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Cosmetology Phase 1 Final Exam


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hanging curls that are suitable for medium-to-long hairstyles
a disposable supply provided to clients to avoid smudging toenail polish after a pedicure
paper/foam slippers
the half moon at the base of the natural nail
all the protoplasm of a cell that surrounds the nucleous
chemical reactions that are characterized by or formed by giving off heat
the substance secreted by the sebaceous glands
the fatty layer found below the dermis
lesions of the skin are classified as primary, secondary and
electronic facial treatments are commonly referred to as
the neutralizing of remaining hydroxide ions to lower the pH of the hair and scalp after a relaxer requires a
normalizing lotion
to provide a buffer for the skin when using a brushing machine, apply a thick layer of cleaner or
the largest and most complex nerve tissue of the body
the primary color that provides the most depth or darkness
the slightly thickened layer of skin that lies underneath the free edge of the nail plate
the process of removing excess bulk without shortening hair length
the rays of the sun that cause sunburns and tanning and are also known as burning rays
uvb rays
permanent hair color applications are classified as either
single or double process
horizontal lines are used to create one-length and low-elevation cuts and build
the degree of tension used on hairlines with strong growth patterns or around the ears
oil-absorbing masks that have an exfoliating and astringent effect, making large pores appear smaller
as part of their composition, all permanent hair coloring products and lighteners contain both a developer and
alkalizing ingredient
wax that has a high incidence of allergic reactions and may require a path test
after heating a pressing comb, the temperature of the comb should be tested using
light paper
products used to increase the water content of the skin surface
decolorizing the hair's natural pigment allows the colorist to create the exact degree of
contributing pigment
the profile that is considered to be ideal
straight profile
an excessive thin plte of epidermal flakes, dry or oily
nail cosmetics and crfeams should be removed from containers using a
nails that are slightly tapered and extend just past the tip of the finger
nail harderners that are useful for thin, weal nail plates and that should never be applied to hard, rigid, or brittle nail plates contain
to create curls in using rollers, the hair should be wrapped around the roller
2 1/2 turns
parasites that under some conditgions may cause infections to the feet and hands
the three main layers of the hair shaft are the cuticle, cortex, and
medulla layer
the process of using galvanic current to penetrate water-soluble products containing ions into the skin is known as
the part of the muscle at the movabole attachment to the skeleton
the 14 bones in the finger or digits
elevation creates graduation and layers and is usually described in
hair flowing in the same direction, the result of follicles sloping in the same direction form a
hair stream
the muscle that covers the back of the neck and upper and middle region of the back and that rotates and controls the swinging movement of the arms
a metal substance that is a particularly good conductor of electricity
oily hair and scalp are caused by improper washing or overactive
sebaceous glands
combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp to form a cushion at the base
the water purification process used in the manufacture of cosmetics where water is heated to a vapor then collected as a liquid
the deepest layer of the epidermis, the basal cell layer, is also known as the
stratum germinativum
large diameter pin curls tat are similar to a roller but do not have the same amount of tension
the press performed when the hair becomes curly again due to perspiration or dampness
a kneading movement that is performed by lifting, squeezing, and pressing tissue with light, firm pressure
a highly curved nail plate often called "folded nail", caused by injury to the matrix or inherited
plicatured nail
combs that are used for thermal curling should be made of
hard rubber
ductless glands that release secretion of hormones directly into the bloodstream are
endocrine glands
the press that removed 60 to 75 percent of the curl
medium press
once in the cortex, the waving solution breaks the disulfide bonds through a chemical reaction called
the process frequently used to treat acne and milia and soften and emulsify deposits in the hair follicles
with regard to the wave pattern or configuration, a coil is defined as a
very tight curl pattern
when cutting with a vertical or diagonal cutting line, the best way to maintain control of the subsection is to cut
shears that are designed to remove more hair, with larger teeth set farther apart
notching shears
a combination of a thio relaxer and a thio permanent wrapped on large rods
soft-curl perm
an infection that is transmitted from one person to another
the application of a sodium hydroxide relaxer cfauses the hair to
swell and soften
in the finger wave procedure, pinching or pushing a ridge with your fingers creates
over-direction of ridge
the therapeutic use of oils in skin care products that creates positive effects on the body, mind, and spirits
the type of fungal infection that is characterized by red papules or spots at the opening of the hair follicle
tinea capitis
hydroxide chemical relaxers break disulfide bonds and convert them to
lanthionine bonds
the underlying or inner layer of the skin also called the derma corium, cutis, or true skin is the
careless electrical connections and overloaded circuits can result in an electric shock, burn or
the fibrous protein that gives skin its flexibility and helps skin regain its shape after being expanded
two bones that form the sides of the head in the ear region
parietal bones
round-shaped pathogenic bacteria that appear singly or in groups
chemical-based side bonds that are formed when two sulfur-type chains are joined together are
disulfide bonds
if you draw blood during a manicure, the implement should be
cleaned and disinfected
in general, a razor should not be used on curly hair as it weakens the
when removing implements from the disinfectant solution, to avoid damaging the skin or contaminating the disinfectant solution, use
most cells reproduce by dividing into two identical cells called
daughter cells
the two major categories of hair removal are classified as
temporary and permanent
when providing a scalp massage, use the length of the fingers, fingertip balls, and the cushions of the
shampoos that are created by combining tghe surfactant base with basic color pigments are
color enhancing
the average growth of healthy scalp hair is about
1 inch per month
the tissue that is pushed back and loosened with the spoon end of a metal implement is the
pressing combs with more space between the teeth produce a
coarse press
the tiny, involuntary muscle fiber in the skin inserted in the base of the hair follicle is the
arrector pili
the three different types of cross-links that form bonds between the polypeptide chains in the cortex are
hydrogen salt and disulfide bonds
rubber, silk, wood, and glass are common examples of
obvious pores on the surface of the skin indicate
oily skin areas
to avoid an indentation when acnchoring pin curls, do not pin across the
the electircal appliance connection that supplies current to the circuit is the
live connection
electricity does not occupy spacew or have physical or chemical properties; it is, however, a form of
rods that are equal in circumference along their entire length or curling area are
straight rods
sebaceous cysts or fatty tumors filled with sebum that range in size from a pea to an orange are
the technique of coloring strands of hair darker than the natural color
low lighting
muscles that separate the fingers
the part of the head that is found by placing a comb flat on the side of the head
parietal ridge
client questionnaires used for hair removal services should contain information about client mdeciations and document
allergies and skin disorders
hair coloring products that change color gradually by progressive buildup and exposure to air creating a dull appearance contain
metallic salt
lines in haircutting that are parallel to the horizon, or the floor are
horizontal lines
the predominant melanin that gives black and brown color to hair
a sweet, colorless, oily substance that is used as a moisturizer in skin and body creams
the system used for understanding color relationships
law of color
hair that is best braided slightly damp or very lightly coated with a wax or pomade to make it more pliable
the chemical compound sodium chloride
table salt
the important part of the facial treatment that determines skin type, condition, and the recommended treatment
skin analysis
ridges running verticdally down the natural nail plate are caused by
uneven growth and age
lines a constant distance apart in the same direction that are used to create width in a hair design
horizontal lines
a line is a thin continuous mark used as a
to avoid infection, sponge a tweezeed area frequently with cotton moistened with
antiseptic lotion
the part of the human hair that projects above the skin is known as the
hair shaft
the physical foundation of the body consisting of bones with movable and immovable joints is the
skeletal system
the highlight or the hue of color seen in the hair is referred to as
the ability of hair to stretch and return to its original length without breaking is referred to as hair
the level of protection required by the salon to kill most organisms, with the excfeption of bacterial spores, is
on a layered haircut, if you want the hair to be longer toward the front, overdirect the sections to a stationary guide at the
back of the ears
the bone that forms the back of the skull above the nape is the
occipital bone
the nape area is defined as the area at the back part of the neck and consists of the hair below the
occipital bone
the element used to define texture and line and tie design elements together is
the technique of drying and styling damp hair in one operation is
blow-dry styling
conditioners with an acidic pH that condition and restore the natural pH of hair after a relaxer but prior to shampooing are
normalizing solutions
the three main types of decontamination are
sanitation, disinfection and sterilization
the most critical part of a color service is the
hair color consultation
tiny pits or severe roughness on the surface of the nail plate is an indication of
nail psoriasis
the absence of melanin pigmentation of the body is known as
a condition that results from the living skin splitting around the nail is
a product used in the pedicure bath to soften the skin is
foot soak
the resting phase or final phase of th ehair cycle that lasts until the fully grown hair is shed is the
telogen phase
the hair type that is very resistant to hair pressing and requires more heat and pressure is
most acid waves have a pH value between
7.8 and 8.2
pin curls that produce even, smooth waves and uniform curls are
open center curls
masks containing hydrators and soothing ingredients that do not dry hard and can be used on sensitive skin are
gel masks
clients with skin or nails that are infected, inflamed, or swollen should be referred to a
the principle of hair design that holds all the elemnts of design together is
the nail that grows the slowest is on the
thinning hair using a sliding movement with the blades of the shear partially opened to reduce volume and create movement is
a client condition that might cause a negative side effect during a facial treatment is reffered to as a
skin products that have a higher concentration of ingredients are
in the restructuring process, coarse, resistant hair with a strong compact cuticle requires a chemical solution that is
highly alkaline
the two-step blonding procfess is also known as
double-process coloring
when filing the toenail during a pedicure, the nails should be filed
straight across, rounded corners
the inner and larger bone of the forearm, attached at the wrist and located on the side of the little finger, is the
products that cannot harbor the growth of pathogens have brushes that are considered to be
rays with short wavelengths that are the least penetrating, produce chemical effects, and kill germs are
the process of treating gray or very resistant hair to allow for better penetration of color is
cataphoresis forces acidic substances into deeper tissues using galvanic current from the
positive towards negative poles
a blended mixture of two or more liquids is a
nerve tissue carries messages to the brain and is made up of special cells known as
wax applies to an area should be removed using
sterile fabric strips
an abnormal condition that occurs when skin is stretched by the nail plate and is a result of damage to the eponychium or hyponychium is
nail ptergium
an acid with a low pH that is the primary reducing agent in acid waves in
glyceral monothioglycolate
the implement used to clean fingernails and remove dust and debcris is called a
nail brush
the study of the functions and activities performed by the body structures is
the active ingredient in all hydroxide relaxers is the
hydrogen ion
relaxers that contain only one component are used without mixing are
metal hydroxide relaxers

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