer products, medical/dental
What are the short term effects of radiation exposure?
Acute Radiation syndrome
What are the sources of natural radiation?
Earth, Cosmic, Human body
What are the variety energy types?
What are two job responsiblities of radiological technologist?
1.operate technical equipment 2.perform technical tasks
What does ALARA stand for?
As Low As Reasonably Achievable
What is the speed of light?
186,000 miles per second

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