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Geography of United States


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Where is the mouth of the Colorado River?
Gulf of Mexico
What mountains were formed more than 300 million years ago?
The Rocky Mountains
What were Detroit and St. Louis founded as?
French fur trading forts
What are the two largest Native American groups in the Intermountain region?
Navajo and the Hopi Native Americans
California's most precious natural resource is
New England is in what climate region
Humid Continental
What major crops are grown in the southern states?
winter vegetables, sugar cane, peaches, rice and peanuts
What river forms the international boundary between the US and Mexico?
Rio Grande
What percentage of Americans live in urban areas?
The Ohio River runs through which states?
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
The population of the United States is approximately
292 million
Who were the earliest inhabitants of the intermountain west region?
Native Americans
Where is the greatest concentration of population in the United States?
New England states in the Northeastern region
Which are the top 10 U.S. Rivers?
Rio Grande
St. Lawrence
What year did Alaska and Hawaii become states of the United States?
Arizona is in what region?
Interior West region
Before the Europeans arrived, the largest Native Alaskan group consisted of?
Inuit or Eskimos
Napa Valley near San Francisco is famous for what?
Vineyards (where they make wine)
The smallest US state in terms of area is?
Rhode Island
What does the Megalopolis include?
New England and Midatlantic states
New York
Washington D.C.
The source of the Missouri River is in what state?
What is Alaska's most important natural resource today?
What small body of water connects Lake Superior with Lake Huron?
St. Mary's River
What states do the Appalachian Mountains go through?
New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia
North Carolina South Carolinas
New England's many colleges and universities have?
been the national leader in higher education
What metropolitan area is known as the metroplex?
Dallas-Fort Worth
Hawaii economy is dominated by?
85% of California's water is used for?
agriculture and farming
What are some of the challenges that face the state of California?
high housing costs
loss of farm land
water shortages
environmental hazards
increased crime
traffic congestion
air pollution
The major source of water for Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California is?
Colorado River aqueducts
What is the largest city in the intermountain west region?
Phoenix, Arizona
The outflow of the Yukon River is what?
Lake Laberge
What city is the economic center of the Great Plains?
Denver, Colorado
What separates the major river systems of North America into those that flow eastward and those that flow westward
Continental Divide
What is Hawaii's most populated island?
In the Great Plains region, farmers often combine live stock raising with what??
wheat farming
What are large modern farms owned by big corporations called?
Agribusiness (mostly in California)
Why is Hawaii's cost of living high?
More than 80% of all food, energy, and materials are imported
Fishing and forestry sources are probably most important to the economy of what states?
New England states
Who were the original inhabitants of Hawaii?
Polynesians from the South Pacific
What is the nation's fourth largest metropolitan area?
Houston, Texas
The southern United States contains about 90% of the country's what?
U. S. textile industry
What city was established by the Spanish in 1718 and is bilingual today?
San Antonio, Texas
The United States was the first country to develop what?
Automobile production
What rivers flow into the Mississippi?
Missouri, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee and the Red River
What city is a major oil tanker port and home to its famous jazz?
New Orleans, Louisiana
What region is West Virginia in?
Northeastern United States
What percentage of their income do Americans spend on food?
The mouth of the Columbia River is the...?
Pacific Ocean
Coal mining is most associated with what region?
Mid Atlantic States
Today the US is about __ percent European Americans and ___ percent African American?
75% European American
12% African American
The three largest metropolitan areas in the United States are?
New York
Los Angeles
What landform extends from north and south from Canada to New Mexico and from the Great Plains to the Intermountain Range?
Rocky Mountains
What state has the lowest population?
What body of water connects Lake Ontario with the Atlanta Ocean?
St. Lawrence Seaway
States that border each other as a single unit are called?
How many climate types are there in the United States?
Who arrived 500 years ago and claimed the southern part of the US?
The Spanish
The US ranks ___ in world land area?
The US ranks ___ in population in the world?
What region stretches along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico from New York?
Coastal Plains
What are the two leading fishing states of the south?
Texas and Louisiana
What country did corn originate in?
What percentage of the world's fresh water does the Great Lakes contain?
What makes Hawaii unique among US states?
It is a series of islands
Recent immigration to the US has been mostly from where?
Middle and South America and Asia
As the US has become less industrialized and more technological, people have moved where?
out from the cities and into suburbs
The application of biology to industrial processes is called what?
What state has the lowest per capita income?
The life expectancy of women in the United States is....
79 yrs.
The area of this state covers an area of one-fifth the size of the rest of the country.
This city is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Name of places that often reflect the history and culture of a region are called
What was the first industrialized area of North America?
Middle Atlantic states
The largest state in the nation in terms of population
The United States and Canada share the longest ......?
The Rio Grande is closer to what city?
San Antonio
Tobacco was introduced to early settlers by
Native Americans
This city is a major port and manufacturing city on Lake Erie
Cleveland, Ohio
Land in this region is better suited to grazing rather than farming.
Great Plains located in the Interior West
What state is the nation's leading agriculture producer?
What city was founded by the French in 1718 and lies on the Mississippi River?
New Orleans, Louisiana
What subregion is the most populated and urbanized region with the greatest concentration of factories, banks, and universities?
Northeast region
The Erie Canal, built in 1825, was the first water route to connect the Great Lakes to the what?
Atlantic Ocean
What U.S. city is the home of the world's largest aircraft producer?
Seattle, Washington
What is the deepest and largest of the Great Lakes?
Lake Superior
What state has the lowest population the the United States?
What city is located at the mouth of the Hudson River?
New York City
What state has the highest per capita income in the U.S.?
What state has North America's highest mountain peak.
Mt. McKinley, Alaska
Almost 30% of the world's _____ reserves are in the United States?
What percent of the American population are farmers?
less than 3 %
One of the most severe climates of any inhabited area in the world is in this region
Death Valley located in the Pacific region
This is one of the world's major cotton growing areas
The source of the Mississippi River
Lake Itasea
The most populated and urbanized region in the United States is?
Northeastern region
Where is the Mojave desert?
What city is at the mouth of the Mississippi River?
New Orleans, Louisiana
Lake Superior shares a border with what two states?
Michigan and Minnesota
The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers intersect at what city?
St. Louis, Missouri

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