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animal science


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3 examples of dairy cattle
jersey.holstein.brown swiss
3 examples of British cattle
angus.hereford.short horn
3 examples of Bos Indicus cattle
3 examples of european cattle
3 examples of sheep
3 examples of horses
quarter horse.draft.paint
cow/calf operation
a herd you take care of all year and then sell the babies at weighing weight
farrow to finish
mostly seen in the corn belt of the U.S. where the hogs are raised from conception up to market
3 characteristics of the angus breed
naturally polled.very well marbling.excellent maternal mothers
3 characteristics of the santa gertrudis breed
polled.deep red.choice grade carcass
3 characteristics of the brown swiss breed
heat tolerant.hardy breed.brown
3 characteristics of the suffolk breed
no wool face/ears/legs.lean muscular carcass
3 characteristic of the angora goat breed
moe hair.range goats.good for hair
3 characteristic of the landrace breed
long body.floppy ears.high milk production
3 characteristics of the quarter horse breed
got its name from running a quarter of a mile.cow horse.variety of colors
3 characteristics of white plymouth rock
docile.good mothers.dual purpose birds
used as a sire line in commercial broiler production with marginal egg production
new hampshire red
developed in the new england area and used for english and western style riding,driving,and trail
this state leads in number of beef cows
developed in the U.S., white in color with large drooping ears,excellent mothering ability, and boars are aggressive
this cows milk is golden in color
these breeds of cattle are generally known for their hardiness and heat tolerance
bos indicus
dressing percentage of cattle averages this
this abbreviation describes the potential energy of a feed
what traits are examples of quantitative traits
the average age of the parents when the offspring are born
generation interval
the following are examples of outbreeding
crossbreeding.grading up.species crossing
what % of milk is water
what is the primary carbohydrate found in milk
this portion of the egg helps to preserve freshness and prevent microbial contamination
mating a horse and donkey is an example of crossbreeding..T/F
Heterosis can lead to improvements in milk production, growth rates, and carcass merit..T/F
Mating closely related animals results in outbreeding..T/F

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