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Pharm Test 2


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A medication administered subcutaneously to inhibit diarrhea in persons with carcinoid tumors, vasoactive intestinal peptide tumors, and AIDS is:
- octreotide(Sandostatin).
Somatropin(Humatrope), a growth hormone, must be administered to children before:
- puberty
Menotropins (Pergonal is used to:
- induce ovulation
Mr. T is to receive methylpredisolone sodium succinate(Solu-Medrol) intravenously for acute respiratory distress. If he has the following condition, you will use caution when administering the medication:
- peptic ulcer disease
A client with adult onset diabetes, controlled by oral medication, is receiving a glucocorticoid; you should assess him for:
- elevated blood pressure.
Mrs. B who has had steroid therapy twice a day for 1 year, is scheduled for surgery tomorrow and is to be NPO after midnight. You should anticipate the following:
- continuation of steroids despite surgery
The following nursing diagnosis is most applicable for a client on long term steroids:
- potential for infection
The following nursing measure is appropriate for a neurosurgical client receiving dexamethasone(Decadron):
- withhold steroid if nauseated
Your client is to be discharged. You instruct her that the reason prednisone is ordered every other day is to:
- minimize adverse effects
A client is started on 2 inhalers: beclomethasone(Vanceril) 2 puffs and albuterol(Proventil) 3 puffs tid. You know that your teaching has been effective if he states,
- “I will: use the Proventil first, followed by the Vanceril.”
When assessing a client who is taking levothyroxine ( Synthroid) for hyperthyroidism, the nurse would expect the following side effects:
- nervousness, tachycardia, tremors
The primary mode of action for propylthiouracil is to:
- inhibit production of the thyroid hormone.
Antithyroid drugs are commonly administered for:
- a lifetime
A complication of hypercalcemia is:
- decreased level of consciousness progressing to unresponsiveness
Calcitonin is used for clients with renal disease to:
- enhance renal excretion of calcium.
A distinguishing characteristic of type 1 diabetes is that:
- exogenous insulin is required for life
. A client in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) with a blood sugar of 600 is to receive an initial dose of 25 U insulin IV. The type of insulin that will be administered is:
- regular insulin.
A type 2 diabetic is switched from chlorpropamide (Diabinese) to glyburide (DiaBeta). The nurse should instruct the client that:
- “It stimulates insulin production, so you need to eat soon after taking the medication.”
The following information should be included when teaching a client about insulin administration:
- when mixing regular and NPH insulin in the same syringe, draw up regular insulin first.
You should be aware that the following is a contraindication to metformin (Glucophage):
- elevated creatinine level.
You know that your teaching has been effective if your client, taking chlorpropamide (Diabinese), states:
- “I will report headache and feelings of lethargy promptly.
The type of insulin that should be used in an insulin pump is:
- regular.
A client using an insulin pump should be instructed to monitor his blood glucose level a minimum of:
- .
four times a day
Persons using birth control pills are at risk for developing blood clots because estrogen:
- increases blood levels of several clotting factors
Estradiol (Estraderm) is administered to post-menopausal women to prevent:
- osteoporosis
The following instruction should be included when you are teaching someone about transdermal estrogen:
- change the patches every 7 days
. Persons taking estrogen need to be assessed regularly for the following adverse effect:
- depression (arrhythmias).
Physical changes that occur with the use of anabolic steroids in males include:
- reduced sperm count ( increased endurance).
Use of high doses of anabolic steroids by a female can result in the following:
- masculization
Danazol (Danocrine) is administered to prevent:
- fibrocystic breast disease.
The following statement by your client would lead you to believe that she has understood the teaching that you have done about pancreatin, a pancreatic enzyme:
- “I will take the pancreatin with meals.”
Persons receiving anorexiant drugs to decrease appetite should be instructed that they are only effective for:
- 4-6 weeks.
Phenylpropanolamine, an ingredient in Dexatrim, may produce the following:
- hypertension
TPN (total parenteral nutrition): provides
- carbohydrates and amino acids
You need to inform a client about the following major side effect associated with the use of niacin:
- intense flushing.
To minimize unwanted side effects associated with niacin therapy, the client should be advised to take the following 30 minutes before each dose:
- aspirin
Mrs. J has multiple sclerosis and has an indwelling catheter. Which of the following vitamins should you recommend that she take to acidify her urine and thereby help decrease her likelihood of developing a urinary tract infection:
- vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
The following statement by a client receiving potassium chloride(KCl) indicates that your teaching was effective:
- “I will take the medication with meals.”
You should instruct a client receiving oral iron preparations about this potential side effect:
- constipation
You should teach clients to utilize the following food with iron, to enhance its absorption:
- orange juice
The following outcome is indicative of successful treatment of anemia:
- increased energy level
Mr. homeless man, is found by the side of the road. He is delusional and having auditory and visual hallucinations. His symptoms may be attributed to a deficiency of which of the following vitamins:
- Niacin (vit. B3)
The antidote for warfarin (Coudmadin) is:
- vitamin K.
Your client, who has a 10-year history of chronic renal failure, is to receive Amin Aid for his supplemental feeding because: it supplies
- amino acids, carbohydrates, and few electrolytes.
Mrs. H is receiving androgens. An adverse reaction resulting from the administration of this medication that the nurse needs to assess for is:
- jaundice
Mrs. J is a type 2 diabetic client who has recently been placed on insulin. Which of the following statements by Mrs. J leads you to believe that she has understood the teaching that you have done:
- “I will make sure the insulin I inject is not cold.”
Which of the following statements is false:
- Oral agents and insulin cannot be used together
Which of the following liquid formulas is the most appropriate for a baby who has diarrhea or a malabsorption syndrome:
- Pregestimil
Administration of which of the following drugs can result in drug-induced diabetes:
- corticosteroids.
Physical changes that occur with the use of anabolic steroids in women include:
- increased distribution of hair on body.
G.P., age 9, is receiving prednisone along with other immunosuppressants to prevent rejections of his newly transplanted kidney. It is important for you to give G.P.Â’s parents which of the following instructions:
- “Stunting of growth can occur with long term use of steroid.
Persons receiving TPN (total parenteral nutrition) should be observed for:
- elevated blood glucose levels.

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