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Science 6


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How did man receive his first breath?
God breathed into him the breath of life.
Did God breathe life into any of the animals He created?
What is the name for the body's system for breathing?
The respiratory system.
What does respiration mean?
To breathe again.
What job does the nose do that the mouth cannot do?
It smells; it filters out tiny dust particles and other things from the air.
Look at the bands that seem to encircle the trachea (Note: Each of these bands is actually shaped like a 'C', with the opening of the band toward the back of the trachea.)What do you think these bands do?
They keep the trachea from collapsing, providing for air a passageway that is always open.
Look at the cross section of the lungs. Why do you think the inside of the lungs is often referred to as a tree?
They branch many times; they have tiny berry-like sacs at the end of the branches.
How many tiny airsacs can be found in the football-sized lungs?
around 600 million.
When the diaphragm tightens,does the amount of space in the chest cavity incrase or decrease?
Why do our bodies force us to breathe?
God designed our bodies to keep bringing in air; we need air to produce energy.
What situations might cause the body to take in more oxygen?
exercising, anger, fear, etc.
Does the body need more oxygen when a person is angry or fearful than it does when he is not?
Define hyperventilation.
excessive oxygen intake.
What are some other unpleasant effects negative emotions can have on the body?
ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.
What is in air?
mostly gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide
What part of air do we need most?
What controls how fast or how deeply we breathe?
your brain
True or False

Our bodies need air to produce energy.
True or false

Air is made mostly of oxygen, helium, and carbon monoxide gases.
True or False
Nitrogen is the gas we need most from the air we breathe.
True or False

You can never squeeze all the air from your lungs.
True or False

The body gets rid of carbon dioxide by coughing.
True or False

A person could die from holding his breath too long.
True or false.

Your brain tells your lungs when they need to breathe faster or deeper.
True or False

The more active you are, the more energy you will use.
True or False

Breathing too heavily can casue you to faint.
True or False

Emotions such as anger and fear are good for the body because they help it to breathe more deeply.
What do you think the lungs hav ea specific capacity, or limit, ot the amount they can hold?
The lungs can expand only so much because of the rib cage. Since air takes up space, only a certain amount can fit into a given area.
Which amount, one pint or eight pints, represents the lungs' capacity?
List several things that would increase the amount of air taken in to fil the lungs close to capacity.
running, skipping, jumping rope, a frightening experience, etc.
How many times does a person usually breathe in one minute?
about twelve times
How much air goes into the lungs in a minute at the rate of twelve breaths per minute?
about twelve pints
How much more air does the body need during exercise? How much air would that be?
about seventeen times more air; 204 pints
If a deep breath pulls in eight pints, how many times a minute would you have to breathe deeply to meet the body's need for air during exercise?
25.5 or 26 times per minute
How do you think regular exercise affects the amount of air that a person breathes dring his lifetime?
The regular activity will increase to capacity the breathing rate and the amount of air taken in for each breath. (This increase in breathing capacity is very good for the body.)
Name some activities that you think might be considered aerobic exercise.
walking, bicycling, swimming,skating and running
What are some things that hte fast-moving air of a cough carries with it as it leaves the lungs?
dust, mucus, water vapor, germs, food that hs "slipped past" the epiglottis, etc.
What will happen to the germs and dust after leaving the respiratory system?
They will travel through the air; the germs will infect another person; the food will be swallowed.
How do you think regular exercise affects the amount of air that a person breathes during his lifetime.
The regular activity will increase to capacity the breathing rate and the amount of air taken in for each breath. This increase in breathing capacity is very good for the body.
What are some things that the fast- moving air of the cough carries with it as it leaves the lungs?
dust, mucuc, water vapor, germs, food that has "slipped past" the epiglottis, etc.
What are cilia?
Cilia are tiny hairlike structures that trap dust, germs, and such.
Where are cilia located?
They are located in the nose, trachea, and all the other tubes in the respiratory system.
What are two breathing problems caused when the tubes in the lungs change size?
asthma and brochitis
What is the difference between asthma and brochitis?
Asthma causes the small tubes in the lungs to become narrow; bronchitis casues the tubes to swell.
What do you think happens when the tubes are squeezed during an asthma attack?
Old air cannot leave the lungs easily, and the new air cannot enter the lungs.
What is an allergy?
A condition caused by a hypersensitive response to materials in the air.
What are some things that a person breathes that might cause an allergic reaction?
Some possible answers are pollen, dust, mold, smoke, etc.
What time of year do you think hay fever happens most often?
It can be a problem through spring, summer, and fall.
What causes a cold?
Catching it from another person, getting chilled, etc.
Why are colds more common during cold weather?
probably because people spend more time indoors, closer together, thereby closer to one another's germs.
What are some things that can be done to relieve the symptoms of a cold?
Some possible answers are drink water and juices, stay warm, rest, eat chicken soup, take vitamin C or cold medicine, etc.
What does a healthy lung look like?
It is pinkish in color.
Why do you think a lung gets black in color?
It probably belongs to a person who smoked.
Why do you think the cilia in the second lung did not do their job?
The cilia were damaged; they were paralyzed by the smoke.
What do you think smoking does to the heart rate?
It increases it.
What are some harmful effects of smoking?
Some possible answers are damage to the respiratory system and cancer.
Do you think the dangers of smoking decreases when a person stops smoking? Why?
The risks of cancer and the dangers of high blood pressure begin to decrease almost immediately. Some of the damage to the cilia can be undone if the cilia were just paralyzed and not killed.
What is the most important reason to never begin smoking?
God has commanded us to take care of the body He has given us.
How does the ability to breathe affect talking?
All of the parts that make up the larynx need to be in good, healthy working order to help a person to speak correctly as well as to breathe correctly.
What are two other names for the voice box?
larynx and Adam's apple
Could you speak without a larynx?
What is the condition of the vocal folds when a high sound is produced?
The vocal folds are stretched tightly.
What is the true purpose for using our speaking parts?
To praise God; to honor Him.

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